Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 18th August 2020 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 18th August 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 18th August 2020 episode starts with dev rishi complaining mata santoshi about polomi’s evil working on indresh against swati but mata says when end of evil comes all this happens but answer will be given by swati itself.
Nidhi while going is stopped by her father giving her to eat something which she used to be adamant on but she tells him it was childhood earlier & he tries to explain her that today whatever happened was not good as indresh is already married but she ignores his talks saying indresh too wishes to marry me so do not stop me as he is coming to pick me & as she is going then swati’s mother comes while nidhi tells her if door is opened it’s not that you must enter & swati’s mother says you are right as anywhere to enter deliberately is not good & nidhi laughs replying all of you are born to lecture I guess. Swati’s mother is explaining her as you are good daughter of your father likewise our swati too is our good daughter so what you’ll get by doing this & she replies enjoyment while swati’s mother & nidhi’s father too are shocked hearing this. Then swati’s mother tells her is this what is taught to you by your father how to behave? Then nidhi slaps her saying now did you get the answer of my teaching & she warns swati’s mother while nidhi’s father gets angry & swati’s mother depressed as nidhi leaves.
Swati is trying to call iindresh but no answer so she wonders while her sister in law comes to call her for her father in law’s call to her.
Nidhi & indresh come in her house happily & he gets call from swati but indresh cuts the phone telling nidhi that she must have called me 10 times in this day.
Indresh’s father tells swati I am informing your father to take you away but she refuses saying this is my husband’s house so i won’t go & indresh’s father tells his other son to call indresh & indresh tells him I won’t come tell swati as I am with nidhi as his brother had kept phone on speaker & swati hears it feeling depressed.
Nidhi tells indresh your is so strong then why don’t’ he takes any action & indresh explains her that whenever anything wrong happens she call’s mata santoshi & she too is a fool to feel like mata santoshi will come for her always as if she does not have any other work. Indresh is telling nidhi to not to worry as everything will be alright.
Indresh’s parents are cursing swati & also his father tells his other son to inform indresh to not to come here or in fact tell him to leave this place with nidhi while indresh’s mother too mimicry’s to joke on swati & all laugh while swati runs in the room depressing.
Swati’s parents call her & her father explains him to how to tackle this strongly giving her example of god prahlad who concentrated only on target while her mother too tells her to keep faith within yourself to achieve the goal & not to get depressed as she is crying on phone & they are consoling her giving her moral support so she becomes little strong & they keep the phone as they are depressed within themselves too.
Indresh arrives asking swati shouting what are doing here as she is sleeping on the bed so swati wakes asking him shall I get food for you & he says I have eaten with my would be wife but swati tells her you are already married but he shouts her & tells her to not to sleep on this bed as it’s not given by your father so she asks where should I sleep then he says sleep anywhere but not on any of my furniture’s so swati gets depressed thinking if at all nothing is mine then too this house mud will be forever in my life now & sleeps on the floor.
Mata santoshi appreciates swati’s thoughts saying which is very true as this mud itself joins house.
Swati wakes up in the morning & watches indresh sleeping so falls in dreams how she enjoyed earlier with indresh in happier times so she tries to do the same with indresh but he wakes up shouting her what are you upto & as he is going out of the room then swati stops him asking what has happened to you & why have you become so heartless but he shouts her saying do not give me knowledge but she tells him you were trying to break the mangalsutra so he says I had give you then I have the rights to take back too but she says how can any wife like this kind of treatment & you were so nice before & now what has happened to you as I feel some trick has happened on you & he keeps steering & leaves the room.
A villager comes crying to indresh’s father telling him that I can’t give any money now as I am in problems but his father curses him while indresh comes out of the house in his thoughts about swati which might be changing his mind but polomi comes understanding cursing human powers which bend down easily seeing indresh getting attracted towards swati’s talks so she enters his body again.

Precap : 

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 19th August 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Indresh beats a man in front of swati to show his anger towards her. Swati tells indresh to give some money but he refuses her & she sits on fast telling her I won’t eat unless you give some money. Devi polomi plans some new evil trick.


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