Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th May 2022 Episode starts with Simar pulling off the fuse from the circuit box. Aarav stops. Dhami looks at ghost (Reema in disguise) and tells Aarav that there is a ghost. Aarav says he will go and check the light.

Dhami says she is scared and asks him not to go. Aarav comes out and sees Reema walking as a ghost. He sees Simar coming infront of her and asks if she is fine. He kisses on her forehead. Ranjhana plays…..

He asks what is she doing here alone? Simar says I was not alone, my trust was with me. She says she will always stand with him. Aarav asks her to give the fuse and not to make things difficult for him. Simar refuses. She tells that if he walks on dark way then might fall. Dhami comes out of room and asks who is here?

Reema thinks Dhami is scared of ghost. Reema’s phone rings. She takes out her white saree and throws it out. Dhami comes infront of her and warns her that she has to pay for spoiling her night. Reema says you are more self obsessed than me and says all the world doesn’t revolve around you. Dhami says it will revolve now, wait and watch. Reema says I will be here, but you won’t be here, just wait and watch.

Simar falls. Aarav gets worried and asks if she is fine. He checks her foot and says he will call the doctor. Simar says she is not feeling pain now. Aarav and Simar get up. Aarav hugs her. Dhami is coming there. He asks if you are fine and asks her not to joke. Simar says my life is in you, until you are fine, nothing can happen to your Simar, I know how much you love me. She keeps his hand on her head.

He takes back the hand and says don’t give me any swear. Dhami is calling Aarav and coming there. Simar says you knows well that I will find out Dhami’s truth anyhow. Aarav says you will not do anything. Simar says I will do, as all my sasural is with me. She says she will enquire about Dhami’s truth with everyone’s blessings. Aarav says you will not do anything. Simar asks him to tell the truth.

Aarav says it is waste of time. She asks why are you trying to convince me, not to do anything. She says I will enquire even if I have to make Dhami confess about this. Aarav stops Simar and says you will not go near her. Simar asks whom you are protecting Dhami or me, why are you getting weak?

Aarav says I can get weak for my family, I am doing this to protect you and our family, she is blackmailing me? Simar asks what? Dhami comes there. Aarav makes Simar hide and puts the fuse back. Dhami asks what are you doing here? Aarav says I was checking the electricity box. Dhami says you think about me so much. He says he can do anything for his family.

Dhami then comes to Simar and throws water on her way. Simar is about to fall down, but handles herself. Dhami says this time you have saved, but not again. Simar says this mistake will prove costly for you. Dhami asks what shall I do, shall I run away. Simar says I am warning you from front, I will keep an eye on all your conspiracies.

Dhami says it will be more fun now, I got bored here in this house, these people…but you are quite different. She says it will be fun. She says I am giving you a challenge and tells that a big incident is going to happen with someone, let be a surprise. She says it is Dhami’s personality trailer and you will drop to watch all my film. Simar says trust me, nobody can touch my family in my presence, Mata Rani’s blessings will save my family from all troubles, just wait and watch. Dhami says yes, I will.

Next day, Sandhya comes to the inhouse temple and asks Simar if she talked to Aarav last night. Reema told her about taking off the fuse. Simar says Maa…Dhami comes to the stairs and breaks her pearls bracelet. The pearls fall down on the stairs. Simar hears the sound and comes running there.

Badi Maa is about to get down the stairs, when Simar is about to alert her. Dhami calls Badi Maa and says my bracelet pearls had fallen down, I have stopped and saved you, I care for all of you and knows a bahu’s duty, have been protecting the family. Badi Maa says my house bahu knows her duty well and don’t show that she has done a favor.

She says Simar had already seen the pearls and was about to alert me, asks her to see that she is cleaning the stairs. Dhami says I was about to call Servant to clean this after saving you. Badi Maa gets down and keeps her hand on Simar’s head, blessing her. Simar looks at Dhami, and picks the pearls.

Dhami says this is your value, cleaning the mess. Simar says it is good than creating the mess and tells that she is among the housewives who do their duties well. Aarav comes there and picks the pearls from the floor. Ranjhana plays…He gives the pearls to Simar. They look at each other. Dhami looks angry.

Dhami comes to the inhouse temple and tells Sandhya that today is her first day in house, so if she can…Reema comes and takes the sindoor bottle from the plate. Simar comes there. Badi Maa asks her to do the aarti. Simar sings Bhajan and does the aarti. Simar gives aarti to everyone. Dhami takes the aarti. Simar comes to Aarav. Aarav takes the aarti looking at her.

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