Sasural Simar Ka 2 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 20st May 2021 Episode starts with Simar making coffee in the kitchen and thinks Reema di’s anger might have melted by now, she will get happy seeing her favorite coffee. She thinks she will talk to her and they will search for the solution. She thinks she can’t lose her sister. She comes to Simar and offers her favorite cappuccino coffee. Reema recalls the happenings, Roma telling that until she is alive, nothing can come between Aarav and Simmy. She walks away from there. Simar looks upset. Avinash tells Indu to come fast and says they are getting late. Indu tells Simar that they are going out and asks her to look after the house. Simar thinks where did Maa and Papa go early morning.

Chitra and Raj meet Gupta ji, who tells them that he wants best for his daughter and don’t want second best. He says he will not get his daughter marry someone who is second best, tells that Gitanjali Devi has selected Aarav for her legacy and asks Chitra to do something to make Vivaan as the heir of the Gitanjali’s estate. He tells Chitra that he is with her to make Aarav go away from Vivaan’s way.

Avinash and Indu come to Roma’s house. Avinash tells Shobha that they can’t do Simar’s marriage without Reema’s marriage. Shobha says you couldn’t digest the fact that your Simar’s destiny got sparkled. Indu says we want to meet Gitanjali Devi ji personally and wants to talk to her. Avinash asks Shobha and her husband to come with them. Shobha says if this relation breaks then it will affect many lives, and it will break our relation too.

Simar 2 comes to Gitanjali Devi’s big mansion. Simar is standing outside and sees Simar 2. She gets happy seeing her and asks her to come inside. She asks if she came to meet Aarav. Simar 2 says no. Simar asks what happened, if everything is fine. Simar 2 says she wants to say truth and asks if she will hear. Simar 2 tells Simar about Reema asking her to talk to Aarav etc. She tells that Aarav came to Taj to propose Reema, but proposed her instead mistakenly. She says you have come to the right house, but made wrong person wear the necklace. She says I was standing on my sister’s place accidentally, so this marriage can’t happen. Shobha informs Chitra that they want to break Aarav’s alliance with their daughter. Chitra asks how dare they? Shobha says if they break the alliance then she will make Roma’s life hell. Roma gets worried.

Simar asks Simar 2 if she don’t like Aarav. Simar 2 recalls her meeting with Aarav and her love for him. She nods her head as yes and then nods no. Simar asks her to say. Simar 2 recalls Reema’s words and says she doesn’t like him. Simar says ok, come and tell Badi Maa about this. Simar 2 says I can’t tell her and asks her to tell on her behalf. Simar 2 says there are very few people who has the courage to tell the truth without having the fear to lose something big. She says you are very courageous to come here and asks her to come inside and tell Badi Maa. She says we will see what will be the result? Simar 2 holds Simar’s hand and walks with her. Music plays…..Simar leaves her slipper outside the door, painting is going on there. Just then the painter drops the color bottle and Simar steps on the red color without realizing it. She walks inside leaving her feet impression on the floor. She sees Mata Rani’s temple and signs Simar to give her sometime. She walks towards the inhouse temple and pray to Mata Rani. She bends down her head before her and gets up, just then Mata Rani’s garland falls on Simar 2’s neck making her wear it. Simar 2 gets emotional looking at the garland and looks at Mata Rani questionably. Simar looks at the feet impression and also at the garland on Simar 2’s neck and thinks what is this sign that you have accepted her as the bahu of the house, as she is going to refuse the alliance. Simar 2 looks at Simar and then at Mata Rani with tears in her eyes. She folds her hands and apologizes to Mata Rani. She takes off the garland from her neck and keeps it near Mata Rani’s feet. She comes to Simar. Simar takes her to Badi Maa. Aarav comes to Badi Maa and says did you call me? Simar 2 turns her face seeing him and gets tensed. Aarav sees her and gets inside. Ishq Ishq plays….Simar notices Simar 2’s emotions for him.

Aarav is about to fall, Simar is about to hold him, but he handles himself. Badi Maa tells that Simar wants to say something. Simar 2 says this marriage can’t happen, there is a big misunderstanding. She says Aarav ji’s alliance should have come for Reema di and not me. She tells everything which is muted. Badi Maa asks Aarav if this is truth. Aarav says sorry and says if I had known that you are taking alliance for her then I would have told you before. Simar 2 says sorry and says I didn’t know that you brought alliance for me, else I would have told you. Badi Maa asks what is this drama? Simar 2 says it is not his mistake, he was unaware that I was there on Reema di’s place and our photo was clicked, says it was a big misunderstanding. She says sorry and walks away from there crying. Badi Maa gets angry and upset. Simar 2 walks out of the Mansion crying. Badi Maa asks Sandhya if she knows about it. Sandhya says no, it was my mistake to show him pic and asking him to meet her. Chitra says Aarav did a big drama and Badi Maa has forgiven him and given shagun to her, but now we came to know that the girl is someone else whom he loves. She asks Badi maa if her Ram’s character is like this and tells that Vivaan is better, he don’t give flowers to the girls walking on road.

Vivaan is seen waiting on the road for Reema. Reema comes there. He asks shall I drop you? Reema asks what is he doing here? Vivaan says these flowers are waiting for the beautiful girl who comes and takes it. Reema takes it and says she is tired of this city and people. Vivaan says I was thinking how you can stay in this city. Reema asks if he will take her far from here. Vivaan says yes, and asks her to tell what is her decision, before his family fixes his alliance with someone.

Servant comes to Badi maa and tells that Rajan came with some guests. Badi Maa says Damad ji. Rajan greets badi maa and tells that Avinash ji wants to meet you. Avinash says I couldn’t meet you yesterday. Badi Maa asks what is this stuff? Avinash says it is our good destiny that alliance came for your family, we respect you a lot like others. He says but we can’t get our younger sister married without elder sister’s marriage. Indu says we have to stay in this society, we are not insulting you. She says if we get younger one married then people will think that there is a problem in elder one. Badi Maa says if this is the case, then I ask for your elder daughter’s hand in marriage for Aarav. Indu and Avinash gets happy. Aarav looks on.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st May 2021 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Reema asks Sandhya why she called her Reema bahu. Sandhya says they want to make her bahu, Aarav’s wife. Reema gets happy. Badi Maa smiles. Simar cries and thinks she was nowhere in the story. Aarav tells Vivaan that he likes Roma’s sister Reema, now everything is sorted and his alliance is fixed with Reema. He smiles while Vivaan gets teary eyes.


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