Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 21st April 2021 episode starts with Swathi praying to Santoshi maa. Kunti is praying as well and says to Swathi, don’t worry daughter everything will be fine and Devesh’s lie will come in front of everyone. Devesh and his family come to see the agni-pariksha. Devesh looks at Swathi and then he remembers the time when Swathi had burned the room, and as there was fire nothing had happened to her, she had been protected by Devi Santoshi. Devesh thinks if Swathi walks this burning coal unharmed then I will lose and Singhasan will kill me. Devesh thinks I have to do something.
Singhasan tells the pandit to start his mantras and let the agni-pariksha start. Laila goes to Swathi and says why are you still waiting, pandit has started the mantras, now you walk on the burning coals. Swathi thinks Indresh ji, I know you cannot see me walking over this which is why you are not here, it will hurt you to see me this way. Swathi prays to Santoshi maa and she starts walking on the burning coals.
Swathi puts her first step as she feels the heat but she continues walking as everyone look at her shocked and worried. Kunti has tears and prays to Santoshi maa to protect Swathi. Swathi prays to Santoshi maa and says protect my loyal and purity mata. Santoshi maa says Swathi will be protected. She blesses and sends her power on earth. The bed of burning coals turns into a bed of flowers as Swathi walks over it but no one is able to see this as they see burning coals.
Singhasan thinks Swathi is honest, the burning coals are doing nothing to her. Devesh thinks, if Swathi completes this agni-pariksha then my plan will fail and Singhasan will kill me. Devesh thinks I have to do something. Devesh goes to swathi who has crossed half the path and says you don’t need to walk over this, just stop and accept this child is ours. Singhasan says Devesh don’t interfere in between, let Swathi complete the agni-pariksha. If she is true and it is proved that you were lying, then I will burn you using these same coals and bury you in the ground. Devesh steps back.
Swathi continues walking over the burning coal path as she is about to complete. She continues praying to Santoshi maa. Indresh comes and he sees Swathi walking over the burning coals, he says I don’t believe in all this father. Indresh says to Singhasan, make this stop, enough of this agni-pariksha. Indresh says I trust Swathi and I know the baby inside her stomach is mine. Indresh makes Swathi step out of the path, Swathi hugs Indresh. Indresh says see, she has completed the agni-pariksha and it has been proven that she was honest and loyal to me. Indresh hugs Swathi. Kunti says yes, now stop this. Singhasan understands and he says yes I see it has been proven that Swathi was honest.
Devi Polomi tries to use her powers against Swathi but fails. Devi Polomi says why are my powers not working against Swathi? Narad muni appears and says it is because her devotion towards Santoshi maa and her honesty is protecting her against all evil, so you cannot do anything to Swathi.
Devi Polomi tries her powers again but this time some burning coals get thrown on Laila, Devesh and Singhasan. All 3 of them wash their burning hands in well water. Singhasan gets angry on Laila and Devesh and says now I will punish both of you for your false accusations. Singhasan says to Devesh, you insulted my family and my daughter in law and destroyed our family name.
Suddenly, dai-maa’s grandson comes. Kunti welcomes him. The grandson says, dai-maa has gone to her village as her uncle is not well that is why I have come. She has sent a sacred band to be tied on Swathi’s wrist and remove it after 4 months. Singhasan says how is that possible? Swathi is 1 and half months pregnant only, that way the sacred band shall be removed 6 months later. Grandson says I told you what dai-maa told me. Singhasan says shut up and call dai-maa. Singhasan speaks to dai- maa and gets to know that Swathi is 3 and half months preganant. Singhasan keeps the phone and says Swathi you are lying, the son in your stomach is not of our family blood, you are characterless and you have insulted me. Kunti says don’t says this, she is our daughter in law and she proved her purity by walking on the burning coal. Indresh says father, I wont listen to you this time because I trust Swathi.
Singhasan says so do you mean dai-maa is lying? I just know that Swathi is lying. Swathi cries and says what can I do to make you believe me? This Devesh is lying, I just know that I am honest and loyal, I have done nothing with Devesh. Singhasan says I don’t believe you. Indresh says what about the agni-pariksha then? You made her do it and she proved it. Singhasan says I don’t know how she wants hurt by the burning coals but I know this, she is lying.
Swathi says then I will prove it to everyone that my baby belongs to the blood of this family.


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 22nd April 2021 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Swathi says I will do a DNA test and if I am lying you will know in that test, then I will leave the house but if I am right then the test will show and this Devesh shall be punished. Singhasan says okay.


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