Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 31st August 2020 The lawyer is telling swati to not to worry as i have come now & she introduces herself to judge saying I am lawyer of swati & says that she won’t sign the papers or you have to give Rs. 1 cr. as compensation to her then only talks will proceed & how could you think she’ll sign so easily. All are shocked while swati tells her I haven’t appointed any lawyer but lady lawyer tells her to not to get scared by all these people & I’ll fight for your justice. Indresh’s mother tells swati that this was your actual plan & drama to squeeze money from us or I felt you are not signing because of love for your husband but you are also an evil while swati is trying to say no to her mother in law while lady lawyer is smiling.
Dev rishi is telling mata sanotshi that polomi has gone to earth & created confusing problems for swati by this swati will come in bad image & seems no solution will arise to defend this marriage.
Indresh’s father says accepted for my son’s happiness but swati says I do not wish this & lady lawyer tells swati we had decided this that you’ll take 1 cr. instead of this house as it’ll will be enough for you while sister in law is cursing her saying she was trying to squeeze this house see & indresh’s father too curses her saying how could you think about my house squeezing & judge including indresh too are shocked seeing this. Swati is pleading saying I do not know this lady lawyer & keeping on pleading the same saying I do not wish anything but only indresh & lady lawyer is showing all of them proof by photo on cell phone & all are shocked again as swati is pleading it’s not me as this is conspiracy against me but judge says if this was it then you could had already told earlier anyways you sign today itself or the verdict may move in next date while all family members are forcing judge to decide today itself & swati is saying if at all I could have met her then too this is not my demand & I only wish my husband but lady lawyer tells swati that you had told me yesterday’s was your plan itself & she is shocked including all.
Santoshi mata says towards devi polomi that we do not have the rights to interfere in human’s lives but always I have to come in front of you for my devotees help & flows her powers towards indresh’s house by which all receive a message on their cell phones & they are confused who must have sent this & all are seeing pictures of indresh applying powder on swati & the guests who had come also say that it’s indresh itself who did this & blaming swati. Judge is shouting indresh saying you have done this all & blaming such a great wife of yours which can be justified when she did not take your name to save you & you are cursing her so It’s my advice to you to spend some time together for resolution & also I feel this lawyer coming here must be your plan itself hence judge tells indresh’s father to make his son understand the delicateness of married life while lady lawyer understands that this is done by santoshi mata itself. Judge leaves while guests too leave saying who did & who paid for it. The lady lawyer also says I said what I was told to & leaves the file on the table for swati & leaves. Swati tells indresh’s father that I haven’t appointed any lawyer & she too leaves while sister in law says swati got appreciation of love instead getting curse. Indresh is banging table while his father is calming him as he leaves & he tells all of them to not say anything as it seems he’ll only bring storm again.
Dev rishi comes praising devi polomi jokingly saying pranaam but she is telling him to go away & he says I just came her to ask you why you went to earth & also getting failed in front of humans & came back so she tells him I am god’s wife & It’s not important for me to answer to a simple rishi but dev rishi says always there is way for gods too to ignore this way.
Swati is praying santoshi mata for helping her at this time too & she is praising her saying you are more that parents for me while aunty comes telling her that today is santoshi mata’s day due to friday so how will she allow anything happen to you & swati says you are right and if mata would had been here then I would had cried hugging her emotionally & I am happy to be blessed for mata’s devotion in my life while mata santoshi also says I too feel the same getting you as my devotee & I too feel to hug you to clear your pains but god & human has its own decided limit.
Swati tells aunty I wish to do Pooja for mata with all the family members but aunty says how can it be possible as indresh has done visarjan of all statues of mata so swati thinks watching statue of mata & tells aunty there is one way out.
Indresh is drinking in nidhi’s house inspite she stopping him & says we have to think how to take swati out of the house but indresh says she might be doing tricks as I do not know how she can save herself inspite all plans.
Indresh’s sister in law & sister are discussing how she must have got the clippings & sister is replying must have downloaded from computer & indresh’s mother tells her to shut up & bring tea for me.
Swati is coming holding statue of mata santoshi along with aunty as indresh’s sister is watching her & signaling her mother so her mother is trying to stop her but swati tells her I am going to set mata’s statue in the temple due to today is Friday do to do Pooja of her so that we’ll all get blessings from her but indresh’s mother tries to stop her & calls indresh to come & see what swati is doing as he tells her let her do what she wishes.
Swati is trying to arrange all materials for Pooja & as she is lighting diya then suddenly indresh comes stopping her telling to not to do this but swati is trying to explain him saying you know I am a devotee of mata but he refuses telling her I won’t allow you to do this & especially this mata’s Pooja so she gets bugged saying whatever happens or I may sacrifice anything but not Pooja & he catches her saying that’s what I wish that you must not do Pooja or sign the papers & do Pooja but she refuses saying you are my husband then too indresh tells her it’s your choice finally now to accept your mata or me? All are surprised how indresh has kept trap in front of swati while swati is shocked.

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