Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 21st July 2021 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 21st July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 21st July 2021 episode starts with Mata Santoshi calming Swati to not to cry explaining that now you aren’t alone but a child is growing in you hence you have to realize about his growth which can get affected because of such incidences happening so you need to first study silently about everything faced by you then only should you arrive to the actual truth behind all this & also to take care of child & she assures her accordingly. Abhay comes in the temple to search Swati & finds her saying that you are here & all have become restless wondering of your whereabout while she insists him to wait for sometime & she’ll come along.

Abhay informs Indresh about Swati who is in temple & he feels relaxed informing everybody & his mother too feels relaxed. Singhasan is abusing her for going to the temple without informing & climbing those steps which is dangerous for their child hence warns saying if anything happens to his blood child then he’ll kill her while Devi Polomi also emerges in her form unnoticed by anybody to watch the developments. Indresh calms Singhasan saying that such a thing won’t happen & I take full responsibility about it after speaking with Swati & Swati arrives asking him what you wish to speak with her. Indresh is abusing & shouting her for going out without informing but she says she just went to temple to relax but he is accusing her of behaving weird while she asks what kind of weird behaviour she has done & Rinky interferes saying that all feel you are behaving like a mad woman which happens to a pregnant woman hence the same thing has happened to you which might result in killing your own child hence Swati feels shocked hearing & shouts Rinky saying that didn’t you feel ashamed of talking this way as a woman & why should I kill my own child but Indresh says that you are behaving like a fool & if anything happens wrong to my child then I won’t tolerate while Swati is asking him who has washed all of your brains with such creep things or is it this Sammy but Indresh gets wild on her saying we aren’t fool to not to understand such things instead your are illiterate to realize about your behaviour but she is trying to explain him saying that I am your Swati why aren’t you realizing but Indresh pushes her & she is about to fall but handled by Anju & her mother in law from falling down hence all of them disburse.

Devi Polomi talks to Mata Santoshi that to see your devotee is facing big trouble within her family members without I doing anything & feels glad for the development which is happening in her favour.

All Tridevi’s are discussing within each other watching this about Swati’s conditions which is becoming difficult facing curse as a mother towards her child which is wrong as she who helped her family are abusing her now hence Mata Saraswati asks Mata Paravati if anything possible to help Swati in these conditions while Mata Santoshi also arrive in their meeting expressing that this might be due to Devi Polomi’s effect who is spreading her powers silently so it’s important to search whereabout of Devi Polomi while Devi Polomi is sitting with her Guru Shukracharya arranging of three Devi’s sculptured idols to perform yagna on them for creation of a new strategy.

All three Devi’s decide to search Devi Polomi while Devi Polomi feels intuition intimating her Guru that it seems Tridevi’s are in search of me but Guru tells her that I have secured this place in such a way where no Gods sight can enter into this den. All Devi’s are shocked telling Mata Santoshi that it’s surprising Devi Polomi isn’t found anywhere in this whole Brahmand while Devi’s call their respective vehicles to search her hence Lion, Owl & Swan leaves for search of Devi Polomi.

Swati is putting clothes in the balcony for drying while Samiksha comes to instigate & abuse her saying that now you must have known your actual status in Indresh’s heart as he has already cursed you leaving only your child with you & later on you’ll be blamed for loss of your child facing accusation of gulping your own child but Swati gets wild slapping her saying that for all your deeds this is the only answer to make you realize while Samiksha’s father watching this comes to blame her whom he thought mustn’t be wrong but now he too is being convinced after watching this slap & Swati is trying to explain him while he is ignoring her telling Samiksha to let’s leave this house now but she stops him convincing that she can be of some help to her in these unstable health conditions & he understands leaving from there. Samiksha says now her father has also accused her leaving alone who had some belief in her while Swati feels depressed.


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Devi Polomi says Yehibhabhuti who is example of Asoor behaviour so with the help of such behaviour she’ll demand powers of Kaali & she dances for those powers & three Asoor women’s emerge in those three idols. Devi Polomi asks Guru if Asoor daughter Putnati fails to destroy Gods then what’ll happen & Guru tells her if at all she fails then too she will kill Swati’s child with the poison.


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