Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th October 2021  Episode starts with Reema telling Simar that she has fooled everyone with her innocence act, and now her truth is out and says like you, your marriage is also fake and today it has ended.

Simar asks didn’t you feel bad to say this to your sister. Reema asks if sister is like this, who breaks her sister’s house. Simar asks what did I do? Reema says you have told the truth to Vivaan, which I should have told him. Simar says I told truth to dewar ji so that the confusion ends between you both. She says I told him that you married him for revenge, for Aarav ji, but I also told him that you have changed now.

She says I tried to convince him, though he was angry. Reema says again, you have broken my trust and snatched my happiness. She says first you sat in the mandap and then provoked my Vivaan. She says you have thought to dragged me out from here, and says I won’t let this happen. She says I curse your and Aarav’s relation, it was incomplete and will always be incomplete. Simar says enough.

Reema says you are nothing for this house. Simar says but I am your sister. Reema says you was habitual to wear my old clothes and that’s why married in the leftover marriage by me. She says you deserve this. Simar holds her hand and says today you have crossed all your limits. She says relations don’t build up by expressing, but builds up with selfless love and sacrifice. She says you compares relation with clothes and says worn out clothes and asks if my value is this much infront of you.

She says you don’t know what you have said in anger, and says one has to have maturity, and asks her to mind her language else there will be no chance of apology. Reema says this sasural is not of Simar, but it is mine. Simar says I am feeling pain to call you as my elder sister. Reema asks her to do the packing and leave from here, as her time is over. They look at the sand timer. Reema goes to her room.

Simar is going to her room crying and sees Gajendra, says something went in my eyes. She asks do you want anything. He says I can’t stop your tears, but can wipe it and offers tissue paper. He says I couldn’t do anything for you in this one month, but you have done so much for this house and family. He says I couldn’t say anything, but have seen everything. He thanks her for everything.

Simar says Papa, what are you saying? Gajendra says let me say, there is so much to say, but time is less. He says memories are big and tells that today a bahu is going from the house and family, but I found a daughter today. He says I can proudly say that I got one more daughter with Aditi, I am father of two daughters now, don’t know how to thank you, you have handled Sandhya at the right time, became her strength and saved my Aditi also. He says only a daughter can do this, I am proud of you. Simar says Papa. Gajendra says I couldn’t do anything for you, please forgive me.

Sandhya comes there and looks at them. Simar says you have blessed me, I don’t want anything else. She touches his feet. Gajendra opens his arms wide for a hug. Simar says Papa and hugs him. Sandhya says this is the magic of my Simar, forced a stone to become a wax. She looks at the sand timer. Simar continues to hug Gajendra and cry.

Simar comes to her room and recalls Reema’s curse. She looks at Aarav’s photo frame and says I couldn’t stop you. She says I don’t want you to break your promise, and asks him to return once. She sees Aarav standing. She talks to his photo and says you are seen to me. Aarav comes and sits on the bed, says Simar’s Aarav ji. Simar says I wish it could have happen. He asks her to turn and see. She turns and gets happy seeing him. She says you came in reality. He nods his head. Simar hugs him.

He asks why are you crying, when you have promised that you will not cry. Simar recalls Reema’s words. She says I can’t believe that you have returned. Aarav says I am here and makes her touch his face. Simar says how did you come back, you would have to go to free trucks. Aarav says I was about to leave when Vivaan came. A fb is shown. Vivaan comes to Aarav and asks him to go back to Bhabhi.

He says he will go on his place and asks him to be with her, and keep it a secret that he went. He says I want you to spend the last moments with him. Chitra hears Aarav and thinks Vivaan you can’t go there. She calls him. Vivaan is driving the car and is reaching toll check post. Chitra knocks on badi maa’s door and continues to call Vivaan. Mohit is sitting on the way, holding a big gun.

He says today Oswal family’s heir will die. He is about to shoot him. Chitra knocks on the door. Badi Maa comes out of bathroom. Chitra tells that Aarav haven’t gone to the toll, but Vivaan went and asks her to call him back. Badi Maa says I will call him. She says phone is out of reach. Mohit aims his gun at the car.

Simar comes to the inhouse temple and thanks Vivaan for giving them precious moment. She prays to Mata Rani to keep Vivaan blessed always and give him long life. She folds her hands and goes. Badi Maa calls Vivaan again. Vivaan picks the call and says he has reached the toll check post. Badi Maa says who asked you to go there and asks him to return back. She says I gave this work to your brother and asks him to return. Just then the call gets disconnected. Vivaan calls and says ok, I will return.

Badi Maa says let him come, then I will talk to all kids. Mohit shoots to hit Vivaan. The bullet pierces the car’s mirror. Vivaan is shocked and the car stops. Reema thinks of Vivaan’s words and thinks I won’t let this happen. She sys I will not leave you, you are just mine, I will not take out mangalsutra of your name. Mohit thinks it seems he got saved and jumps down his jeep, to shoot him again. Vivaan bends down to save himself. He thinks who is shooting at him. He gets hurt while bending down and gets injured too. He manages to come out of the car secretly.

Aarav is trying to peel the apple and gets his hand cut, and the blood falls on Vivaan’s pic. Simar asks him to sit. He says he was thinking about Vivaan. Mohit finds the bullets over and asks his goons to get more bullets. He takes the hockey sticks and walks towards Vivaan’s car. He finds him missing and asks his goons to search him. Vivaan is walking with injuries on his body.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :A jeep is about to hit Aarav. Simar sees it and gets shocked.


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