Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th September 2022  Episode starts with Simar saying who are these black powers, why Rudra has kidnapped Reema di, what does he wants. Badimaa says they shall wait for Simar.

Rudra tells Badimaa that they can’t wait for Simar. Badimaa says ok. Vivaan tells Mayakshi that he is waiting for the night when they will get married. Aarav calls Simar and thinks she had asked him to eat prasad. He eats prasad and feels headache in his head, as the evil effect goes out of his body.

He thinks what has happened to me, and where is Simar? Simar reaches Reema hearing her cry. Reema asks her not to come near her. Simar asks her to come home and says there is a mess going to happen there, we shall stop it all.

Reema asks her to stop there itself and says you have come late, now nothing can happen. Simar asks her to come home and says we will make everything fine. She tries to come near her, and gets pushed and falls down unconscious.

Mayakshi makes Vivaan have ring. Chitra asks Vivaan to make Mayakshi wear the ring. Vivaan sees Reema saying I love you. He says Reema. Mayakshi looks at the place where he is imagining Reema and says I am here. Rudra and Badimaa asks Vivaan to make her wear the ring. Vivaan makes her wear the ring.

Aarav comes there and sees the engagement happening. Badimaa says engagement is done, and asks everyone to make marriage arrangements. Aarav thinks if he had eaten something wrong, his head is heavy.

He thinks to search Simar. Giriraj asks Vivaan if he is happy. Gajendra says he is happy after a long time. Rudra says you will be happy with Mayakshi. Chitra asks Vivaan if he is happy. The crow makes sound sitting in Oswal Mansion. Rudra holds his ears and moves his eyes hearing the message. He says I have understood, don’t make noise. He says Simar…signs Mayakshi and goes from there.

Reema calls Simar. Simar gains consciousness and gets up. She says I am coming. The fire breaks out around Reema. Reema asks Simar to go from there, and leave her on her condition. Simar says I will not leave you alone. She tries to get inside and gets pushed again. Reema shouts Simar.

Rudra thinks he has to make everything fine in the bungalow and shall come back. Reema tells Simar that she can’t see her in pain and says you can’t help me. She says Rudra is very powerful and will not leave me and asks her to go and forget her. Simar says you are my reema di, I will take you from this world and place. She asks who has brought you here and what Rudra wants from you.

Reema says I am bearing punishment for a small mistake, you had said that one has to pay price for the dreams. She says I have betrayed Vivaan, you and all the family and this is the punishment. She says I had lied to Vivaan and left him in Manali Bus, and then went to Delhi. She says I want to live my life and wants to shoot for a day.

She says Rudra knew about my plan, and says now I realized his real face. Simar asks what does he wants from you. Reema says he is a devil, and is a bad Yaksh, he hates humans and think that they are his enemies. Rudra is on the way, while the crow is flying. He says Simar, I can’t let you ruin my plan.

Simar says bad yaksh, shaitaan. Reema says Rudra’s all family members are yaksh, and today he is going to kill me. Simar is shocked. Reema says nobody can save me from death, and that’s why you will not die for me, I am your elder sister and asks her to go and save her life. She says nobody can save me.

Simar says no di, he can’t kill you. Mata Rani’s temple is shown. Simar says Maa used to say in childhood, that evil can be powerful, but only the goodness wins ultimately. She says Rudra will end as he used to think humans as weak. She tells her about Mahishasur, who died with a woman’s hand. She says Mahishasur got killed by Devi Durga. She says we will punish Rudra for his doings.

Rudra comes to the haveli and thinks nobody is here. He hears a woman asking him to free her from there, kill the humans if he wants, but free her. Rudra says your wait will be finished after today, have some more patience, everything will change after today, I promise you.

Aarav thinks don’t know where did she go? Vivaan tells Aarav that he is moving on and is happy with Mayakshi. Reyansh comes there and says Badimaa has forgiven me and permitted me to come home. Aarav says I am worried about Simar. Reyansh says Simar bhabs is habitual not to get happy with us and is jealous. Aarav shouts Reyansh and goes to search her. Simar starts reading the mantras, when she gets pulled, flies in air and falls on the ground.

Reema shouts Simar. Rudra comes there and says the great Simar Oswal, when I see you in this condition, I feel very good, if someone comes to the death door, then I have to fulfill her wish by killing her to death. Simar looks at him.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rudra stamps his axe on the ground and Simar flies in air. He says very soon Vivaan and Mayakshi will marry, it is just for show off, but real marriage will happen here, of Rudra and Reema. Simar says whatever you are trying to do, can never do. She says I will not let you cage my sister, says I will not let your sister marry Dewar ji.


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