Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 21st October 2020 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 21st October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 21st October 2020 episode starts with mata santoshi explaining dev rishi that mata brahmasharini’s Pooja being performed on second day of Navratri & she begins her prayers singing for brahmasharini while mahadev & mata paravati are happy of santoshi performing prayers as narayan also enjoying her payers.
Indresh is performing Pooja as ushma is helping him & she is suggesting him to also ready the granth path of mata shailputri which will help swati’s well-being & he begins reading the path while nidhi is trying to intervene but bubli stops diverting her attention somewhere else.
Polomi in singhasan comes out of the room telling his son abhay to take out the knot but he refuses saying mother will scold & he tells nidhi & indresh’s mother stops her not to while she explains singhasan that it’s because of indresh’s well-being so to let it be till navratri finishes & he returns to his room while indresh’s mother warns both of them to not to try again to take out the knot or you have to face me as ushma relaxes seeing this while santoshi mata intimates ushma to be assured as polomi won’t do anything till end of Navratri & indresh will definitely complete this Pooja as today swati’s body started glowing & she has got the blessings of mata shailputri & mata brahmasharini so going ahead on third day mata chandraghanta’s blessings will also be achieved by which human’s ego vanishes & as indresh finishes mata kushmunda’s path on fourth day then swati’s body will glow again & after that skanda mata katyaini devi will bless on sixth day by which swati can enter in her body again. Mass skanda mata is powerful devi of sun god who blesses her devotee’s with powerful energies & mata katyaini gives powers to wipe out all diseases & anger from human’s body. So by all these devi’s Pooja swati can return to earth while swati comes hearing santoshi’s talks & says I won’t go anywhere where I do not know anybody & santoshi mata thinks that I’ll definitely punish those cruel people who has done wrong with you.
Indresh is reading path one by one till six path’s & ushma is helping him guiding all paths to complete while he is appreciating of swati who loved these paths to read as nidhi hears & gets angry on him but indresh trying to calm her while ushma too tries to explain her advising to keep your heart & brains calm but she instead abuses her & leaves from there as indresh goes to calm her.
Bubli telling ushma today they both will definitely fight while Ushma thinks such interference is disturbing completion of Pooja rituals as indresh is still not understanding that he is attached to swati asking mata santoshi am I right & santoshi mata intimates yes you are right as swati is slowly becoming better but no glow seen in swati’s body hence only mahadev can show us the path.
Santoshi mata & dev rishi go to ask help from mahadev asking him that won’t my devotee get the fruits of adhishakti’s Pooja performed which you only can give appropriate answer because whatever happened with swati was under moon block where no gods or goddesses could see what is happening on earth so please tell the truth of this query & will my devotee be alive again as mata paravati also pleading for help from mahadev on occasion of navdurga Pooja being happening & mahadev gets up angrily playing his tambora & calls moon god asking him to tell what about happened in last moon block but he instead tells mahadev that my view were also blocked by ketu so I also do not know what happened that time & mahadev finally says this is possibility of some asoor powers deed & calls Narayan for help.
Polomi is sleeping as indresh’s mother comes readily to show herself while polomi is murmuring from his body telling rangni to arrange for bath but indresh’s mother wonders & wakes him asking what are you saying & see I am ready like a devi in front of you & polomi is surprised & says what devi santoshi where is she & as she opens her eyes she sees indresh’s mother & also sees herself in singhasan getting angry thinking I have to get out of this body anyhow today itself while everybody comes seeing how singhasan is behaving but he tells them to leave me alone & they all leave from his room.
Indresh is performing Pooja while polomi in singhasan comes to see what is happening & sees the light which is for swati & thinks of blowing it so moves ahead to blow while ushma watching & she too gets up thinking what he is upto.

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