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Sanjog 8th September 2022 Gopal stealthily enters the hospital’s infant room. There are two babies. He sees a nurse coming there and hides. The nurse takes a baby and goes to Amrita. Amrita says this is my daughter?

The nurse says yes, she is like a fairy. Amrita hugs her baby and cries. Amrita says this is my daughter, I waited so much for you. You are my hope and my life. She thanks, God. Rajeev enters the room and holds his daughter in his hands. He gets emotional and tells Amrita that this is our daughter.

He plays with her. Alok comes there and congratulates them. Rajeev says I am so happy, I have got all the happiness. She is above everyone else. Amrita says above me too? Rajeev says sorry but yes.

Alok looks at her ear and doesn’t find a birthmark he saw before. He leaves from there and says that’s not Amrita’s baby. Where is her daughter? He comes to the infant room and asks the nurse where is Amrita’s daughter? The baby you gave her is not her daughter. Her daughter had a birthmark under her ear.

Gopal brings the baby to Gauri and says she is so pretty. He finds a birthmark under her ear and says it’s unique. Gauri says you are so stubborn, the police could have caught you. Gopal says I had to take a risk for my daughter. He says her birthmark is like a moon so I will name her Chanda. Gauri nods.

Alok talks to the doctor and says I am sure that’s not Amrita’s daughter. The doctor says sometimes birthmarks go away. Alok says you think you can fool me? Where is her daughter? Amrita comes there and asks what’s going on? Alok says it’s nothing. Amrita says you are hiding something so tell me.

Alok says I have a doubt that your daughter might not be yours. Amrita is shocked and asks what is he talking about? I prayed for years for my daughter, Rajeev was so happy to see his daughter. You are talking like a policeman. Please don’t doubt my daughter, I am begging you. Alok says don’t cry, maybe I was wrong. He hugs her and leaves from there.

Alok asks the nurse if someone else delivered with Amrita? She says yes, another woman gave birth to a daughter but she was gone before we could stop her. Maybe they were poor and couldn’t pay the fee so they ran away. They might have taken your sister’s baby mistakenly. Alok asks his officer to look around for a poor family with an infant.

Gopal, Gauri and his family are hiding in an abondaned building, the police arrive outside and announce that they have surrounded them. Gopal says they have caught us but we have to find a way. I won’t let anything happen to my Chanda. Gauri says you are not going anywhere.

The police ask them to surrender. Gopal says I have to go for you all to be safe. Gauri becomes hysteric and says you are not going anywhere. Gopal covers his daughter in his cloth and says you have to take care of my daughter, promise me that. Gauri says I can’t do this alone. Gopal says you have to. He gives his daughter to his mother. Gauri grabs him and says you can’t go. He pushes her away and leaves from there.

Maasa and Rajini come to Amrita’s room. She says we must have a heir now. Where is my baby boy? Rajeev brings his daughter and says we have a Lakshmi, I wanted a daughter and she is so pretty. Sanjay congratulates them. Maasa is angry to see that it’s a daughter. She says I waited 7 years and you gave me a girl?

Amrita holds her daughter and says you wanted a heir. Maasa says boys are heirs, not daughters. Amrita says that’s a old tradition, there is no difference girl and boy anymore. Rajeev says she is right, you should be happy now. Maasa says I wanted a boy to be our heir. Amrita says you are a woman yourself and you are strong so how can you say that? Maasa says I am a woman so I know that I can run the house but a woman can’t grow my family so I wanted a boy.

Amrita says I didn’t think you would say all this, women are strong enough to give birth. Maasa says you have started answering me back now? Amrita says I respect you but it’s about my baby now, I have to protect my daughter. I am sorry for hurting you but just hold her once and you will forget everything.

Please hold her. She offers her daughter but Maasa looks away. Rajeev says she needs your blessings, you are her grandmother. Sanjay says Amrita had to bear so much but protected her baby. Maasa says okay, if you all are happy then I will go and prepare for her welcome. She leaves from there without looking at the baby. Amrita asks Alok to prepare for their discharge. They all leave. Amrita looks at her daughter and says we will go our home. Rajeev holds his baby and smiles.

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