Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 8th October 2020 episode starts with bubbly taking ushma inside room quietly & explaining about her true love towards her mother’s but ushma tries to warn her I’ll disclose all your truth to your mother if you do not admit but she stops her squeezing ushma’s hands & ushma retaliating.
Dev rishi asks mata santoshi can a simple human be stronger than devi but mata explains him it’s about her true love which makes human stronger in spite he or she might be of evil behavior.
Ushma is retaliating but santoshi mata comes to stop her & followed by devi polomi also comes to see as ushma understands & polomi is telling mata you & your devotee are harming my devotee very much but then too nothing will happen as swati is dead & her soul is with you hidden & both of them are shocked so mata santoshi says her you have extra knowledge about everything might be gut feeling that you have some part in this & polomi says might be but you won’t understand what’ll happen next so to take care & they both leave.
Ushma picks bubbly & applies tape on her hand but bubbly then too is arrogant with ushma but ushma says one thing I knew that in spite you have evil behavior then too your love is very true towards your mother that’s surprising. Bubbly says I won’t come in your talks but I wont tolerate also if anything happens to my mother so not to tell anything to my mother & ushma assures her she won’t but one time will definitely come when you’ll understand swati’s conditions too.
Mata santoshi asks mahadev is it that swati cannot become alive & we have to free her soul & body while paravati mata also tells mahadev swati’s body being damaged with burns which is slowly becoming pale hence need to do something so mahadev says adhik month has started on earth & if anybody does fast for swati then she might get new lease of life but mata santoshi asks who’ll do fast for swati & dev rishi also says due to polomi’s powers being spread across nobody will get ready to do fast for swati & mata paravati tells santoshi mata that if mahadev has given hint then idea will ultimately come & santoshi mata tells paravati mata that I was reading some shloks from past granths which you too have to see & they three leave to santoshi lok.
Santoshi opens granths which they start chanting & preforming for well-being of swati as indresh sitting in balcony seeing the moon starts reminding about his earlier days with swati which they both use to enjoy dancing & getting close to each other as in between he keeps taking swati’s name & all hear indresh’s voice including polomi & ushma also who comes near him.
Mata paravati tells santoshi it’s indresh as just now he took swati’s name it means he’ll do the fast for her while polomi’s tarangni tells her it seems your powers have reduced from nidhi & indresh due to which this has happened & polomi goes to add powers in nidhi again which makes her to go near indresh & ushma smiling telling indresh see how much love you still have for swati but he gets bugged while nidhi takes him away.
Santoshi mata informs ushma to anyhow make indresh ready to do fast by which swati may get new lease of life due to adhik month’s benefit because it’s clear he still loves her.
Indresh’s mother is feeding him while bubbly also comes telling her feed me also but singhasan shouts her & ushma comes telling him why can’t she sit near him as still compensation money isn’t received so how can you stop while singhasan’s wife tries instigating him but he ignores. Ushma tells bubbly to disclose the truth while bubbly says now my demand is one & half crore & indresh’s mother shouts saying your hunger is increasing day by day but indresh stops her saying don’t fall in their foolish talks as their selfishness will keep increasing.
Ushma tries convincing indresh when all are away that to think about swati’s condition too as she is big problems but he is ignoring her saying if it would had being then she would had found till now as I know she has ran away & you do not have any proof but ushma prays santoshi mata for help asking how to convince him do not know while she receives a message & ushma shows phone clip to indersh wherein swati is lying in pain of flower bed as if dead & indresh is shockingly watching.

Precap : 

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Ushma gives him example about swati had done fast for your well-being when you were fighting with your heath in hospital so to keep fast for swati once. Nidhi asks her for whom you are telling him to keep fast & indresh tells her for swati. Polomi gets wild saying how could indresh accepted to do fast but I won’t allow this to happen. Nidhi is informing singhasan & all that he is doing fast for swati while indresh’s mother is trying to instigate him then too he ignores her saying whatever it is I will do fast.


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