Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th August 2022 Episode starts with Simar telling Aarav that there is something wrong for sure. Aarav says what is wrong, Reyansh had gone to hospital for Ishita’s pregnancy. Ishita tells Reyansh that she couldn’t hide this news from everyone and says Mom will become Dadi and Badimaa will become Par dadi, and Simar bhabhi will become Tai ji.

Chitra calls Reyansh and says I know that you don’t want to bring this out, but you can’t hide this from the family, specially Badimaa. She congrats him. Reyansh says Ishita is pregnant, we are going to be mom and dad. Ishita asks Badimaa to forgive them. Chitra sys they are married, they are new generation and it happens.

Badimaa asks if it is not a big thing and says this girl has become pregnant before marriage. She tells Chitra that she didn’t know that she will slave of western culture, and says I am ashamed on your thoughts. She coughs. Simar asks Badimaa to sit. Reema goes to bring water.

Badimaa says they got married 4 days back and giving me pregnancy news. She says people will say that I got this marriage done in a hurry. Chitra says what is new in this, and says drama happened when Aditi’s pregnancy news came out, and you got them married. She says Reyansh and Ishita are married. Badimaa says everyone knows about Aditi and Gagan from day 1. She says how to accept the truth which is called as accident. Simar thinks something is wrong.

Vivaan says what is this Ishita’s pregnancy. Reema says it is good, pressure went away from us. He asks where did you go, leaving the first round of fashion show. Reema gets Rudra’s call and asks Vivaan to take water for Badimaa, says she will order sweets. Ishita signs Reyansh. Reyansh tells Badimaa that if she don’t want this baby then they will abort the baby. Badimaa asks if you was thinking to abort this child.

Simar calls Kavya and thinks pick up the call. Kavya picks up the call. Simar asks Kavya if she was in auditorium of the hospital. Kavya cries and says Simar di. She cries. Badimaa says I wanted to get your marriage done so that you settled down. She asks if he married her due to her pregnancy.

Chitra says yes as you had announced in the media that marriage will not happen. She says Oswals’ name would have been ruined. Pallavi says yes, and tells that they were afraid thinking about your reaction. Reyansh acts and says I am ready to do anything to convince you, says he will be broken.

Chitra says you shall apologize to her twice and says this baby will be the first heir of the family, who will make her Par dadi. Simar asks Kavya if she was in hospital. Kavya says I can’t tell you anything and says Reyansh is angry with her and will kill her. Simar says don’t be afraid of anyone, tell me fully.

Aarav comes there and takes Simar inside. Kavya hears Badimaa asking Simar to make her brother in law and sister in law have sweets, as the big news came in the house. She hugs Reyansh and Ishita. Kavya hears everything. Badimaa says you both have done a mistake, but the baby can’t be punished, this baby is our ansh, Oswal family’s blood and says now she will not let anything happen to her.

She says the sin which we were going to do with Aditi, will not happen this time. Ishita smiles and goes. Rudra calls Reema. Reema goes. Reyansh asks Simar to have sweets and congrats her, calling her Tai ji.

She asks Reyansh to tell the truth, why did he go to hospital with Kavya. Badimaa says Kavya. Reema picks the call. Rudra asks why you are not picking my call. Reema says there is some tension at home. She asks him to say what she has decided. He says clients are calling me, what to say, yes or no.

Simar asks Reyansh, about whose abortion, he went to enquire in the hospital. Reyansh says what nonsense? Ishita says hospital. Reyansh says I thought nobody will accept the baby and that’s why went to enquire. He tells Simar that she brought Kavya again in this matter. Giriraj asks him to tell fully.

Badimaa says if Simar has asked you, there might be some reason. Chitra says Simar is jealous of Reyansh and his happiness. She says you don’t stay quiet on their big day. Badimaa says Chitra. Reyansh says she has problem with my happiness, since Ishita and my alliance got fixed, she has made this news as a scandal. Aarav asks who was the girl? Reyansh says Simar is making stories.

Simar says Kavya is on line and she will tell truth to everyone. She asks Kavya to say. Reyansh takes the call and asks Kavya what does she want, and why she wants to ruin his married life. Simar says if you haven’t done any mistake, then why you are threatening her. Kavya ends the call.

Simar says Kavya ended the call, but you can’t compress the truth. She says I saw her in the auditorium. Badimaa asks which truth. Reyansh says she is psycho and says why you are troubling us. Aarav says not a word more. Simar says ok, you think my words as misunderstanding and says I will prove it, in the CCTV footage. Reyansh gets worried.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Simar and Reema tie the rakhi to Gagan, while Aditi ties the rakhi to her brothers. Badimaa ties a thread to Ishita’s hand and says it is raksha sutra which will protect you and your child. She tells Simar that she is giving 4th generation responsibility to her.


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