Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 22nd September 2020 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 22nd September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 22nd September 2020  episode starts with ushma comes to inquire in police station if anything was uttered by the goons but no clue given by them instead they were pleading her to release them & she tells inspector to make the search soon while she thinks who can the culprits be of swati.
Dev rishi comes to ask santoshi mata about swati’s health but no response tells mata then too she says I will do whatever possible to awake swati & dev rishi praises her for her ultimate love towards her devotee.
Ushma is wondering who can be swati’s killers while rangni & tarangni from polomi come to harass ushma & she is asking who is it but understands some fishy happening so she prays mata santoshi for help while dev rishi comes to mata santoshi to inform about polomi’s trick playing so to save ushma & mata goes to help ushma telling both to go & inform polomi that she is my ultimate devotee who can’t be affected like swati was killed & they ask her we did not knew swati was killed & we came her because ushma was troubling polomi’s devotees & mata tells them to inform polomi that ushma is not a simple devotee hence they leave while ushma thanks mata.
Polomi thinks the way santoshi was saved by santoshi mata then she might be ultimate devotee or is it swati’s soul has in her?
Santoshi mata creates cover around both by which nobody can see or hear them & santoshi mata tells ushma that you are my part so not to worry & ushma thanks her saying I am blessed as your part but is it both were sent only to harass me by polomi or does she knows anything about swati’s killers & mata tells her polomi is an asoor daughter hence she can’t be predicted at what level she can go.
Swati wakes up searching santoshi mata while dev rishi comes to calm her saying to not to panic as mata will return soon & devi polomi also comes there & sees swati so gets shocked thinking what is this as swati’s soul is in santoshi lok.
Ushma asks how & where swati is & mata tells her god vishwakarma has built a secured place for swati’s body & her body is on earth still while her soul is in santoshi lok. Ushma gets wild telling santoshi mata that whoever has killed your devotee will be punished & if you order then I’ll do this on my own to make all of them utter the truth but mata stops her saying I know you are my part but I can’t allow you to do this to not to misuse gods powers & act as per places you are in so calmly search the truth & then punish them.
Mata leaves while ushma thinks some secret of swati’s killing might be hidden in this house I guess and if those goons haven’t killed her then is it the killer is from this house itself?
Indresh’s mother tells nidhi to do Pooja of god but indresh says what kind of rubbish things you are telling her & singhasan tells indresh to let her do which will take only few minutes while ushma interferes saying so only this much milk you will use for god? & singhasan’s brother interrupts abusing ushma saying now do we have to learn from you & ushma slowly pinches him saying it’ll take two minutes for me to utter how indresh’s accident had occurred & he shuts his mouth getting scared.
Ushma is trying to eat Prasad while dev rishi informs mata santoshi to stop her or Pooja might get successful through gods but nidhi throws the place from ushma’s hands & everything falls down while santoshi mata praises ushma saying she is smart as she knew nidhi won’t allow her to eat & dev rishi also praises ushma.
Ushma abuses nidhi saying you get curse from gods when you do this but you won’t understand as you should had learnt from swati how to perform Pooja but singahsan shouts her to not to give lecture to us & go in your room.
Dev rishi is abusing human like singhasan while mata says that’s why this is called as kalyug.
Swati is playing with butterflies showing mata how sweet are the flies while dev rishi tells mata wondering about swati to free her as soon as possible or will face trouble in future & mata assures him will not allow wrong to happen against swati.
Polomi comes to her guru informing him a new devotee has emerged of santoshi devi whose name is santoshi & staying in singhasan’s house saying she is sister of swati so he asks what you did then & she tells him I sent rangni & tarangni to see if she is simple human & she came out to be a simple woman itself & before both could attack her santoshi devi emerged for her help & also I thought swati’s soul might be in santoshi but that too hasn’t happened as swati’s soul is in santoshi lok itself so devi santoshi is becoming famous in her devotee’s while I am becoming a failure hence guru tells her this a new twist to this problem as santoshi hasn’t attacked you because she don’t know swati’s killing was planned by you & so leaving everything first you need to search where swati’s body is.
Indresh’s mother is arranging plates of sweet to give everybody & pinky tells mother where is nidhi as brother indresh would had also felt better if she would had being here besides him while nidhi comes listening to her saying so you wish that I should sit in the house forever & serve your brother only leaving all my commitments which is not at all possible but her mother tries to calm her & requests her to feed the sweet to indresh but she refuses & talks arrogantly while indresh too comes to shout nidhi but she blames him too saying might be to get out of swati’s clutches you used me i guess & all are shocked as she leaves warning all to not to disturb her.
Indresh tells brother to take him inside while ushma comes steering him & he says I can’t pray you but she thinks saying this is your evil deeds fruits which you are getting now.

Precap : 

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 23rd September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Ushma thinks seeing pinky she might tell the truth about swati & ushma throws water on her face. Ushma takes oath praying santoshi mata that I will definitely find the culprits of swati’s killers.
Ushma is warning lovely keeping knife on her neck asking her you know the truth of swati say yes or no & she says yes.


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