Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 19th April 2021 episode starts with the nurse coming at the wedding function. Nurse says who is swathi? I have her pregnancy report from the hospital. Everyone asks is the child fine, what happened? The nurse says everything is fine, i have the report for the mother. Laila comes ahead and takes the report, everyone is happy as they listen that the child is fine. Laila starts her game and says in this report it is written 14 weeks but swathi is pregnant only since 4 weeks, how is this possible?
The nurse says no mam, swathi is 3 and half months pregnant and not just 4 weeks, our report is right. Laila says which means swathi has been pregnant since 14 weeks, but she was not with indresh back then. So whose child is this? Swathi is shocked as her character is questioned and indresh gets angry. Everyone is angry on laila as devesh smiles cunningly. Indresh says laila stop it, stop saying such things about my wife and my baby. If you dare open your mouth again, i will throw you out of this house. Singhasan gets angry on laila and says just shut your dirty mouth. Indresh goes and takes care of swathi as she has tears.
Laila then says that why is everyone scolding her? She is only saying what the report says. Singhasan takes the report and says yes it says 14 weeks but dare you question anyone’s character. Singhasan says to the nurse take the report and go back to your hospital, i don’t trust these doctors and hospital, they do anything, i had told before to show our dai maa doctor instead. Kunti agrees. Indresh tells the nurse to get lost and he will check for the report as he will go to the hospital himself. The nurse says okay and laila tells her to go. Nurse goes.
Singhasan says to everyone, everything is fine now lets do the rest of the ceremony. Devesh’s mother says now the bidaai has to be done and then all other ceremonies will be done at our house. Singhasan says yes everyone smile now, nothing has happened, singhasan tells quietly to kunti to go and check herself what the issue of the report is and ask swathi just to be sure. Kunti says okay and takes swathi in her room. Swathi sees devesh smiling at her and she gets confused and sad.
Indresh goes with kunti and swathi. Kunti is in the room and tells indresh to go and bring juice for swathi. Indresh goes. Kunti asks swathi that the report says 14 weeks, how could it happen? Swathi is sad but says it must be some mistake at the hospital as i am only 1 and half month pregnant. Kunti understands and she goes after indresh gives juice to swathi. Kunti tells singhasan that she enquired in her way and it is true swathi is 1 month pregnant and the hospital has made a mistake.
Devesh goes outside and rinki comes to him and says what happened? Devesh says first tell me you have forgiven me, i am sorry. Rinki says what happened? Why are you saying sorry? Devesh says first forgive me, please i am sorry. Rinki says what happened? Devesh says 14 weeks ago, swathi was married to me, i was with her. The baby inside swathi is mine. Rinki is shocked and she has tears. Devesh says i was drunk back then and all this happened but it was not my mistake as i was married to swathi. Rinki is shocked and she comes storming inside the house.
Swathi comes down. Rinki comes to swathi crying, swathi says what happened? Rinki slaps swathi across the face. Kunti stops rinki and says are you dumb? She is your bhabhi. Devesh comes inside and tells rinki to stop and not tell anyone the truth as everything will be over and all relations will be destroyed. Rinki says to kunti, mom this swathi is not who she shows everyone, she is characterless. The baby inside swathi belongs to devesh when she was at devesh’s house.
Indresh gets angry and says rinki shut up, you are under laila’s influence. Don’t say these things. Rinki says no brother, your wife is characterless. Indresh slaps rinki and says you dare say that. Rinki says ask devesh ji, he knows it. Devesh asks for forgiveness from singhasan and says it is true, the baby is mine and swathi’s. Back when she was with me, we conceived it. Swathi is in tears and she says don’t lie, you are lying and destroying my life.
Devesh says i was drunk and you only came near me back then and said we will start a new life. Swathi says don’t lie, why are you doing this? You are characterless at least be scared of god if not of people. Devesh says i gave you a gift back then and you had also lost your memory then, how will you remember this? Swathi says no, he is lying. Indresh sits down in despair and is sad.


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 20th April 2021 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Swathi tries to convince everyone about her innocence and the deceit of devesh and laila.


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