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Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th May 2022 Episode starts with Badi Maa telling everyone that Aditi is going to come today for pagphera. She asks Vivaan to bring Aditi to Oswal Mansion after having breakfast. She asks everyone to be at home, and says Simar will do her tilak. Gajendra asks what Simar has made today?

Vivaan says Simar bhabhi might have made tadka dal. The food is served on the dining table. Vivaan checks the dal and says it is not having tadka. Gajendra says may be she has forgotten. Badi Maa says whatever she cooks, will be good. Aarav says this food is not made by Simar. Dhami says you said right, I have made this food, as it is a ritual that bahu makes food after marriage.

Badi Maa calls Maharaj ji and asks him to give this food to Poor people and bring Simar’s cooked food to us. Dhami asks what is wrong with this food? Badi maa says your intentions can be wrong. She asks Maharaj ji to bring the food made by Simar. Dhami says I have thrown it. Badi Maa, Aarav and others get up.

Dhami asks Aarav to have food atleast, and whispers in his ears that even Simar goes to kitchen to make food, anything can happen to her there. She asks him to sit. Aarav takes the food and serves in his plate. He sits down to eat it, and starts eating it. Dhami asks how is it? Aarav coughs and takes the water to drink.

Simar asks him to eat with his wish and not unwillingly, and asks him not to insult the food. She asks Badi maa and others to sit and have food. Badi Maa refuses. Simar says I didn’t let Dhami throw the food made by me. She asks Maharaj ji to bring the food. Everyone sits to have the food and happily eats the food made by Simar.

Badi maa asks Simar, what is in the sweets? Simar says Gajar ka halwa. Badi maa smiles. Dhami gets upset. Reema says my sister is kitchen queen, even bigger chefs fails infront of her. Simar comes to Aarav and serves him food. He smiles and holds her hand. Sasural simar ka plays….

Aditi comes home. Badi Maa blesses her and says we couldn’t know when you have grown up. Sandhya says daughters grow up soon, and says she is going to be mother soon and will make us Nani etc. Vivaan says we will be Mama and Reema and Simar will be Mami. Reema says she will not be Mami and says call me Reema. Badi maa asks Simar to do the tilak. Simar says she is going to do tilak with two relations now. Vivaan says Bhabhi is always ahead for fulfilling the relations.

Dhami comes there and asks Simar to stop. She takes aarti plate from Simar and says you are Nanand of Aditi, but not her Bhabhi. She says this puja is done by Bhabhi, so I will do her tilak. Aditi holds her hand and says stop it Dhami. She says we don’t care what is your relation with Aarav Bhai, but in my sight, only Simar bhabhi is my bhabhi. Dhami says Aarav is with me. Aditi says Aarav bhai might know the reason, and says Simar bhabhi will the aarti. She feels dizzy.

They take her to room. Simar says she will bring milk for Aditi. Dhami thinks to give them another shock. Simar makes turmeric milk, and thinks Aditi will feel better drinking milk. Dhami looks at the poisonous bottle and comes to the kitchen. She pours it in the milk and silently goes from there. She says sorry Aditi, when we don’t have Nanand-bhabhi relation, then this is right. She throws the bottle in the dustbin and looks at Simar from outside.

Simar serves the milk in the glass. She brings it for Aditi. Aditi drinks the milk and says now I can’t drink more. Simar asks her to finish all. Sandhya asks her to drink. Dhami smirks standing outside. Aditi finishes the milk and starts coughing. Simar sees Dhami standing and smirking. She gets shocked and asks Aditi to relax. She looks at Dhami and then at Aditi. Aditi says milk was stuck in my throat.

Simar says we will take care of yours and baby too. Dhami gets upset seeing Aditi fine. Simar gets up and goes. Dhami takes the knife in her hand. Simar comes there and throws the poison bottle on the floor near Dhami. Sasural Simar ka plays…..Simar recalls seeing Dhami adding poison in the milk secretly and leaving from the kitchen.

She then finds the bottle in the dustbin and says I have seen before that you are cunning and cheap, and I had seen in your eyes that you are going to do something against Aditi. She warns her not to eye her family evilly.

Dhami says it is your problem that you react, but not actively react and runs here and there to find solution. She says nothing can happen with just your efforts. Simar says you underestimate housewives and says housewives knows calculation, multitasking, time management and this is the three basis strength to win any challenge.

She says a housewife keeps everything safely and throws the disease out, which comes in the house. She says even I will throw the illness which came in our house. Dhami says what will happen with me then? She laughs and is about to go. Simar holds her hand and says you will know what will happen with you.

She says housewives’ hand are strong and hard, your soft hands will get weak. Dhami tries to free her hands. Simar looks on and then frees her hand. Dhami asks her to stay away from her.

Simar comes to the room. Reema says she is checking the USA documents of Vivaan. Simar hopes to get evidence against Dhami and then she will leave. Someone comes there. Simar and Reema check the papers. Simar takes the water and drinks. Reema asks Simar to switch on the AC. She then thanks Simar.

Simar says I didn’t switch on the AC. They get shocked seeing Vivaan there. Vivaan asks them to tell what is going on here. Simar says we are trying to get info about Dhami. Vivaan says no use, you will not get any info here.

Simar asks do you regard me bhabhi really or just name sake. He says I regard you as my bhabhi. Simar says she is dying every day seeing Aarav with Dhami. She asks him to please say whatever he knows about Dhami. Reema says please. Vivaan looks on.

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