Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 9th September 2020 episode starts with nidhi is medicating indresh & her father tells her now we too have to go to our house but indresh’s father tells him indresh is still not got up & also this is nidhi’s in laws place too so let her stay & nidhi tells indresh’s father that I have given injection to indresh by which he will get better but also asks permission from her father to allow her to stay tonight & he allows her. Nidhi pledges to make indresh better to complete our incomplete marriage.
Dev rishi asks mata santoshi how will she make him better & mata explains him about faith between lovers giving example of paravati mata & mahadev how love & faith they both have which takes care of each other. Dev rishi praises her & also asks her what kind of rangoli you are making & she tells him you’ll know when it gets completed after filling all colors in this & dev rishi praises saying your art is always unknown which nobody can read easily but it’s definitely related with your devotee swati itself I guess for which I’ll wait to know your chamatkar.
Swati is half resting on legs of santoshi mata in temple while some shadow is coming from behind her to cover her body with blanket on her by her parents. Her parents are keeping eye on her.
Dev rishi is praising swati’s parent’s love towards her so need to help her from our side too tells santoshi mata & she too syas him yes we have to try.
Swati’s mother comes to meet swati in temple while all her family too arrives & swati prays mata santoshi that all my family members are with me. Dev rishi in disguise comes to talk with swati while she is discussing about herself with him & he calms her giving mahadev’s blessings of powder to apply on indresh so that he’ll get better & leaves as santoshi mata smiles.
Polomi says how dev rishi thinks indresh will get better as the time will tell everything.
Swati tells her parents to go home & will come in sometime but her parents are trying to convince her then too she is telling them to let me do what I wish to & they allow her.
Dev rishi tells santoshi mata see how I planned to give this powder of mahadev to swati & if she applies on indresh’s forehead he might get better again with better in health too so let’s keep faith in this.
Devi polomi is sitting on sofa of indresh’s house while his father tells his mother to tell brahman to perform havan to make clean surrounding due to affected because of swati. Devi polomi laughs on his talks & he hears the sound so shouts indresh’s mother why are you shouting while polomi wonders how could he hear my laugh or must be due to my powers getting spread over here.
Indresh’s father is telling lovely to spread gangajal all over the place while polomi thinks this human does not know there is no gangajal in their house but I’ll make swati to be away from this house.
Swati comes to indresh’s house but she is stopped by nidhi as polomi is standing behind her & swati tries to convince her to take this mahadev’s powder & apply on him so that he’ll get better which you also need right & nidhi is thinking but polomi thinks she should not take this or everything will finish & nidhi does not take but pulls swati out of the house.
Santoshi mata comes in disguise to asking swati that are you ready to fight all odds & swati says I am ready to do anything for indresh. Santoshi mata is telling her they all have wittiness in their minds & heart like you have santoshi mata so they have devi polomi & swati wonders asking devi polomi means who?
Devi polomi is enjoying about santoshi mata explaining about her to her devotee & feeling happy about it.
Santoshi mata explains swati how all gods come to destroy asoors who are evils so gods bless their devotees to destroy such evils.
Dev rishi praises santoshi mata how she is explaining knowledge to her devotee which is appreciable & brahmadev as well mahadev too says this is kalyug so need to do this kind of process towards our devotees to make them understand.
Swati asks santoshi mata that this is kalyug then how can we decide who is evil & Santoshi tells her human has good or bad deeds by which it’s understood who is evil & who is good.
Swati asks who is polomi & she is giving knowledge & introduction about polomi to swati as very beautiful woman but wicked from evil family & wife of devraj indra.
Devi polomi thinks this is great way of giving knowledge by devi santoshi to her devotee of myself & her bird is putting flower bed on her head to show her beauty which polomi likes it.

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