Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 16th September 2020 Episode starts with swati falling down under the debris of earth while dev rishi tells santoshi mata that moon moving time is appearing. Mata tells dev rishi my heart is restless so I need to see my devotee first but can’t see her inspite she has defeated those goons. Santoshi mata is searching her while polomi says you can’t find her using all your powers.

Santoshi mata leaves immediately while dev rishi is confused. Mata finds jewel of swati & sees mountain point by which she gets hint & she uses her powers to find her under the debris of earth. Santoshi mata is very depressed crying for swati remembering her past devoting towards her by swati & also suffered so much pain for her which she got this kind of punishment through evil people.

Dev rishi & mata paravati too arrive near swati & dev rishi asks how is this happened while mata paravati tells dev rishi to inform swati’s parents about her death & arrange for funeral but mata santoshi stops dev rishi in fit of rage saying that this should not happen of swati instead my funeral should happen as I could not save my devotee & evil like polomi always got success so now I take this responsibility to enter in human & punish those evils because where we gods have limited powers then atleast powers used through human can wash out all the evils in this world but mata paravati tries to stop her saying we gods will do justice for her but mata santoshi asks her where were gods then when all this happened with my devotee but dev rishi also tells her this will be against gods policies then too santoshi mata is adamant saying i now won’t stop & please don’t stop me & she picks swati while dev rishi again & again tries to stop her but she tells him not possible as already time has crossed of all evil limits for which to end all this immediate results has to happen.

Santoshi mata picks swati moving towards while mahadev stops her telling to control emotions as you are a devi but she says what kind of devi i am if I cannot save my devotee who use to think me as my mother but mahadev tells her you have to first covert yourself in human body & calm your anger. Santoshi mata tells mahadev that you can try to stop me by your trishul but you cannot calm my anger which will never stop unless I do not kill all those evils who gave so much pain to my devotee & she creates her huge form but mahadev tries to stop her saying if you do this then the entire world will get affected but mata does not listen to him saying this won’t stop unless all evils are killed & mahadev tells her if this is it then take out your whole anger & let all trilok see this because if you do not take out then your devotees will be killed killing this entire world too. Santoshi mata brings a new devi form of anger & mahadev tells her this is your new avatar of your anger which will be known as ushma devi.

Ushma devi assures santoshi mata that I will complete your motive & will give punishment to all those evils who has made such condition of your devotee which will be seen by the entire universe what happens when a devi’s devotee is tortured while dev rishi, mata paravati & mahadev are watching curiously feeling glad.
Devi polomi is feeling confused as her bird is asking her what is this happening feels like storm is arriving & polomi asks is this because of devi santoshi’s anger but she should not find those four asoors anyhow.

Santoshi mata reduces her form as also ushma too reduces her form & santoshi mata blesses her saying go & be the winner while she also assures her that I’ll complete my work & then only return as nobody can stop me now. Ushma walks through mahadev’s body & leaves while santoshi mata tells mahadev I did what I could for my devotee so now you can punish me whatever you feel but mahadev leaves smiling.
Mata paravati tells santoshi mata to return swati’s body to her parents for funeral process but santoshi mata tells her please don’t divide me from my devotee & she picks her body taking along with her.

Mata paravati tells dev rishi that mahadev had prepared a cover before coming here & whatever happened here is not known by anybody so unless santoshi is having her devotee with her swati’s parents won’t know about her whereabouts & also the cover won’t leave but once santoshi comes out of her emotions towards her devotee then she’ll know about her parents conditions for swati & then she might give her body for procession while dev rishi says but I feel something else seeing condition on santoshi mata that she must be having some other plans I guess?

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 17th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Polomi is enjoying sitting on swing celebrating swati’s end under moon hiding. Ushma devi comes to singhasan’s house to take revenge of swati through mata santoshi.


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