Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st January 2022 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st January 2022  Episode starts with Simar looking at Aarav’s pic with tears in her eyes. Samar is about to go inside, but Roma and Reema stop him. Samar asks them to take care of his bride. Reema says Simar is ours. Samar says she is mine after marriage. Reema says Aww…

Indu asks Reema and Roma to make Simar ready for the mehendi fast. Aarav is in the lock up, and recalls Simar telling that she wants to marry him, but not by eloping with him. Yamini comes there and calls Aarav.

Aarav comes to Yamini and says I went to Simar and asked her to elope, but she kept everything respect and refused to come with me. He says she said that she can’t marry someone else, and wants to marry me. Yamini says Simar’s marriage is preponed for tomorrownow. Aarav is shocked and asks the Police to open the lock.

Simar is seated for her mehendi rituals. Avinash talks to someone and says I have confirmed the time. Indu comes to him. Chitra asks Reema and Roma to dance and play dhol, being the sisters of the bride. Reema and Roma dance and sing. Avinash gets a call and goes. Vivaan gets a call and gets angry, asking if he don’t understand.

He asks the person to do as he said. Reema asks him not to worry and says everything will be fine. Vivaan says Bhai is in jail, how can everything will be fine. Reema says if Aarav comes here, then he won’t let this marriage happen, and this marriage is important for both the families. Simar is getting mehendi applied on her hand and recalls Aarav’s words. Mehendi designer asks Simar about her husband’s hand. Simar says Aarav ji.

Reema hears her and tells that the groom’s name is Samar, and asks the mehendi designer to write clearly, so that it doesn’t go out of bride sight. Simar cries. Aarav tells Constables that he can break many jails like this for Simar. Yamini apologizes to Constables and says Aarav will not do anything. She asks him to calm down.

Aarav says I can’t get out on Gitanjali Devi’s orders. Yamini asks him to take the wrong way and leave from here, so that Simar don’t marry Samar. Aarav says this marriage will not happen. Yamini says don’t forget that your choti maa is with you. Aarav asks her if she has phone. She says yes and gives her phone to him. Aarav keeps her phone. Yamini asks him to move to his aim without any hesitation.

Simar looks at the mehendi on her hands, and tells that she will have only Aarav ji’s name on her heart. She cries and the tears fall on the mehendi. Aarav takes out phone from his pocket and makes a call to Aditi. Aditi picks the call. Aarav says chutki. She asks if you are fine in jail. Aarav asks her to hear him. He tells her something. Aditi says we will do as you say and asks him to take care. She calls Gagan and asks him to hear carefully.

Badi Maa and Gajendra come to Aarav’s room and recall their moments spent with him. Gajendra gets teary eyes. Badi Maa comes to him and asks if he is worried for his son, and wipes his tears. She says handle yourself for today, if this night passes peacefully then everything will be saved from destruction. Aditi comes there and sees Gajendra and badi Maa.

Aditi and Gagan come to meet Aarav in jail. He asks do you know what you both shall do, while I will be shifting to the other jail. Gagan and Aditi assure him. Aarav asks them to go, and says I will be fine when Simar will be fine. Aditi says Bhabhi will be yours. Gagan says that’s our promise. He asks aditi to come. They leave. Aarav says I am coming Simar, not to elope with you, but to hold your hands infront of everyone.

Next morning, Simar wakes up and hears Indu and Avinash preparing for the wedding after 4 hours. She keeps her hand on her ears and says my Aarav ji was in jail all night, don’t know if he had eaten something or not, had sleep or not, thinks how to convince herself. Aarav thinks the night is gone and the morning has brought new sun in their lives. He is coming to take Simar.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aarav reaches the mandap where Simar and Samar are getting married. He says I have come Simar. Reema says Aarav. Everyone is shocked.


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