Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 24th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 24th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 24th September 2020 episode starts with singhasan tells his informer to take out detailed identity of ushma devi while lovely comes to record for taking out secret from singhasan asking him twisted questions of swati being missing but instead he shouts blaming him as inquiring like CID & tells her why are you so concerned instead to do your work properly.
Ushma was watching her & tells her you are not capable to do this simple work & wishes jewelry which I won’t do for you now but lovely pleads her saying to not to worry as I’ll do anyhow only to wait for some time.
Dev rishi praises to mata saying now it seems secret will come out of swati but mata tells her this is not good path to take out in which human becomes so selfish & dev rishi explains mata there are various humans for example see like singhasan’s family who are evil & selfish while see swati’s family who try doing their work without any selfishness but with pure devotion in god.
Swati’s mother is praying santoshi mata for helping to get swati while ushma comes to calm them saying by tonight it may happen to get information about swati & anuj asks how so ushma says due to selfishness & swati’s father thanks her while she says to not to worry as santoshi mata’s blessings are there with you.
Indresh asks nidhi how pinky is but she says ask my health too as it seems you are not looking at me & he says you are looking fine & she tells him I have given her medicine which has made her better now.
Singhasan comes asking nidhi how indresh is or is it to send him abroad but she tells him I am doing my best & also it’s in hands of patient to be strong from inside while indresh tells him that I have full faith in nidhi because due to falling prey in swati’s chakra I landed in hospital where nidhi had made be better so his mother says yes because swati also did fast & Pooja due to which while nidhi angers on her saying so you wish to say that swati made him better but indresh’s mother says no i did not mean that & singhasan interferes telling nidhi to be calm as she talks foolishly.
Lovely sees saying I feel we are curse by god for doing wrong deeds & singhasan steers him while she calms but says if we pray god for him I think he’ll get better while indresh’s brother shouts her to shut mouth. Singhasan tells nidhi to do your work in your way.
Ushma is followed by an asoor in disguise which she understands & looks back as he asks him are you not scared on such quiet place but she tells him I am not scared by any giant or asoor & he thinks to kill her as he feels she has understood who I am but she says that’s why god has made such different world for humans, gods & asoors so i am blessed by mata santoshi who’ll take care of me. He tries to touch her but ushma slaps him so hard that he keeps turning around several times by her powers but stops & shouts to take revenge. A woman passes by asks him what has happened to you & why have you become so red faced so he tries to take out his anger on her but polomi intervenes stopping him to not to misuse powers here while ushma feels fishy happening & goes to see but do not find anybody so leaves & polomi warns him to behave properly.
Swati asks santoshi mata how to play chart game here & mata provides her the game to play by which she feels very happy & mata becomes very emotional seeing her play. Mata paravati comes to see how santoshi is happy with swati but also alarms her to remember saying swati’s soul is either to be blessed or to be sent in other human’s body so to control your emotions towards swati & mata paravati blesses both as swati too says I am happy here.
Lovely comes to record singhasan’s statement asking him again bout swati being missing so that we can pray god but he gets wild saying yes she is killed & I have killed her.
Ushma is near mata santoshi’s temple praising it while lovely calls her informing about video being recorded of proof & ushma tells her to send the video immediately but lovely tells her you complete your promise first then only I’ll give while she hears indresh’s mother crying & understands saying happily that my work is completed & ushma prays mata santoshi’s idol in temple.
Indresh’s mother crying tells everybody that all the jewelry is being stolen & I am duped while nidhi & indresh blames saying it must be santoshi who has come as ushma.
Lovely comes running to ushma showing her video & tells her to give the jewelry in which singhasan admits he killed swati.


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 25th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Lovely tells ushma to give jewelry but she tells him first to submit this proof in police station while singhasan comes with police to arrest ushma who has stolen our jewelry. Dev rishi asks mata santoshi what is this & what’ll happen now. Police inspector tells ushma to come to police station with us as you are being caught red handed or give this bag so the truth will get disclosed here itself. Santoshi mata says today is ushma’s test.


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