Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 16th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 16th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 16th October 2020 episode starts with bubli praying continuously mata jagdamba & collapses sitting down as gets wild on mata abusing & blaming her saying people are fools to do pooja for you who do not care of her devotee’s unlike my father too & hearing this mata paravati gets wild also cursing bubli while mahadev is watching all this & as bubli tries to hold trishul of jagdamba mata she gets shock & faints.
Dev rishi asks santoshi mata is there such devotee too who gets angry on mata while mata paravati shoots her trishul towards earth which shocks ushma as well as dev rishi & santoshi mata. Dev rishi says this will create furor on earth while ushma also thinks asking mata paravati what you did this but polomi in man’s form who has clutched ushma is laughing but the trishul is moving towards polomi by which she is shocked & dev rishi is praising mata paravati. Ushma feeling calmed as trishul hits the floor of the house while polomi getting scared leaves man’s body & man vanishes. Ushma is released from the house while polomi leaves.
Ushma thanks mata paravati for helping while dev rishi & santoshi mata also go to meet mata paravati for thanking as mahadev is smiling.
Indresh expresses his wish to do pooja of mahadev which was left partly to his mother while singhasan comes to explain him but he ignores telling him I do not know whoever has killed swati but for her well-being I wish to do this by which I should not feel repented in future & they allow him as mata santoshi & dev rishi become happy hearing this.
Ushma meets bubli in temple while bubli accepts her mistake & expresses her to help her in this matter but she asks her why you feel now so she tells her about her mother who is angry so I wish to wipe all my evil deeds & do good deeds in future & ushma appreciates her thoughts.
Mata paravati & mahadev are watching this development which makes them happy.
Indresh pleads mahadev for forgiveness of the past mistakes & allow this pooja to succeed & begins performing pooja of mata due to navratri about to begin as well as mahadev. Brahman is directing them of rituals while mahadev smiles & mata paravati, santoshi mata as well as dev rishi are delighted.
While performing pooja swati starts moving her hands while dev rishi is happy to see swati slowly responding towards pooja.
Indresh’s sister in law asks his brother does nidhi knows this & he replies I do not know but to concentrate on pooja but again she says this pooja actually we have to do for child instead indresh doing who has become mad for swati & he tells her to shut her mouth but she plans to inform nidhi to disturb this pooja which should not complete.
Nidhi arrives with her father asking indresh what are you doing while singhasan tells her due to navratri starting so initial pooja is happening but she asks indresh is it for swati so yes says indresh due to havan being partly done so completing this while polomi feels happy about her devotee being smart.
Nidhi shouts him to stop & squeezes the plate from brahman’s hands to throw as mata paravati gets wild but mahadev calms her & indresh stops nidhi softly explaining that I know it’s against your wishes but it’s my promise to not to disturb this today because I mustn’t feel repented for not doing this so let me finish this then let whatever happen but I will listen to you only henceforth & she allows him while polomi gets angry how come my devotee gets lose towards love.
Mata santoshi, Dev rishi, Mata paravati & mahadev are extremely happy seeing developments.

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