Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th July 2022 Episode starts with Simar asking Aarav if he called Chirag to meet Kavya at café coffee delight. He says yes.

Simar says I saw Reyansh outside that café and says if that guy is Reyansh whom chirag saw with kavya. He asks her not to do 2 plus 2. He says Reyansh wouldn’t have made you talk over video call if he was with Kavya. They hear Chitra saying Kapoors have come. Rudra instructs the camera man.

Gagan teaches Aditi how to walk down the stairs. Aditi says I am not the baby. He says but you have the baby. Rudra tells Maddy that the house is classy and beautiful. He asks Maddy to cover all the house. Maddy says house is classy.

Maddy asks Aditi about what she is saying? Aditi explains to him. Reema sees Rudra and walks down the stairs in style. Rudra gets impressed. She comes to him and says you came so soon, I was about to sent car and driver for you. Rudra says he couldn’t stay away from the function and asks if this is her house.

Reema says this is Oswal Mansion, my sasural. Vivaan looks at them from far. Reema asks waiter to bring juice. He says no formality. Reema says ok go. Aarav comes to Vivaan and asks if he saw Reyansh. Vivaan says no. Rudra asks Reema to show her house in her style. Reema says ok, we can discuss what we can cover for marriage.

Badimaa calls Simar and asks where is Reyansh, whom his sasural came to do tilak. Simar gets tensed. Aarav takes her with him. badimaa asks Vivaan to meet Kapoors. Maddy sees Badimaa and get scared, hides his phone. He tells that Rudra Rathore magazine team is also here. He asks can you permit me to do the recording.

Badimaa signs him ok. Ishita comes and touches Badima’s feet. Badimaa asks what you are doing here, and tells that she shouldn’t have been here for tilak rasam. Maddy says old lady is back. Ishita tells Badimaa that all photos are gone from Maddy’s phone, so she thought to get some pictures with Reyansh.

She says if you don’t want then I will leave. Badimaa asks her to stop and asks her to stay back. Ishita thanks her. Maddy says you are the best nd is about to give her hi five. He stops. Badimaa gives her hand and does hifive with him. He gets happy. Badimaa calls everyone for tilak rasam.

Simar tells Aarav that she might be wrong about Reyansh, but even his phone is switched off. She says he should have been here for tilak rasam. Badimaa calls them and asks where is Reyansh? Aarav says he is getting his sherwani fit him. Badimaa says Simar had checked. Aarav makes an excuse. Chitra says Simar’s work is such. Aarav says we will see where is he?

Reyansh takes Kavya to hotel room and goes out. He says he will win the bet in 30 mins and asks them to get his reward ready. He keeps DND board outside the room. Aarav tells Simar that he will bring Reyansh. Simar asks him to believe that he saw Reyansh outside the coffee shop. She says both of their phones are off.

Aarav says you are accusing him on his marriage function day, this is unfair. She says he has been lying since he came here. He says everyone is happy here, and asks her to lie to the family that she don’t know about Reyansh. He goes. Ishita comes there and asks what is wrong here? She asks where is Reyansh?

Simar says I don’t know and goes. Ishita gets worried. Chirag comes to Oswal Mansion and meets Aarav. He asks why did you call me? Aarav says he wants to clear the misunderstanding. He asks if the girl was Kavya? Chirag asks it is ok if Kavya don’t want to be in this relationship. Aarav shows him Reyansh’s pic and asks if he was with Kavya. Chirag says yes, he is the one. Aarav gets angry on Reyansh. Chirag leaves.

Reyansh hugs Kavya and says I love you. He kisses on her forehead. Aarav says Simar was right, Reyansh is involved with Kavya. Reyansh lifts Kavya.

The guest asks Karan if this function will start. Karan says our jamai will come. Pallavi tells that Badimaa’s rules are different for us and different for her family. She says she doesn’t listen to others and forces her rules and customs on others.

Badimaa says I value time and expect this from others. Pallavi asks why the function haven’t started till now and asks about Reyansh. Badimaa calls Simar. Sumar comes to her. Badimaa asks where is Reyansh? Chitra says you have given responsibility in wrong hands. Badimaa says you are his mother and asks where is he?

She asks Simar to give number of designer. Aarav tells that Reyansh left from there, I had talked to him. Simar says I will make arrangements for tea and snacks. Aarav apologizes to Kapoors and guests. Badimaa asks Pandit ji to start the Ganapati puja. Maddy asks shall I start my work. Badimaa says yes.

Rudra talks to Reema about love and says they get lonely in cat race and says loneliness is a big curse. Reema says you are lonely. He asks if you want to know I am married or not. Reema says no, and asks do you want me to ask? Rudra says beauty with brains. He says I am married, but not happily married.

He says our lives are different from each other, our thoughts, idealogy etc don’t match. Reema thinks about Vivaan. Rudra asks did you get shattered after hearing my marital status and says I am as good as unmarried. Reema says it is not easy that two people who are married will understand each other, and says we all are alone. Rudra is about to keep hand on her shoulder, when Vivaan comes and calls Reema.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Badimaa asks Simar why she is missing from her dewar’s tilak rasam and asks what is the problem? Simar says today Reyansh’s marriage function is going on and he went to meet Kavya. She says he had lied big about Kavya and his relationship. Badimaa comes to Reyansh and slaps him. Reyansh looks on.


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