Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 19th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 19th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 19th May 2021 episode starts with Indresh crying & trying to wake everybody while Swati is also doing the same but Mata in disguise holds the boiled water bowl entering her powers into it & gives it to Swati to feed them hence both of them feed everybody & all slowly become conscious. Indresh & Swati are happy watching this while Swati prays Mata for helping.
Indresh hugs Abhay while Swati handles Rinky & Lovely to get up comfortably. Rinky asks about Devesh but Swati tells her he is fine.
Abhay says he won’t leave those who put poison in food while Swati reminds & she says that I had heard them talking about food poisoning & planning to run away with all money including jewellery who were none other than the Manager & his colleague hence Indresh says that he won’t leave them as they mustn’t have gone far due to curfew while Mata sends her powers into Indresh & he sees the Manager & staff trying to run away but Indresh runs & catches them bringing in front of everybody.
Devesh comes shirtless from swimming pool while Rinky asks him that what has happened to your back but Swati tells her that I & Indresh were caught hold in fire engulfed in store room & Devesh saved us but got hurt because of fire caught him. Mata says thinking this had to happen of evil deeds punishment.
Indresh asks both of them who poisoned this way but they are saying they didn’t do such thing while Lovely & Samiksha slap them warning to put in jail. The other staff takes them away to give punishment while Devesh is in confusion that they have to be released or will disclose the truth to police.
The guest woman’s husband also wakes asking about his wife & Swati tells him that she is fine along with his daughter & he is happy to hear this.
Devi Polomi tells Mata that this time you saved them but what about next time which will be very difficult.
Swati explains Santoshi Didi who is actually Mata itself, what all she faced earlier of everybody getting affected due to food poisoning & the guest woman who did not ate food was facing very bad labour pain which was very troublesome how to tackle but Mata tells her this is the test everybody has to face but ultimately to keep devotion of God & everything becomes alright. Swati says that it was due to Mata’s blessings only that everything became alright & she prays Mata’s photo while Mata itself is watching her in disguise.
Rinky tells Devesh that this paste is given by Swati which will heal your wounds & he immediately tells her to apply.
Devi Polomi meets Mata Santoshi asking her that was it right you saved them using your powers wrongly but Mata tells her that it was wrong by you that you misused powers wrongly to affect so many people but she tells her that was human’s game & not me but this time you think you have saved them but what about future as death never leaves anybody be it by poison or by any other means & she also asks Mata that how will you save your devotee’s child in future inspite you must have given one boon to your devotee to understand future coming incidences but Mata is silent hence Devi Polomi asks why so silence now & Mata tells her if there is any problem then saviour is always besides pure devotee & Devi Polomi says to let’s see.
Indresh & Swati are serving everybody tea & soup telling them this arrangement has been done specially for taking care of everybody collectively in one room only so that all can enjoy each other’s company happily. Samiksha asks forgiveness from Swati for her yesterday’s mistake but instead she jokes with her. Swati sees the other two staff, who were also affected by poison, in depression hence she asks them what happened & they express their feelings that they would had died if not cured in time & hence feeling pained thinking what would had happened about their parent’s without them hence they feel to go home soon while Rinky also says that yes I am also becoming homesick now but Indresh tells her that it’s curfew now hence we have to wait for curfew to relax then only can go home.
Swati says that we have one more reason to be happy that is an arrival of a sweet child & both the staff says that they’ll enjoy with the child while Indresh says that it’s time to enjoy with song in this occasion & he plays the song on player while everybody join him to dance for making the atmosphere cool & enjoyable. Mata watches them appreciating their happiness blessing them.
Indresh is discussing with Swati about their life which has always started with only trouble which is not ending at all discussing all earlier incidences happened with them but Swati calms him saying that you were teaching all of them to face challenges & now you only feeling pained while Mata feels happy watching Swati’s love towards Indresh.


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 20th May 2021 19th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Mata in disguise asks Swati that didn’t you wished anything from Mata Santoshi but she says that no because today I felt to ask for my sister in law. Devi Polomi says that if you do not wish anything then how will Devi Santoshi bless you with wish.


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