Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st November 2021 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st November 2021 Episode starts with the Doctor telling Aarav that Vivaan’s case got critical after the second attack on him in the hospital. Aarav asks who had done the second attack? Doctor says Reema ji, his wife. Aarav doesn’t listen to him and takes Reema’s outside. He asks if she planned this attack. Reema asks him to mind his tongue, says I am his wife and he is my everything. She says my blood is boiling to know the attacker’s name, and says he got saved from me.

Aarav says he will not be saved next time by me. He asks her to tell whatever she knows. Reema says he had come to attack Vivaan and was wearing mask. She says she couldn’t see his face, and fought with him. She says she is sure that he wanted to kill Vivaan. Aarav gets angry and hits on hand on the hospital equipments trolley. Chitra asks why you didn’t tell us? Reema says she can’t clarify, whatever she knew, she had told. Gagan says I shall tell the truth to Aarav’s family, his family is in danger, and those people are dangerous. He walks inside.

Badi Maa says my one grand son is unwell, I can’t see other like this. Aarav says he wants to know the attacker’s name. Badi Maa takes him to get the bandage done. She asks him to calm down. Gagan is coming there. Aditi takes him to side and says whatever you wanted to say, we all heard. She says you have made us understand loud and clear, what you wanted. She asks him to stay away from her family, says this is suffering time for us, leave us alone. Gagan says just hear me once. Aditi asks him to go and never to come back infront of her. She calls Badi Maa. Gagan goes. Badi Maa looks at Vivaan from the window pane and thinks of his words.

Aditi says I had told you Badi Maa, devi shall not be thrown during navratri days, and says my Vivaan Bhaiyya is fighting with death and is lying lifeless here. Badi Maa gets shocked and worried for Vivaan, thinks of Doctor’s words and prays to Maa Durga to make him fine in half an hour, else what will happen.

Aarav recalls Vivaan stopping him and asking him to go inside home. He blames himself for everything and says I should have gone there, you took my danger on your head. He says once I come to know about the attacker, I will not leave them.

Nurse is seated in the ward. Badi Maa prays in the hospital temple and thinks of Aditi’s words. Everyone prays for Vivaan. Sandhya calls. Gagan calls Aarav, but he is angry and doesn’t pick the call. Simar reaches hospital in the auto.

Reema is also praying to God. Gagan thinks to send the video to him. He sends the video. Aarav downloads it and keeps the mobile back. He doesn’t see it. Simar enters hospital. Sasural simar ka plays….Vivaan gains consciousness and gets restless. He takes Aarav’s name. Nurse says he is gaining consciousness, and goes out to call doctor.

Avinash tells Indu that his tears don’t stop thinking about Simar. Indu says you are showing courage infront of her, and asks what happened now. Avinash says I am sure Simar might have tried to win everyone’s heart, but they ignored it all. He says how Simar will spend her life in this world, who will taunt her etc. Indu picks Simar’s bridal clothes and keeps it in the cupboard. She take out her veena and says we are with her.

She says she got married to save our respect, now it is our turn to make her happy. Avinash says happiness got upset with her. Indu says we shall fulfill her dreams and sets example for the society. He asks do you think she can get back her courage. Indu says we will become her courage, and hopes that Mata Rani will do everything right. She asks him not to lose hope.

Simar steps inside the ward and sees Doctor telling that his heart beat has become normal, it is a miracle. She smiles. Everyone is standing there and gets happy. Badi Maa thanks Goddess Durga. Aarav smiles. Simar goes. He turns, but doesn’t see her. Simar picks Gagan’s call.

Doctor says only two persons can stay here. Badi Maa says ok. She asks Reema to come with her. Gagan asks Simar to make him talk to Aarav ji right now. Nurse tells Simar that attending call is not allowed. Simar says she came for her jiju who is injured. She thanks Mata Rani that he is fine.

Vivaan meets Aarav and Chitra, and asks how are they? Aarav asks how are you? Vivaan says I am fine and safe, in one piece. Chitra asks him to return home soon. He says I will return soon. Aarav says I am sorry to ask you right now and asks I want to know who has done this? I was about to go to toll checkpost, you went there and they have done this. He swears that he will kill the attackers that even his family will feel pain. Vivaan recalls Chitra asking why did he go, there is so much trouble there.

He says Mom, can you bring water for me? Chitra goes. Vivaan says I was about to reach toll checkpost, when someone shot at me. He says I couldn’t understand who attacked me, that guy was wearing mask and I couldn’t see his face. He thinks I know you are worried and your blood was boiling. He thinks how to tell you, that my mother knows about the attack already.

Badi Maa asks Reema why did she inform them late, as the attack happened 24 hours ago. Reema says my priority was to save him, and tells that when she brought him to hospital. Doctor asked her to arrange the blood. She says she got busy in arranging blood when the attacker attacked Vivaan again. She says she fought with him and also gets injury. She says I was just doing to save him and if I had called you then, then his life wouldn’t have been saved. Aditi thanks her for saving him.

Badi Maa asks Aditi to take Reema and make her freshen up and have food. She says we are with Vivaan, you can come back. Reema is going with Aditi and gets an idea. She tells Badi Maa that CCTV must be here in the hospital. Badi Maa says I want to know who has done this bad thing with my grand son. Giriraj hears them. He tells Chitra that he called Rana and asked how dare they to shoot their son, and he threatened me that if I take his name, then he will drown us too, and said that he has recording of us, when we had planned to kill Aarav. Chitra says we can’t be trapped. Giriraj says Maa will come to know about it, then we will be trapped if Mohit is exposed. Chitra says we won’t let his name come, and I will do something.

Gagan calls Reema, but her phone is with Aditi. Simar comes inside Vivaan’s ward. Vivaan senses her presence and says Bhabhi you have come. He opens his eyes and sees her. He asks why are you looking different, not having sindoor, mangalsutra and your chooda. She says it was destined to happen. I came to ask about you and also brought mata rani’s blessings with me.

She keeps the holy flower on his head and keeps beside him. He says thank you bhabhi, it will show its effect. He says I wanted to change my look, but it was a bad idea. Simar says you look good being happy, and asks him to have bittergourd juice etc. He says why will I remember, you are there to make me remember? Simar says no, I am not there now. Aarav comes there and looks at Simar and Vivaan.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Mohit runs. Aarav throws rod on him and hits him for hurting his mother, for looking at his wife and sister with bad sight etc. Mohit’s goons catch Aarav. Mohit aims gun at him and shoots. Simar comes there running and shouts Aarav ji.


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