Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th July 2022  Episode starts with Vivaan asking Reema not to make him jealous and says he is not strong. He then laughs and asks on what topic you was discussing so seriously. Reema says lets go for tilak rasam.

Vivaan says Reyansh is missing and tells Reema if she would have been there and handled the situation then it would be good. Reema feels bad. Rudra looks at her. Vivaan goes.

Simar asks Servants to serve the snacks to every guest. Aarav holds her hand and tells that Chirag confirmed that Reyansh is with Kavya, and says he is very childish. Simar says careless. He says his sasural family is waiting for him here and he is with kavya.

Simar says you wanted to handle this situation yourself so I will not interfere. Aarav regrets for not believing her and eats chillies to punish himself. She makes him drink water and asks if he needs more.

He nods no. Simar says I wanted to stop this matter for going further. Aarav says but this matter has gone further and asks her to say where he would be, and says you know him better than him. Simar says, yes I will think.

Aarav says you told me many times, but I didn’t listen to you. Simar says she fears that he shall not to anything wrong, and says they will have bad reputation and Badimaa can’t bear it. They hear Badimaa calling Reyansh and holding his ear, asking why he got late, and don’t care for anyone’s emotions.

Sandhya, Chitra and Giriraj ask her to give him a chance to explain. Giriraj asks him to say sorry. Reyansh says sorry. Gajendra asks why he came late. Reyansh says he was stuck in traffic and his car was not working, and also no network in mobile. Badimaa asks Aarav what is the matter, you had said that Reyansh had done for sherwani fitting.

Reyansh says yes, I had gone there and then my car was not working. Chitra says he has a genuine problem, we shall start the rituals. Badimaa says ok, I don’t want Kapoor family and their guests to wait more. Reyansh kisses on her cheek and runs to his room..

In the room, Reyansh talks to his friends and tells that he always win. Ishita asks what did you win. He says I won you. Ishita asks him not to be late. He says he will be the first in every rasam. Ishita agrees. He says he will change his clothes.

Aarav asks Simar to come and sit for the puja. Simar says Reyansh is playing with elders’ emotions, this marriage is based on lies, I can’t attend this wedding. Aarav says if you can’t attend it, then I will also not attend it.

Simar asks him to fulfill his duty as a son and brother. She goes. Pandit ji asks Pallavi and Karan to do the tilak and make him eat sweets. Karan makes him eat sweets. Pallavi tells him that all these gifts are for him. Gagan calls Aditi and asks her to come. Aditi goes to him. Gagan asks her to drink milk and says baby is hungry inside. Aditi asks did he call and tell you.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Chitra asks Badimaa, what did he do that she slapped her son. Badimaa asks him about his relation with Kavya. Reyansh says I accept that I know Kavya as Simar’s student, once I talked to her and since then she is behind me. Simar asks why did you go to meet Kavya in the coffee shop. Badimaa asks Simar to call Kavya and asks her to reach Oswal Mansion now itself. Kavya comes there. Simar holds her hand and bringing her inside.


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