Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th July 2021 Geetanjali Devi reaches the temple after Vivaan gets married to Reema. Reema and Vivaan hold their hand infront of the Oswal family. Geetanjali Devi turns to one side in grief, while Chitra faints down. Aarav and Simar comes towards Vivaan and Reema, Aarav pushes him and questions him why did he married her. He tells him that he tried to explain him not to marry her but still he didn’t listened to him. When Simar tells to Reema why did she took such a big step, Vivaan stops her and tells that it’s not alone her decision it’s their decision. Gagan supports Reema and tells to Simar that she married the one she loves.

Avinash shouts no from back. Indu and Avinash also reaches there. Simar holds Avinash hand and tries to stop him yet he goes to Reema and tells that if the whole world will stand with her and support her then also he cannot believe her. He remembers their old time that how he had taught his children the values of life.

Reema tells that she wanted to inform him about their wedding but the condition was not good. He slaps her, Simar stops him. He tells to Indu that they tried their best to give the best upbringing to their children but due to Reema they are seeing worst days of their lives. Griraj shouts at Vivaan how could he do this, as she has already betrayed his brother Aarav.

Kajal comes and shouts at Reema, when she is going to hit her, Vivaan holds her hand and tells her that she is my wife now and against her he cannot hear a single word. Guptaji takes Kajal from there and threatens them that they have to pay for it. He rebukes at Geetanjali Devi, and tells that this is the real values of Oswal family.

Vivaan asks Reema to take their elders blessings and goes to Geetanjali Devi. He folds his hand and tells that Badi Ma he never wanted to hurt her feelings but there was no other way out. So give them her blessings and accept this relationship. When they touches her feet she moves from there, she takes a bowl of water and pours it on the fire.

Aarav goes behind Badi Ma and tries to convince her yet she leaves from there without hearing a single word. Avinash also refuses to give them blessings. Vivaan asks forgiveness from Indu and Avinash and tells them that he loves Reema and will protect her at any cost. Avinash leaves from there. Shobha and Chitra taunts Indu about her upbringing. Simar tries to justify. Indu tries to slap Reema but Gagan tells her that he cannot allow her to do this.

Indu complains to Reema why she did this to her family. Gagan tells that all the humiliation that Narayan family faces is due to Oswal family. He tells that this marriage is with their consult. Chitra tells that she is not ready to accept the wedding, to which Vivaan tells that the marriage is done and nobody has the right to refuse it. Aarav tells that if they are done then everybody should leave. Chitra promises that she will not allow Reema to enter Oswal residence.

Simar asks Roma to take Indu home. Avinash is walking in the middle of the road thinking about the humiliation he faced. Everybody leaves from there, except Gagan. Reema hugs Gagan and cries. Gagan asks Vivaan to take care of Reema and leaves from there. Vivaan and Reema stands alone infront of the God.

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