Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 20st May 2021 episode starts with Indresh expressing his troublesome life to Mata Santoshi in disguise, along with Swati, saying that they both have faced lot of trouble in life since they have got married & now the biggest hurdle of their child who should be safe but again facing trouble which is never ending it seems hence why this is happening with me only. Mata explains him calmly giving reason of Abhimanyu who learnt weapon handling from his mother’s stomach itself hence your child will also become powerful facing such trouble before his birth from his mother’s stomach hence to achieve big you need to face big trouble’s in life.
Abhay tells Rinky that Swati had told to drink medicinal juice when it’s hot but you have made it cold due to which your acidity won’t stop & she tells him that actually Swati is our acidity who has created all this trouble due to whom Devesh faced wounds due to fire but Lovely curses her telling that it’s because of Swati we are saved & it seems because of Devesh all this shit thoughts are getting created in your brains but Devesh asks that where I came in middle of you but Lovely says you have come uninvited in our family which is already a deliberate entry in our lives & Rinky shouts her while Abhay calms them & the owner also explains them to not to fight. Devesh is thinking otherwise of Indresh was saved while also to stop police from arresting the manager & staff or they’ll disclose all the truth.
The child’s father asks his wife that we have to keep name of our child also but she tells him that the name will kept by Swati itself who has the rights now while Rinky feels jealous.
The child’s father starts feeling uneasy in chest complaining his wife about severe pain while Lovely comes to make their child sleep & Abhay goes to inform Indresh about it while the child’s mother appreciates Lovely for helping but she says that I am specialized in this while Rinky abuses her & hearing her taunting words Lovely leaves form there crying but Swati stops her taking towards Mata’s photo to do prayers.
Swati tells her Santoshi Didi to let’s do prayers for her sister in law’s wish for which she is very eager to achieve but her Didi asks her won’t you ask for yourself from Mata but Swati tells her that I have my Mata’s blessings with me hence I do not wish anything but only my sister in law’s happiness & her Didi appreciates her of not being selfish & only thinking of others.
Devi Polomi says addressing Swati that do wish for others only & your Mata won’t have anything to offer for you then.
All three of them sit for performing prayers of Mata while the child’s father is restless & Samiksha is trying to call doctor but taking time for him to come due to curfew. Indresh tells Abhay to call Swati & Santoshi Didi & he goes to inform them hence Swati immediately goes inside along with Lovely.
Dev Rishi comes to inform Mata that Swati isn’t asking anything for her which you have achieved boon from Gods that you can provide one boon to Swati but Mata tells him that’s what the quality is of my devotee who is ultimate due to this quality that she always thinks of others & not herself & Dev Rishi also appreciates it but alerts her about Devi Polomi who is planning to create trouble for Swati’s child in future but Devi Polomi also arrives asking Dev Rishi that are you feeling scared about me then Devi Santoshi should forget supporting her devotee but he instead tells her that it’s not the question of feeling scared but the wish is achieved by Mata with passing by all her efforts in the tests given by Gods which you couldn’t, for her devotee itself & she feels insulted. Dev Rishi tells her that to leave from here because you shouldn’t interfere in our talks & she leaves.
Mata prays Prabhu Mahadev for help while Swati is handling the child’s mother & Indresh calming child’s father while Mata Santoshi in disguise comes along with medicinal juice to offer him & prays Prabhu Mahadev that his life is in your hands now.
Mata Paravati looks towards Prabhu Mahadev who helps Mata for her plead.
After the child’s father consuming the juice feels better talking with his wife comfortably & they praise Mata while she tells them to praise Lord Mahadev who has helped all of us with this Ayurvedic medicinal juice.
Swati & Lovely are preparing food in hotel kitchen while Lovely appreciates the dish prepared by Swati & Samiksha also arrives smelling the food & appreciating the odour of the dish which she use to eat in her childhood. Samiksha takes the dish to keep on dinning table while Swati & Lovely follows her with other items while Samiksha’s father appreciates her daughter’s interest being gained in doing the work. All arrive for food while Rinky asks Samiksha about doctor’s arrangements for Devesh’s wounds but she tells her that curfew will relax by evening then it can happen & also informs her father that Police will also come to arrest their manager & staff & Indresh says that they have to be behind bars to understand the fact of evil deeds while Devesh falls in confusion about his truth disclosure.


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 21st May 2021 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Devi Polomi addressing Mata says for how much time you’ll keep saving them from death because Yamraj will act as per his policy of taking one by one person away from you all.Indresh & Swati watch the other staff being injured fallen at various places shocking them. Devi Polomi says that this death trouble isn’t going to stop easily while Mata is watching this depressingly.


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