Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th November 2021 Episode starts with Avinash asking Simar if she has not kept Karwachauth fast? She says I don’t want to eat anything. He insists asking her to eat her favorite biscuit. Simar hesitantly takes the biscuit in his hand and recalls Aarav’s words, asking her if she will keep the fast for him.

Avinash asks her to eat it. Indu signs her to eat. Just then Samar comes there and takes the biscuit from her hand, and eats it. He says it is nice, I was hungry since morning and says I got life. He asks what happened Avi and Indu. Simar says I felt happy seeing you for the first time. Samar tells that he is thrown out of hotel and don’t know where to go? He asks Simar to help him. Simar says don’t worry, Papa will help you.

Samar says I will use the bathroom and take shower, asks Indu to make something for him and says he gets acidity when hungry. Indu says I will make something for you. Simar asks Samar not to think her house as hotel, and says she will search him home like her house.

Aarav asks Maharaj ji to tell whoever asks, that he has food. Maharaj ji says ok. Vivaan asks Aarav, did you have food. He says yes and asks him to give off today, says he will do overtime tomorrow. Badi Maa calls Aarav and says I have some important work for you. She asks him to see the girls’ pic and says tell whom he likes, and says she will talk to the girl’s parents chosen by him. He asks for what?

Badi maa says for your second marriage and asks him to take a decision so that she can get him married and he can move on in life. Aarav says you have taken decision of my life without asking me and now…Badi Maa reminds him of his promise that he will marry whoever she asks, before his marriage with Simar. He says I am asking your choice now and asks him to tell. Aarav says ok, I will tell now itself. He picks the girl’s pic and says her color is fair, if her heart is black then.

He says rejected and tears the pic. He picks another pic and says she is modern, if refuses to do Oswal family’s work. He says reject and tears the pic. He picks another pic and rejects her as well. He tears all the pics and says I don’t like any girl. He says may be he likes in next lot, you never know. Badi Maa shouts and asks what is this misbehavior, and asks what kind of girl you want? Aarav says just Simar, not anybody else. He says it is of no use, as there is nobody like Simar. He asks can you get me married to her? No. Then don’t do all this. He walks away from there. Badi Maa fumes in anger.

Everyone go to their room. Reema is still standing there. Badi Maa says he will forget Simar, when he sees someone else with her, and asks Reema to get Simar married at the earliest and don’t upset me. Reema thinks it is a tough task to search guy for boring girl like Simar. She gets Roma’s call and says ok, I will come there. Indu talks to someone about Samar, and says he needs a room to stay. She is informed that there is no room and ends the call. Roma and Reema come there.

Reema says we shall eat an orange. Roma says yes, we shall share. Indu says nothing shall be eaten during the fast. They ask why did you call us? Indu says she likes a guy. Reema says if a guy is found for Simar. Roma says lets get them married. Indu says I am modern and you are limited to marriage. She says Samar is a music composer and wants to make album with Simar, but she refused. Reema thinks from hall to terrace, I shall meet him. She goes. Simar is keeping the clothes for drying.

Samar says he is drenched trying to drenched the wet clothes. He asks her to agree to sing song. Simar asks him to maintain distance with her. He says we are friends now and asks her to sing. She says we are not friends and refuses to sing for him. She asks him to stop irritating her. He asks confirmed? She says yes. Her dupatta gets stuck. Simar asks Samar to leave her dupatta else the consequences can be wrong. Samar asks her to agree to sing first.

Simar warns her. Reema comes to the terrace and sees Samar freeing her dupatta. Samar says I am drama guy, arrogant guy, and says anything, but not street guy. He asks her not to judge him. He asks will you do album with me. He says I stopped her talks. Simar says it is nothing like that. Samar says I will make you a star. Reema thinks she has light the fire here, and then bomb will blast in Oswal Mansion.

She says it will be fun with this new entry. She comes there and tells Samar that he is very popular in her house. Simar goes from there. Samar says it is my karishma and asks who are you? Reema says you are standing infront of me, in my house and asking me. She introduces herself. Samar introduces himself. Reema says Maa told. He asks Indu? Reema says Indu. Samar says he can sing well. Reema says interesting. Samar says you have a rotten face in your house. Reema asks if he is talking about Simar?

He says yes. Samar asks if you are Simar’s younger sister. Reema says elder sister. Samar praises her. Reema says you couldn’t do the work. Samar says I am homeless. Reema asks really and says I will take you solution for this, and asks him to come. She says Simar and your name sounds similar. Samar says our friends are similar, but not other things. Reema asks him to come.

Simar tells Indu that she couldn’t find any room for him. Reema asks him to bring his luggage and shift to upstairs room, says Roma di’s room is vacant. She asks Roma if she has any problem. Roma says no. Samar thanks everyone. Simar says we don’t know him. Reema says he has many fan following and says I followed him on social media. She tells the rules of the house. Samar agrees and gets happy. He thinks finally work will happen, I will be with Simar 24/7 and then I will convince her, as we stay together, we will get closer.

Aarav looks at Simar’s mangalsutra and says I will not let anyone come closer to me. I know you will not let anyone come near you, and says the place which we have for each other in our hearts, can’t be taken by anybody. Samar thanks Reema for him a shelter, and says you are God sent. He says I didn’t get so much happiness and pretends to wipe his tears with Indu’s pallu. Indu says you does so many dramas. He hugs her. Simar imagines Aarav and smiles. Her smile vanishes seeing Samar.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Reema sees Aarav going and says my sight is on you. Badi Maa stops him and asks him to bring 21 envelopes from the storeroom, for shagun. Aarav goes to the storeroom, while Reema locks him there. Simar feels worried for Aarav. Aarav asks who has closed the door.


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