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Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th July 2022 Episode starts with Ishita telling Maddy that if Aditi had not fall, then Simar bhabhi would have fallen down. Maddy says don’t know how that uncool Simar bhabhi gets saved always, I am totally surprised?

Simar says but I am not surprised. Ishita asks did you say something. Simar says I heard and says it is not a coincidence that marbles come on the floor. Maddy says Karan told that it might be some child’s work.

Simar says I can never understand that someone can hurt a pregnant lady. Ishita complains to her Mom and dad and pretends to cry. Reyansh comes there and asks what happened? Ishita complains to him about Simar, and says first you made me as everyone’s choice and became great.

She says now you are trying to lower me infront ofv everyone. Simar says this is done by Ishita, Aditi could have fallen down. Reyansh says not a word more. Ishita says you want to break this alliance, I am backing off, but don’t accuse me falsely and begs infront of her. Karan says sorry Simar, you are blaming our daughter and asks if she has any proofs. Pallavi says it is not truth.

Ishita says it is not dream wedding again, it is not my type. She says I agree to break this relation, but don’t like insult of my mom and dad. She says I break this relation right away and takes off her ring, and gives it in Simar’s hand. She says you are happy now. Reyansh asks Simar if she wanted this.

Karan says I will throw the decorator out, who is the culprit. He calls decorator and asks from where did the marbles come? The decorator says it was not my mistake? Pallavi says you are arguing with us and raises her hand to slap the old man. Simar holds her hand and says he is poor, but not your slave.

She says I know and others also know that it is not his mistake. She asks decorator to go. The decorator thanks Simar and leaves. Aarav says whatever happened was bad, but calling off the marriage can’t happen.

He tells Karan and Pallavi not to break the marriage. He tells Ishita that Reyansh is her dream boy and she wants to do this marriage. Ishita nods her head. Aarav asks him to make her wear the ring. Reyansh makes her wear the ring. Simar greets them and leaves. Aarav also leaves. Ishita smiles.

Rudra and Reema are talking in the car. He says something is on your face, may be color. She tries to wipe it and then comes near him. He moves her hair from her face and is about to wipe the color, when Vivaan knocks on the door. Reema gets shocked seeing him. Vivaan is also shocked to see her with Rudra.

She thinks what is wrong with Reema, Vivaan is your husband and he loves you, and you love him too, and what you was doing. She gets down the car. Vivaan calls her and asks where was you? You didn’t come to hospital and was not with bhai and bhabhi. She says she knows everything and goes inside.

Simar comes home. Aarav asks her to listen. Simar asks why did you stop me, and tells that Ishita had planned to make me fall down, but our Aditi had fallen. Aarav says Badimaa wanted this marriage to happen, and says Ishita is childish, and I hope that you will make her ideal bahu. Simar says I am worried for Aditi.

Aarav holds her hand and says thank you Simar. Reema tries to take off her necklace. Vivaan says the necklace lock is complicated, I will take it carefully. He says Aditi is fine and asks what she was doing outside. Reema asks just because you saw Rudra and me in the car, you will question me. He says I am sorry for disturbing you in your private moments. She asks what do you want to say and asks him not to make issue of a small thing. He asks what is the small thing?

Badimaa asks Reyansh, why did he sign on the papers, without asking her. She says it had bureau of Oswals’ property and wealth. She asks if marriage is a game which can be over whenever they want. She asks if you have talked to anyone in the house about this agreement. He says no.

Badimaa asks Gajendra and Giriraj, if they know about Reyansh’s pre nuptial agreement. Gajendra and Giriraj tell that they don’t know. Badimaa asks if we know about each other. She says Reyansh is a big leader and had taken a big decision, before marriage, conditions for divorce.

She says marriage is based on trust and not because of sign on the papers. She says son did a big thing and parents don’t know. She says it is a limit of blindness. Chitra claps and says prenuptial matter aroused because of this girl Simar. Giriraj asks her not to shout. Chitra says this matter is about my son’s marriage and says if this marriage breaks then it will be because of Simar.

Aarav asks what are you saying? Chitra says she has been blaming my son repeatedly and now everyone feels that he is wrong. She says you know well that everyone is influenced by you and shows that. She says they might be doubtful and asked him to sign, and Reyansh signed it to prove his truthfulness.

Reema says I don’t need to prove my truth, it is clear on your face what you think about Rudra and me. He says I am thinking nothing about Rudra, but thinks about you. I am your husband and cares for you. He is about to hug her. She pushes him and throws her necklace, says she feels suffocated.

She says you wanted to ask what I was doing with Rudra in his car. She says he is prestigious magazine owner and I am a model. She says she wants to focus on her career. Vivaan says don’t forget our relation while focusing on your career. Reema says she don’t want to talk to him. Vivaan asks if I am stranger now and asks what is in Rudra that she thinks only about him. Reema raises her hand to slap him, but stops. Vivaan goes. Reema gets upset.

Aarav tells Chitra that Reyansh didn’t consult with the elders. Badimaa says just as the marriage is coming nearer, I have a feeling that this girl and family is not right for my lalla. Giriraj says Maa and Aarav are saying right and asks Reyansh why did he sign and with what thought? Chitra says he was scared, I feel he did right and I permit him being his mother. She asks if he shall give agnipariksha to prove his truth.

Reema goes on scolding Vivaan and says your typical male mentality bothers me, that if wife gets independent then husband gets insecure. You are accusing me. She says that man is going to feature me in his magazine and says your thinking is pity. She says he is a friend and a family. Vivaan asks if he is a family then who am I? He reminds her that he is her husband. Reema says insecure and jealous husband.

Chitra tells Simar is jealous of Reyansh and that’s why doing this drama. She says Ishita’s family are effected too because of this and asks Badimaa to think from Karan and Pallavi’s perspective. She says parents of a daughter wants to secure her future, what’s a big deal,

everyone does. Simar says I don’t want any lies or secrets, which weakens their relation in future. Reyansh says no relationship stands on truth, somewhat lies are acceptable. He asks why she always interfere?

Aarav says it is not like that. Reyansh says Simar bhabhi blamed Ishita without any proofs and says which girl will tolerate this? She says if anything wrong happens, then either Reyansh or Ishita has done. She says if flood comes, then she will blame us, as she has enmity with us. Chitra says if this marriage breaks, then Simar will be responsible and nobody else. Badimaa gets angry.

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