Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 28th May 2021 episode starts with Lovely trying to express her concern to Dev Rishi but he shouts her to not to interfere in between the Havan being performed but to concentrate on whatever told to do.
Dev Rishi warns everybody to keep eyes closed & rice grains should be tightly hold within the palms as the rice grains given will turn into red of that person’s hands whoever the culprit is while all become alert about it. Dev Rishi is moving towards every person to watch body languages of everybody but sees Devesh watching his rice & feels happy thinking it’s still white but Dev Rishi doubts on him hence uses a powder to flow on him by which he becomes unstable while Mata Signals Swati.
Swati along with Indresh & Dev Rishi take him inside for interrogation & Dev Rishi is throwing water on his face to disclose the truth. Swati asks Indresh is it right to torture him this way if he might not be the culprit but Indresh tells her this is just simple torture or you know how police uses third degree hence Dev Rishi is forcing Devesh & he is reminding about the incidences occurred with him & says that I never wanted to kill anybody & Dev Rishi asks him shouting whom you were not wished to kill & says that I was trying to encourage the Manager & staff when I knew that they were actually food poisoning so I bribed them to kill Indresh for achieving Swati while Swati & Indresh are shocked. Indresh asks Devesh holding his shirt that who killed Bunny & he says unstably that I saw Manager & the staff running while Honey & Bunny following them but after sometime gunshot was heard which killed Bunny. Swati says that it means Devesh didn’t kill Bunny instead he only tried to plan against Indresh it seems.
Dev Rishi again goes inside taking Devesh also in Havan room to try bringing truth from other people too. Dev Rishi is doing his job saying that the person might shake in this process also while Samiksha sees her father shaking & she gets up in fit of rage taking out her gun pointing towards him saying that to stop this drama & accept your crime. She takes him inside his room to make him remind of her mother’s killing incidence. Swati tries to stop her but in vain hence she too follows her along with Indresh & Dev Rishi intimates other people to stay in the same position until he returns. Samiksha is warning her father to accept his crime or she’ll shoot while Swati comes in between to stop her telling that he is your father who can’t do this but she tells her that you don’t know his actual face behind him. Samiksha’s father is also trying to stop her crying in emotions but she instead curses him.
Samiksha warns her father pointing the gun towards herself that to accept or she’ll kill herself & her father accepts saying that if you will be happy with my acceptance then I accept that because of me your mother was killed & Swati tries to stop her.
Devi Polomi emerges interfering watching the drama & says that now finally Swati has to die & she uses her powers to shoot the gunshot towards Swati who is standing in front of Samiksha’s father which hits her but Mata Santoshi immediately emerges using her powers for bullet to return in gun again & warns Devi Polomi to not to interfere again as intimated by her earlier & Devi Polomi leaves.
Samiksha gets scared & her father calms her down while Swati was also shocked of getting hit but was saved due to Mata’s blessings & Dev Rishi also praises Mata.
Swati explains Samiksha that to see your father isn’t the culprit but only because of you he accepted this mistake to save you while her father also says that it was only because of my drinking habit my wife could not be saved.
Dev Rishi along with everybody go inside Havan room again while Mata Santoshi intimates him that it’s time to disclose the truth of criminal now.

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