Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 14th July 2021 episode starts with Indresh comes in room while Swati intimates her child that now your father has come hence we can talk with him & she goes to talk with him but he was searching something in his bag & again goes out of the room telling her to wait for some time & she feels ignored.

A bell rings on a cell phone which Indresh had left on the bed hence Swati watches but wonders if she should pick & after some time she picks but gets disconnected while after getting disconnected she sees some clips which shocks her watching Indresh & Samiksha’s close clips hence the phone falls down from her hands in wake of terrible shock thinking this mustn’t be true. Samiksha watches this happily thinking it was good she exchanged phone on sofa & comes inside the room saying the phone is here it seems but she sees the phone is on hence asks her did she saw the clips & Swati is crying hence she fools her by saying that whatever you are thinking is not true because nothing is brewing between Indresh & me & she leaves.

Indresh arrives in the room while Swati goes to ask him what is brewing between him & Samiksha but he gets wild on her saying that what kind of foolish question you are asking but she says the clips in phone doesn’t fool a person hence he asks what clips & blames her saying that it means you are now spying on me & she says what should she think when you didn’t get any time to call me or atleast enquire about our child but he gets wild on her saying that there is no point talking with you & leaves from there.

Indresh is moving in anger while his mother tries to ask him but he leaves out of the house in anger & all his family members wonder what happened. His mother thinks if some fight happened between Swati & him while Singhasan blames Swati for creating nuisance & Samiksha’s father says it mustn’t be due to Swati because he is noticing Indresh who doesn’t seems to be in good mood since arrived. Samiksha interrupts saying that Indresh is in good mood but only due to Swati’s behaviour he is upset & see she fought with him hence Singhasan asks her what happened if she knew & she says I feel awkward to say but Swati doubts about their affair & Swati comes saying I haven’t blamed yet but when your phone clips creates doubt then what to think while Samiksha shouts her saying that will you fight with me now after Indresh & Swati takes her phone to show the proof but no clips were found hence Samiksha says that did you found any clips which were never but Swati asks did you deleted it & Samiksha blames her for creating trouble in smooth atmosphere because she isn’t getting attention from him it seems while her father shouts his daughter saying that you shouldn’t speak wrong towards her & also as far as I know Swati mustn’t be wrong while Singhasan intervenes supporting Samiksha telling her father that Swati is foolish woman who keeps on doubting & pleads forgiveness from him while tells Swati to go inside who feels insulted. Swati’s mother in law & Anju calm her to go inside & she leaves from there. Singhasan signals Samiksha smartly while all family members wonder about this incidence.

Dev Rishi complains Mata Santoshi about all this brewing something new for Swati which might affect child’s growth too & all are blaming her but Mata says that this was ought to happen which is a concern but about child nothing will happen to him because he is a blessed child by Prabhu Mahadev like my father Shri Ganesh. Mata reminds Dev Rishi about how Prabhu Mahadev had killed his son & he too recollects telling her it was terrible & she narrates when once Prabhu Mahadev tried to visit Mata Paravati & their child was guarding Mata’s doors as per her instructions hence he stopped Prabhu for not allowing him to meet her & Prabhu asked him that do you know me who I am & he says I know your are Mahadev but as per instructions nobody is allowed to enter to see or meet my Mata hence to leave from here but Prabhu doesn’t listen to him & moves ahead while he stops him showing his weapon hence Prabhu attacks him but he overcomes all his attacks while all other Gods watching this are tight lipped but Prabhu Narayan says this fight will continue for long long time hence has to be stopped or the world will be shaken & all Gods gather to stop Prabhu but he isn’t stopping & keeps attacking him which the child overcomes & finally Prabhu lifts his Trishul weapon to shoot towards him.

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