Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 26th May 2021 episode starts with Swati handling the owner for taking him inside the hotel to make him rest.
Singhasan calls Abhay for asking of their well-being & when they’ll arrive & he tells him they are fine & will leave as soon as curfew rests. Lovely as well as Rinky are arguing with Abhay to think of leaving this place urgently.
Swati brings the owner inside their room while Devesh shows his concern towards her but Rinky doubts on his behaviour. Swati feels the vibes again hence goes outside to search & Devesh again shows his concern while Rinky steers him.
Swati searches everywhere at the place where that person had lighted his jacket also but could not find any clue & wonders who can it be?
The owner starts playing music along with dancing to wake everybody from sleep & all woke up. Lovely expresses her fear of awake for full night due to scared of that criminal who might attack them.
Indresh brings tea but does not find Swati hence asks everybody but nobody knows where she might be.
Swati is putting flowers in front of Mata Santoshi’s idol while Santoshi Didi & Dev Rishi in disguise form come to meet Swati while she is surprised to see them. Swati is sharing her concern of the incidence happened of killing the owner’s wife two years back & are still happening in this Resort due to negativity being spread across the whole place hence it might be that Mata has sent me here for helping them it seems & Santoshi Didi also tells her that Mata has faith in you it seems that’s why you will be the saviour for them due to your positive approach.
Swati tells her that I will do my best only will need your help in this to execute my plan & Dev Rishi says that we will help you definitely & asks that what will be the plan hence Swati shares the plan secretly.
Devi Polomi curses them for planning to destroy her existence for which she takes oath of not allowing them to do this.
Indresh is searching Swati while she is coming along with Santoshi Didi but he is scolding her for leaving anywhere without informing & expresses his concern for her while Swati lovingly pleads him. Indresh requests Santoshi Didi to explain Swati due to her pregnancy & Didi assures him accordingly feeling happy about his concern for her.
Lovely suggests the child’s mother names to keep of her child while Rinky curses her but child’s mother says that Swati will decide about it along with Santoshi Didi because of whom child is born comfortably.
Santoshi Didi arrives with Swati hence Lovely tells Santoshi Didi to decide the name & she tells her to keep “Shivanya” & Indresh appreciates the name but asks meaning & she explains that the child got birth due to Lord Shiva’s blessings after facing lot of trouble hence she will spread positivity in this world in future so the name is suggested accordingly & child’s mother praises the name along with Santoshi Didi.
Dev Rishi arrives in form of monk as devotee of Prabhu Mahadev to enter the hotel but police constable & Honey stop him from entering hence he shouts them for stopping & talks about negativity being spread across this Resort which is to be wiped out so I am following that power which has brought me here. They ask him what kind of negative power? & he says that lot of killings are happening here it seems while all of them are shocked hence the owner asks him how come you know about the killing of staff & Manager but he instead tells him can’t you see that I am devotee of Prabhu Mahadev that’s why I am here & also I am not talking about recent killing but about two years back also killing took place of a woman & the owner is stunned while Samiksha asks him how you knew this & he explains her about his powers through his Prabhu Mahadev.
Swati knows Dev Rishi’s form while Mata smiles on Dev Rishi’s smart approach. Dev Rishi asks Mata was this form required but she explains him that Prabhu Mahadev had told us was right.
Prabhu Mahadev tells Mata that Devi Polomi has developed a kind of negativity in that place wherein whoever goes there faces trouble like killing of the owner’s wife also recent killings but due to your devotee Swati’s presence has arrived there positivity vibes are spreading like saving people from poisonous food, catching those two people who did this & also saving the pregnant woman hence this power will clear the negativity.
Dev Rishi tells the owner that there is a person since that time of killing, from your surrounding itself who is doing all this hence he has to be caught while the owner understands it might be that waiter staff whom they had appointed at the time of his wife alive while all are worried of themselves & Devesh is seen wiping his sweat.


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Dev Rishi tries to pick the stick but it gets engulfed with fire due to Devi Polomi who emerges to warn him that whatever you try to do but this area is covered by my powers hence nobody can harm my powers. Santoshi Didi informs Swati that the plan which you have executed will be successful today as that criminal will come forward & would accept his crime. The owner finds a note fallen down which reads that whatever crime you have done will get disclosed toady itself so be ready to face the outcome.


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