Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th November 2021 Episode starts with Samar asking Simar if she is single and married. Simar says I am not married, recalling Badi Maa’s words. Samar says it is good and says you can help me now.

Simar goes from there. He asks Indu and Avi, that it seems God left her unmarried for me, so that she can help me. Avinash says yes, she will help you. Simar recalls Aarav’s words asking her if she will keep fast for him. She recalls his words and says with what right, I shall keep the fast, there is no name for our relation.

Aarav thinks he shall keep the sargi in his room, so that he can eat it in night. Just then crockery stand falls down. Sandhya comes there. She asks do you need anything? Aarav says no, and tells that I came to steal something. He says do you remember, I used to steal from your sargi plate and eat.

He says I came to do the same now. Sandhya says there is a difference between your mischief and this thing, it is stubbornness. Aarav says I can’t tell you the truth and if I lie, then you will catch my lie. Sandhya says it will be wrong. Aarav says nothing is wrong in love, I am not harming anyone, I will do this for Simar and will feel near to her, I am ready to fast for her daily.

He says the moments she has spent here, I lived that daily else I can’t breath. He says I am not living my life, doing this for my happiness. He asks her not to ask him, why is he doing this? Sandhya gets emotional and says I will not ask you, I am happy for you.

Sandhya prays to God and asks her to protect both her sons, and says Lakshmi is insulted here, so we are getting punished. Gajendra comes there and asks her to trust Mata Rani. Sandhya says I will have complains with myself, I couldn’t help her keep her fast, I thought to make her favorite dishes and also thought to make special plate for her. He says if Simar was here, then she would have done all this for you, and asks her to call Simar and talk to her, says she will feel good.

Sandhya calls Simar. Simar picks the call and says now you got the time to talk to your Simar, and says did you forget me? She then says sorry and says I said much. Sandhya says I didn’t feel bad, and says I shall apologize to you. She says actually I was not having strength to call you, feeling strange and now just I heard you, I am feeling good. She asks how are you? Sandhya says she is fine.

Simar asks how is everyone at home and asks if Badi Maa eats food at right time. Sandhya asks will you meet me? Simar says I will meet you, wherever you want. She asks didn’t you sleep? Sandhya says you knows well. Simar says you might be making sargi and halwa, and praises it. Sandhya says I will make you have it with my hand. She asks why you didn’t sleep?

Simar says I don’t get sleep early now a days, and asks her to take extra care of everyone. Sandhya says I will take care of Aarav well. She asks about the karwachauth fast there. Simar says Maa has made the arrangements with the neighbors. Sandhya blesses Simar and ends the call.

Chitra tells Shobha that she is so sorry to came at this hour and says where I would have gone? Shobha asks her not to feel bad and says who had thought that I will decorate sargi plate for Roma. Door bell rings. Giriraj comes there. Chitra asks why did you come here? Giriraj says I brought sargi for you. Chitra gets upset for getting defeated by Reema. Shobha says Narayan girls are such.

Gagan comes to Oswal Mansion and gives sargi to Reema. Reema says I can’t call you inside. Aditi comes there, and sees him. She thinks our love was truthful, but the time was not right. If everyone was fine, then I would have kept fast for you. Roma calls Simar and tells that Shobha is making her favorite things asking her. simar is happy for her. Indu takes the call. Roma thanks Indu for sending many gifts and says I am thinking if I will eat something in excitement. Indu smiles.

Roma ends the call. Simar says Roma di is happy. Indu says it is special day for married women and says if Gagan had not done this, then I would have sent sargi for Aditi. She says I am happy for both my daughters. She then realizes and stops. Simar tells that she is happy for them as well, and says Aarav ji is the best person of the world, but he is not hers now. She says I try, but I couldn’t succeed.

She says this war is with me and I will fight. She says don’t know what happened to my eyes. Gagan comes back and asks Simar if she is fine. Simar goes from there. Gagan asks until when she will ignore me Maa, I miss her. Indu says she is bearing the storm which came in her life and says Simar can’t be upset with her siblings, give her sometime.

Simar and Aarav check in their cupboards. Simar looks at Aarav’s kurta and smells it. Aarav also picks her dupatta and smells it. They recall their moments while resting on the bed. Aarav imagines fasting with her and messages her if she will keep fast for her. He thinks he has become lonely without her. Simar thinks open your eyes, we are not together. She reads Samar’s message, asking her to help him, as she is single and haven’t kept fast so she can help him.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Simar dances on the song bole chudiya….Aarav looks at her. Simar continues to dance.


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