Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th May 2021 Episode starts with Aarav coming to Badi Maa and tells that he is ashamed of his doings. Badi Maa says I know, I don’t need to look in your eyes to see your repentance. She says I have forgiven you, and tells that you have always kept my choice, like and dislikes in mind and always thought of this house respect always, hopes he don’t repeat the mistake. She says I have chosen the girl for you and says her name is…..Aarav says I don’t want to know the girl’s name as whoever you choose, I will accept her with my heart. Badi Maa asks him to atleast know her name. Aarav says I trust you and Simar Maasi’s choice, whoever you asks me to marry, I will marry happily. Simar smiles. Badi Maa is surprised and keeps hand on his shoulder. Aarav folds his hands.

Reema tells Roma that Aarav loves her and will never agree to marry Simar. She says Simar is just a misunderstanding which I will clear. Roma says you will not do anything, if they want Simmy to marry him then she will marry him, tells that it doesn’t matter if he don’t love her. She says until I am alive, nobody can come between Simmy and Aarav and says if this relation break then my life will be affected. Reema asks why don’t you solve your house problems, until when you will keep gun on our shoulder to shoot. Roma asks if you are telling me this, I had chosen Aarav for you going against the limits and even got my saas’s slap on my face. She says I have given your pic to them and he had come to meet you, but you ruined it all. She asks her to cry now and tells that Simmy didn’t do any mistake. She asks her to understand that Simmy’s destiny is written with Aarav. Reema gets upset. Simar goes from there. Roma walks away from there. Reema gets jealous and thinks Aarav was in my destiny and not in Simmy’s destiny, thinks to make everything fine. She calls Aarav. Aarav sees her call and rejects it. She calls him again. He rejects it again.

Simar comes to the inhouse temple and prays to Mata Rani. She sings bhajan and does aarti of the God. She asks Mata Rani, what suddenly this thing happened, Reema di should have felt bad for me, but why I am feeling bad for her. Reema wears the necklace given by Badi Maa to Simar and thinks this was written in my destiny and my destiny can’t be of someone else, never. Simar asks Mata Rani to show her the right way and asks what is in their destinies.

Badi Maa sends the gifts for Simar. Indu opens the door. Roma tells that it is sent by Badi Maa. Indu asks the Servant why it is sent? Servant says Badi maa will call you personally. Roma gets happy for Simar and tells that they have sent shagun, Oswal family is rich by heart too. She says Simar is lucky. Reema gets jealous hearing her.

Vivaan thinks of Reema. Reema calls him and thanks for his help. He says it is completely my pleasure. She says when your boss will come to know that you have gifted so many dresses to me then what will he do? Vivaan asks her not to worry and tells that he is Raja of the company. She asks what is his position? He says brand manager. Reema asks if only brand manager? Vivaan asks if this position is less to be her friend. Reema says your boss has given you much power. She asks who is his boss? He says Aarav Oswal and praises him. He asks why is she asking about him, if she wants to marry him. Reema ends the call and thinks she will marry Aarav. She sends voice message to Aarav which he hears and switches off his phone. She calls him and finds his phone off. She thinks she will convince him.

Indu tells that Avinash is not picking the call. Roma tells that today was very bad, even Lalit was upset with her. She asks Simar not to refuse for marriage, else it will affect her life. Indu asks her to trust Mata Rani and says she must have thought something nice about us. Simar thinks of her happy moments with Reema. Reema comes there. Simar says Di and goes to her. Reema ignores her. Simar asks why are you angry with me? She says you know well that I didn’t do any mistake, tells that one thing happened after the other. Reema says and you took advantage of it. She says you don’t know that guy, he used to call me, wanted to propose me and meet me, but you agreed to marry him. Simar asks if she thinks that her dimmer can do this. Reema asks if this is the same guy whom she loves. Simar thinks of Aarav and their moments. Reema asks her to say. Simar says no. Reema says then also you agreed to marry him. She says you might live with your rich and good looking husband, but will you live with the guilt that he chose me and wanted to propose me and not you. Simar gets teary eyes. Reema says congratulation for your marriage. Simar gets tensed.

Gagan tells Indu that his friends are laughing on him seeing the newspaper photos and asks what Simar has done. Indu asks him to calm down. Gagan asks if Simar cares for our family. Indu says it is not her mistake. Door bell rings. Indu says your Papa came, and asks him to go to room. Avinash comes inside and sees the shagun sent by Badi Maa. Indu tells that an alliance came for Simmy. Avinash asks what is this drama? He asks why you didn’t tell me, if I am staying in the house or not. He asks who brought the alliance. Indu asks him to freshen up and come inside, tells that she will tell him. Simar thinks Reema and Roma are worried, thinks nobody knows what happened that day.

Avinash tells Indu that they can’t get Simar married without getting Reema married. He says we will refuse it. Indu says they are big people and also related to Roma. If we refuse then Roma’s house will be ruined and it will affect all our daughter’s lives. Simar thinks what to do, whom to tell. Indu tells that what Roma’s saas will do if we refuse? Avinash says even then they shall refuse. Indu says we shall do what is right for their daughters’ happiness and home.

Simar comes to Reema and says di. Reema switches off the lights and turns to other side. Simar and Reema couldn’t sleep. Reema gets angry with jealousy while Simar is worried for her.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th May 2021 19th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Simar 2 meets Simar and says you came to the right house with the alliance, but made the necklace worn to the wrong person. She says I was standing inplace of my sister, so this marriage can’t happen. Simar asks her to tell Badi Maa. Simar 2 walks inside the house and steps on the paint on the floor. She walks inside and her feet impression leaves in the house. She comes to the inhouse temple and keeps her head down. The garland from Mata Rani’s temple falls on Simar’s 2 neck. Simar looks on.


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