Sasural Simar Ka 2 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 15th September 2022 Episode starts with Simar praying to Mata Rani to help her, as Aarav ji is in danger outside, and Reema di is in danger here. She asks her to help her save them and sits to read the mantras.

Rudra and Reema are taking rounds. Simar is reading the mantras, while Damini is shown reading the same mantras sitting somewhere else. Simar and Damini close their eyes. Chaaya leaves Aarav sensing something. She comes inside. Rudra holds the mangalsutra to make Reema wear it, when his hands get stuck.

He thinks why my hands are not working, the mangalsutra falls down from his hands. Chaaya is shocked. Reema looks on stunned. Simar comes out of the cage as Damini, shocking Rudra. He says Damini. Simar walks, but Rudra sees Damini. He sets the fire on the way to stop her. Reema turns and sees her.

Simar continues to walk. Rudra says Damini, you can’t return. He says you will die again with my hand. He says I will kill you everytime. Damini asks what did you get by killing me last time? Reema faints and falls down. Damini says until you are greedy, you will lose, you had lost before and even now you will lose.

She forwards her hand and trishul comes in her hand. She stabs Trishul in his leg, and stands like a goddess. Mata Rani is shown. Rudra says leave me, else I will not leave anyone, nobody will be saved. Simar is seen now instead of Damini. She thinks how did this happen? The ghost lady in the room, says Rudra you can’t lose.

Aarav comes inside the room and asks Simar if he is fine? Reema gains consciousness and calls Simar. Simar says we both have defeated Rudra. Aarav tells that they have to go home and stop Vivaan’s marriage.

Reema asks Aarav if he will tell Vivaan whatever happened with her. Aarav says yes, Reema we have seen everything, we will tell him. He says Chote loves you a lot and will forgive you. Rudra looks on evilly. Reema goes with Aarav and Simar.

Pandit ji tells that 5 rounds are completed. Vivaan stops thinking about Reema. Mayakshi asks him to walk fast. Vivaan is still standing. Just then Reema comes there and calls Vivaan. Vivaan walks towards Reema. Reema steps inside the house. Mayakshi stops Vivaan and tells that he has promised her for marriage and he shall marry her. She says this girl is a betrayal.

Simar says my sister is not betrayal, but you and your brother are betrayal. Mayakshi asks Simar to stop. Simar says nobody can stop truth now. Mayakshi freezes everyone with her powers, except Simar. Simar is shocked. Mayakshi says did you see what your stubbornness have done. She says what did you think that you are powerful, but this is your misunderstanding. She says see your family,

I have made them as idols. Simar calls Reema, Aarav, Badimaa and others to speak up. She says Dewar ji, Reema di is back and asks Mayakshi to treat her family else it will be bad for her. Mayakshi says you are very daring. Simar says whenever the matter is about my family, I will get alive even from the ashes.

Mayakshi says you have made arrangements for their death. Simar asks what do you want to say? Mayakshi says you will understand when they break up. She says you can’t handle anything. Simar asks her to leave her family. Mayakshi says you will remember this till your last breath. She says real destruction of this family begins now. She touches Aarav’s face and he gets relieved of her powers.

Aarav asks Simar what happened to everyone. Mayakshi says you both doesn’t know what is going to happen, she asks her to be careful and says you will lose everything. She is about to leave. Simar shouts Mayakshi. Mayakshi frees everyone from her powers and leaves.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Vivaan apologizes to everyone on Reema’s behalf and asks Badimaa to let Reema stay in the house. Badimaa nods her head in agreement. Simar thanks Vivaan. Badimaa says I shall thank you, you have saved our family with black magic, and have fulfilled your promise. She says jai maa durga, as they pose for the group hug.


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