Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 25th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 25th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 25th May 2021 episode starts with Dev Rishi telling Mata Santoshi that Swati’s concern is correct asking about the incidence of the owner’s wife who was killed two years back & asks Mata that is it true of that incidence is having any connection with current incidences & Mata tells him that it’s right that two years earlier incidence is related with current incidence because she was also my devotee like Swati.
Samiksha is sharing everything what had happened with her mother to Swati & everybody because of that her father is in depression. Honey tells Samiksha that I had no intention to hurt your emotions but she tells him that you hadn’t had to disclose earlier incidences due to which father falls in depression again.
Samiksha gets a call from Inspector which is taken by Indresh & he informs that the culprit’s name was fake & actually is an absconded one having lot of criminal cases registered. Indresh tells this to everybody while Swati wonders thinking the same who she is getting vibes of hence all of them are alerted of him.
Devesh goes separately to see something in that Manager’s phone while Rinky follows him asking that what are you upto but he is diverting her attention also getting sweat which he is cleaning from his face while talking.
Swati brings milk to send to the owner through Honey while Honey is murmuring in depression emotionally for Bunny’s loss hence Swati handles him asking that are you remembering about that incidence & he tells her what all happened that day as they both followed the Manager & staff but staff hit him with the stone trying to make him unconscious while Bunny came & tried following that staff but somebody shot gun behind him & he also saw Devesh going towards the room hence Swati suspects about third person also involved & that staff did not kill Bunny but why Devesh was going there?
Rinky is asking Devesh the truth why he is having the mobile phone of the Manager in his pocket but he shouts her for not bothering hence Rinky warns him that I’ll tell this to brother Indresh but he holds her while Swati arrives asking him to tell the truth while Rinky is about to says but Devesh stops her. Devesh tells Swati that why are you doubting on me when I itself had saved you risking my life but in the meantime they hear a gunshot & run inside while Swati sees the culprit in red colour jacket having cap who is running from there & Swati follows him but can’t catch hold of him. Swati goes & asks the owner if he is fine because the gun was shot towards him but was saved due to glass of milk trying to be given by Honey & the gunshot hit the glass. Swati shares her vibes she is feeling of the incidences she is getting intuitions of something weird things going to happen eg. food poisoning, trying to kill the pregnant woman & also the person wearing red jacket with cap.
Dev Rishi tells Mata that Swati is sharing her future incidences which she sees but this will create trouble for her while Mata tells him that she is doing it deliberately to catch that criminal.
Swati advises that the owner will stay along with everybody in the dormitory so that he’ll be safe.
Swati again gets vibes of that criminal & she goes to see what he is upto while he takes out his jacket & lights fire running way from there which is found by Swati hence she suspects that it’s somebody from their surrounding itself but wonders who might he be.
Indresh along with Abhay & Honey go to check the CCTV clips but they do not find anything in it thinking that the culprit might have deleted the same.
Swati finds the owner isn’t in the room hence goes to see him while he is sitting under a tree watching his wife’s photo & crying for her while Swati calms him but alerts him about life’s danger sitting outside but instead he expresses the his life was his wife who is not with him now. The owner narrates his life’s story to her of his wife being also a great devotee of Mata Santoshi & also he was blamed for her killing for property but Swati calms him explaining that it might be somebody’s plan to clutch you in this. Swati sees somebody moving near them hence doubts of their talks being heard secretly.


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Swati tells Santoshi Didi that I have some motive of coming here as it seems Santoshi Mata must have sent me here. Santoshi Didi along with Dev Rishi in disguise tells her that your Mata has full faith in you that you along with everybody will be secured. Swati tells her that I will disclose the truth anyhow but will need both of your help in this. Devi Polomi getting wild says that Devi Santoshi along with her devotee is planning to destroy my existence but I won’t allow this to happen.


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