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Sanjog 9th September 2022 Amrita and Rajeev are going home with their daughter. Amrita says everyone must be excited at home. They arrive home but there is no one to welcome them. Amrita asks Manju if Maasa didn’t prepare for her daughter’s welcome? Manju says Maasa had a headache so she went to sleep. Rajeev says let’s just go and rest. Amrita says no, this girl is our lakshmi so I will welcome her. She goes inside the house.

Alok gets a call from his officer who tells him that we couldn’t find the family who stole the baby but we caught a robber, he has 30 cases against him, Alok says okay. The officer arrests Gopal and takes him away.

Gauri and his mother are stressed. His mother says he did all this for us, he will be back soon. She says let’s go from here and take care of your daughter. Gauri says I will never forget that my Gopal went to jail because of her, I won’t fulfill my dreams because of her, I hate her. His mother says don’t say that, let’s go before they catch us too.

Amrita welcomes her baby and tells Rajeev that her name will be Tara. Rajeev smiles and says yes. They enter the house to see Maasa glaring at them. Amrita smiles at Tara and says this is your house. She brings her to the mandir and says I will protect her at all costs.

Gauri’s daughter Chanda is crying but Gauri ignores her. Gopal’s mother asks her to take care of her. Gauri holds the baby but is angry. She looks at Amrita’s photo sadly. Gauri says I don’t know when Gopal will be back.

Amrita is playing with her daughter, she sings lullaby for her.

Alok is looking around for the family who took Amrita’s baby. Amrita calls him and asks him to come for the pooja.

Rajini tells Maasa that I didn’t like Amrita answering you back and Rajeev was taking her side too. It’s good that you didn’t welcome her daughter, she did her pooja without even calling you. You are not important anymore, she has called the pundit today.

Amrita is preparing for the pooja. Some transgenders come there and pray for Amrita’s daughter. Amrita gives them money, they ask her to bring Tara. Rajini sees that and tells Maasa that Amrita is ignoring you like you are a nobody now. Maasa gets angry and says I won’t let her do the rituals, these rituals for my heir.

Rajini says my son is always an option. Amrita gives the baby to a transgender. They all sing for the baby. Rajeev arrives there and holds Tara. He plays with her. Amrita thinks everything will become fine between us now. The priest arrives there and asks them to prepare for the pooja.

Amrita says I will call Maasa to do the pooja. Rajini comes there and asks whats this decorations for? Amrita says it’s for Tara’s welcome. Rajini says you didn’t even invite Maasa, she had an accident and you didn’t even talk to her. She needs rest but you are doing all this.

Rajeev tells Amrita that you should have asked Maasa before arranging this pooja, we should allow her to rest. Amrita says I will handle everything, I will do the pooja for my daughter, she goes to talk to Maasa.

Amrita comes to Maasa and asks if she is okay? Maasa says go and celebrate your victory. Amrita says you know what this baby means for me and this family. You should at least bless her. Rajini comes there and says she is ill but you are worried about your daughter? Amrita knows they are lying.

Rajini says Maasa didn’t even eat anything. Amrita finds a food plate besides her bed. Maasa tells Amrita that you are here to make fun of my injuries. Amrita says why are you angry with a small baby? She is this family’s daughter, at least go and bless her. It’s your right, please come with me. We have waited long for this.

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