Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 16th July 2021 episode starts with all Gods & Goddesses gathered to meet Prabhu Mahadev & on everybody’s behalf Prabhu Narayan insists him to do something towards child Ganesh for stopping terror anger of Mata Paravati & he says every incidence has a solution & he directs Prabhu Narayan to bring the head of an animal whom he sees first so that he’ll join it to child Ganesh’s body to make him alive & all praise him.

Mata Santoshi appreciates Mata Paravati for being so strong for handling such situation of her child’s condition & she tells her about elephant Airavat’s story to her.

Airavat is behaving weird in Devlok becoming adamant & stubborn hence Devraj Indra warns him but then too he misbehaves & Devraj finally curses him sending him back to earth getting punishment.

Mata Santoshi asks Airavat was gifted then too he was cursed, why & Mata Paravati says at times such decision might be also written in destiny it seems.

Prabhu Narayan sees elephant Airavat & he hears an echo from sky of intimating him that he is Airavati who is cursed from Devlok hence he can take his head to bless him while Airavati also requests Prabhu Narayan to take his head so that he’ll become curse free & Prabhu Narayan cuts his head with his Sudarshan chakra & takes it to Prabhu Mahadev.

Mata Santoshi decorates beautiful Mehndi which is praised by Mata Paravati while she feels very emotional for her child Ganesh & Mata Santoshi takes her to Prabhu Mahadev.

Prabhu Mahadev takes the head & joins it to child Ganesh’s body & uses his powers to make him alive hence watching Ganesh getting up with a fresh face Mata Paravati breaks in deep emotions hugging him. She introduces Ganesh to his father Prabhu Mahadev while all Gods & Goddesses praise looks of Ganesh. Prabhu Mahadev blesses him saying that you have proved your true deep love towards your mother to fulfil her orders by not caring of your own life hence you’ll be prayed with singing Aarti prayers by people in this world before beginning any new work or any kind of auspicious occasions to begin.

Samiksha’s father is trying to calm Singhasan who is restless due to Swati & his son Indresh who has gone out due to her & all family members also wonder but they both arrive. Indresh’s mother asks him where were you while Swati tells her he slept in celebration hall but Indresh gets angry on her & leaves inside. Singhasan signals Samiksha to go inside but Swati watches this & she too follows her moving fast but her mother in law is trying to stop by walking fast while Singhasan is shouting her mother in law to explain her or she’ll be blamed for harming child which Swati hears.

Indresh enters his room banging the side table but sees their photo fell down hence picks it to keep properly while Samiksha follows him but he tells her to leave him alone & she leaves out while he closes the door in anger. Samiksha wonders feeling annoyed why he is behaving weird now or immediately changed due to Swati.

Swati watches Samiksha who blames Swati for happening all this due to her but instead she steers her saying it’s happening wrong it seems but Samiksha feels fishy asking her what she means & she says wish to talk with you but when all leave tomorrow & the house will be empty & Samiksha wonders what’s brewing now?

Swati is wondering thinking about indresh who told her that she is becoming his life’s hurdle because after going on work he has got a motive of learning new things in life moving in this world & getting appreciation & only because of Samiksha & she is blaming her but she is trying to explain him that in this family life is also there of wife & expected child but instead again he abuses her saying this is what I do not like because it seems you haven’t seen this in world hence acting backward & he gives her example of Samiksha who is educated & understands life’s importance & not like her & he leaves in anger while Swati breaks in emotions.


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