Sasural Simar Ka 2 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 15th August 2022 Episode starts with Doctor telling that Ishita is not just pregnant, but double pregnant. Reyansh says twins. Badimaa is thankful to Maa Durga. Sandhya says double happiness is going to come to our house and congrats Badimaa. Badimaa makes Ishita wears her necklace surprising everyone.

She says the gift which you have given me today, all your mistakes are forgiven. She asks where is Chitra? Reyansh says Mom is resting in the room. Badimaa tells Simar that her responsibility is double now.

Simar says I will take up my responsibility double. Doctor asks them to bring Ishita to clinic for sonography. Simar asks your fees? Reyansh says I will give him. He talks to Chitra and says doctor saheb handled everything, and says you are the best. He gives 50000 to Doctor. Simar sees him giving a huge amount to Doctor and gets doubtful.

Aarav asks Simar why she is in tension as Doctor said that Ishita is pregnant. Simar says she couldn’t reach the truth, and says I feel that Kavya is connected with this matter, and says I saw her there. Aarav says may be Kavya is really blackmailing Reyansh. Simar says it can happen, but why is she blackmailing him.

She says why is he scared and lying? She says we have to take Kavya’s help. Aarav says you knows well how Kavya lied and make you feel ashamed infront of everyone. He says I can’t let it happen again. He says everyone is happy in the Oswal Mansion and asks her to concentrate on it.

Simar asks Aarav to help her and says we have promised Kavya’s parents that we will take care of her. She says there is something wrong for sure and I will expose that, I have to meet Kavya. She asks if you will support me? Aarav holds her hand and says always.

Reyansh is in Kavya’s house, with his friends, and asks her to understand that she is like a cool drink for him, which he drank and threw the bottle. He says I took you to hotel room, just because of the bet with my friends.

Kavya asks where will we go? Her father says we have no other way out. Kavya asks him not to ask her to abort the baby. He asks if you can’t abort the baby then can you let your parents die. He threatens her and lights the match sticks. Kavya pleads infront of him. Reyansh asks her to agree else he will burn all the family right here.

Simar and Aarav come there. Simar knocks on the door calling Kavya. She says something is wrong. Reyansh says why Simar bhabs is after me. Simar says the door is locked from inside, I can sense that something is wrong. Aarav calls Kavya and her parents. Simar asks him to open the door somehow.

Just then Kavya’s father comes out. Aarav says they need to talk to Kavya. Simar says I have work with her. Her father says Kavya is not here. Reyansh threatens to kill Kavya and her mother. Kavya’s father tells them that their daughter is a liar and cunning. Aarav says my brother said that Kavya is blackmailing him.

Kavya’s father says your brother is saying right. He says she can go to any length for her dreams and wishes. Simar says Kavya is not like this, and shows trust on her. Her father asks Simar not to trust Kavya and go from there. Simar senses the kerosene oil smell, and tells Aarav. Reyansh signs them not to say anything. Simar and Aarav get inside.

Reema calls Rudra. She says she has taken the decision, but didn’t tell anything to Vivaan. She says don’t know how will he react. Simar and Aarav couldn’t see anyone there. Her father asks them to go and says Kavya is not at home.

Simar asks about the kerosene oil on the floor. Kavya’s father asks her bluntly to go from there and asks who has given you right to come here. Aarav says we have come here for Kavya’s betterment, if you want us to leave then we will leave.

Vivaan asks Reema with whom she is talking to? Reema says it is a surprise, our secret holiday destination. He says it will be fun and asks her to tell about it. She says ice mountains can be there and good for my skin. Vivaan imagines dancing with her during their vacation. He thinks dream is so beautiful, so reality will be more beautiful. Reema says we have to do packing.

Aarav asks Simar not to think about Kavya. Simar says whatever her father said, is not right. Aarav says everyone don’t have clear heart like you. He says lets go. Reyansh tells Kavya that she has cut her wings. He gives money to her father and asks them to leave from Agra, else nobody will be bad than me.

He threatens them to abort the child. He asks his friends to be there until the door is locked, and says I am going to my pregnant wife. He goes. Vivaan and Reema pack their bags. Reema feels sorry and thinks she has to lie for her dreams.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Simar tells Ishita that now she can have food, as she has added ghee in it. Ishita asks what, I am allergic to Desi ghee, and then also you have added ghee in it. She asks why are you doing this with me. Badimaa looks on. Reyansh’s goons tell that they have locked the door and went somewhere. Reyansh gets happy. Simar gets worried about Kavya. Later Kavya gets down the car and is about to jump down standing on the cliff. Her parents shout.


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