Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 9th October 2020 episode starts with ushma showing swati’s clip to indresh under what condition she is but indresh doesn’t believe her & tells mother to take him away.
Mata santoshi tells dev rishi I have a doubt now & dev rishi tells mata I know you are wondering about polomi who could have understood seeing this clip & will be alert now but not to worry as swati’s body is secured.
Devi polomi understands & informs tarangni & rangni to search swati’s body on earth which might be the work of rishi muni’s.
After indresh’s mother leaving him in his room ushma follows him explaining him that at least you must believe that swati wasn’t a person to run away if you have spent some time with her & he feels the same then ushma explains him that when you were admitted swati was the person who did fast for your well-being by which you really got better so at least you can make her better by doing fast for her if at all she won’t be with you in your life & he accepts saying what I have to do & she tells her do to mahadev’s fast for her while nidhi comes asking her for whom you are telling indresh to do fast now but ushma ignores saying you are not worth to talk but indresh understands & indresh tells her for swati & immediately she gets wild throwing things everywhere blaming him for betraying her but indersh tries to calm her. Nidhi goes to inform singhasan & his mother while indersh tells ushma to take me out or she’ll create furor.
Nidhi informs both that your son is planning to do Pooja for swati’s well-being & they are shocked hearing this. Singhasan says it’s not possible indresh will do & also how should we believe swati’s conditions without any proof & he calls bubbly to show that see she is swati but & nidhi also says when she does not have any proof then why should we believe her.
Ushma says you & I know this is not swati but actual swati is not in good conditions so to become her conditions better fast has to be done & singhasan falls in confusion wondering how has she found the proof while swati’s parents arrive & they hear everything. They ask ushma is it true our daughter is not in good conditions & forcing her asking about her whereabouts but ushma tells them I do not know but she is in worst conditions which I wished not to disclose you but could not stop & bubbly comes running towards them saying I am your daughter then why are you worried but swati’s mother pushes her saying I knew about you since I met you because child’s mother can only understand who is true child of her.
Santoshi mata tells dev rishi now it’ll happen that with indresh her parents will also join fast by which swati will get new life but dev rishi informs mata that polomi’s birds are moving all over earth to search swati’s body but mata assures him they can’t find due to secured by vishwakarma’s powers while now we have to concentrate on ushma’s Pooja arrangements instead this security of swati as again tomorrow is second moon block.
Polomi is discussing with her guru in his den about this matter that asking how can indresh accept to do fast while he tells her it might be due to swati’s relations being very powerful with him than nidhi’s.
Indresh tells singhasan that I will do fast for her because of her obligations on me when I was not well & she had done fast for my well-being too.
Singhasan says how do we believe when she has no proof while all are forcing to prove & ushma finally shows the clip of swati by which all are shocked but singhasan wonders how did she got this?
Indresh’s mother trying to explain him that all this is planned & not to fall prey in this girl’s talks but indresh refuses saying whatever it is but I’ll do the fast & singhasan tells him if you wish to do then outside this house so indresh says fine & asks ushma when to do & ushma replies tomorrow as the day is auspicious too while swati’s parents also wish to join the fast for well-being of their daughter.
Polomi’s birds come to inform her that swati’s body could not be found & she gets more arrogant but guru calms her to wait till tomorrow as he has also sent his informer’s to find out so polomi says you too search till time I’ll plan to stop all this anyhow.

Precap : 

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 12th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Nidhi is packing her bags to leave indresh’s house while he is trying to stop her. Polomi comes to use her powers on her saying to convince him with love. Nidhi is singing song for him to attract him as he gets lose while polomi is around them & mata santoshi is watching. Nidhi tells indresh if you wish I should love you this way then promise me you won’t do fast for swati tomorrow while dev rishi tells mata that at last polomi used her powers of evil on him.


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