Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th September 2022 Episode starts with Chitra asking Reema where is her bahu Mayakshi. She asks Reema. Simar tells that she had promised and brought Reema back home. Aarav says Simar has fulfilled her promise and exposed Rudra’s truth, and brought Reema safely back home.

chitra asks if she has done a favor on us, and tells that she refused to accept Reema. Badimaa says Chitra is right and tells that after Reema betrayed Vivaan, we can’t let her return home. Reema apologizes to Badimaa and tells that it is not her mistake fully.

She tells that Rudra had done black magic on her, and tells that Rudra and his sister Mayakshi are magicians. Chitra asks from where do you get such stories and asks Reema and Simar to stop their fake stories. Reema tells Vivaan that her mind was not working, Rudra had done black magic on her and did all this.

She says I love you a lot and says give me a chance. Chitra asks him not to listen to her. Reema says I came out from death, as Rudra was about to kill me. Chitra asks Badimaa if she listened their lies. Simar says Rudra is a bad yaksh and Mayakshi is same. Chitra says she might have some greed that she got carried away.

She says this girl is so mad about her career that she left my son on the way. Reema says Rudra had captivated me, I was not doing all this myself. Aarav asks Badimaa to think that Vivaan got ready to marry Mayakshi forgetting Reema.

Simar asks Badimaa if you was in your consciousness, then would you have got welcomed the guy who brought divorce papers of Di and Dewar ji, and asks if you have accepted to get Rudra’s sister marry Vivaan on Amavasya.

Badimaa says yes. Sandhya says we all were in their hold. Gajendra says unbelievable. Giriraj says we got saved from their clutches. Simar says when you all couldn’t understand then Di was alone, Rudra had kidnapped and captive her, and wanted to kill her. Chitra says I will never forgive her for betraying Vivaan.

Aarav says we can’t do this with Reema and tells that she has bear so much which we can’t even imagine. Chitra says her tears are fake and asks her to leave. She holds her hand to take her outside. Aarav tells Vivaan that Reema has bear so much in few days and asks him to stop her. Vivaan recalls his promise to Reema and shouts asking Chitra to stop. He says Reema’s tears are not fake.

He says I can understand what she has gone through, she is apologizing to all of us, I was angry with her, when I didn’t know the truth. He says I can see love in her eyes for me, and says Simar and Aarav bhai saw what happened with Reema. He says Reema will not go from here, I won’t let her troubled.

He asks Chitra to accept her else he will leave. He says I can’t stay without Reema. Reema asks Vivaan if he trusts her. Vivaan says yes, and asks her not to leave him. Reema says never in my dreams, I can’t leave without you. Badimaa says I don’t want to see you again in that condition and asks Vivaan to think before taking the decision. Vivaan says I have decided and will not change my decision. He says I am apologizing to you on Reema’s behalf, let her stay here. Badimaa nods her head.

Simar thanks Vivaan and says I knew that your love is great for Reema di. Badimaa thanks Simar for saving the house and family from evil powers, and saving Reema and Vivaan’s marital life, and for fulfilling her promise. Simar and Aarav takes her blessings. Badimaa blesses them. Reema and Vivaan touches her feet.

Badimaa blesses them, and says when you said that you will make everything fine, then sound came from my heart that you will make everything fine as you said. Vivaan tells Simar that she has done a big favor on him, by bringing Reema back. Simar says Dewar ji, I can give my life for you and Di. Badimaa asks Chitra to agree for her son’s happiness. Sasural simar ka plays….They have a group hug.

Mayakshi is standing outside the house and marks cross on the house with her evil powers. The storm comes in the sky. Vivaan comes out of the bathroom and wipes his hair. She walks towards him. Vivaan says he will make hot tea for her, just as she likes. She looks at him smiling.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mayakshi asks Chaaya, if she wants to live then Simar has to die, if she comes to know that you are not Reema but Chaaya then? Chaaya looks on with her evil eyes.


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