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Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st July 2022 Episode starts with Chitra telling Simar that if this marriage breaks today then you will be responsible. Badimaa asks Chitra to put the family members in the witness box for strangers.

She says family members will support you, and outsiders will not. Just then Karan and Pallavi come there. Pallavi says I know you are upset, and asks about Aditi. Sandhya says she is fine. Karan says thank god, and says we came to apologize to you with our hearts. He asks Servant to bring something and burns the pre-nuptial torn papers.

He says terms and conditions are over with his. Pallavi says your presence is the guarantee of this relation and asks her to forgive them. Simar asks Badimaa to forgive them and says such things happen during marriage. She says you are elder and shall forgive them. Badimaa says ok.

Chitra says Badimaa’s heart is very big. Badimaa says Simar’s heart is very big. She tells that everyone here scolded her a lot, but she is pleading infront of me for your daughter. She says when people asks me, why I favor her, as she keeps others before her, and only she can do this. Sasural Simar ka plays….Badimaa gets teary eyes.

Gagan asks Aditi to sit in the room and rest and not to attend the functions. She asks if I shall not see chote 2.2 marriage. Gagan says I will make you see the marriage on the video call, for baby’s safety. Aditi asks him to go away for baby’s safety. She throws things and pillow on him. The pillow falls on Roma. Roma asks Gagan to go out.

Aditi tells Roma that Gagan is troubling her a lot. Roma tells that she is alone in this pregnancy as Lalit’s boss gave him only one day off. She says she was behind him to do the job, but now she is alone. Aditi says everyone is with you. Gagan hears them and thinks I shall read about mood swings.

Chitra applies haldi to Reyansh first, followed by Simar, Aditi. Aditi says now you have grown up and getting married, now we can’t joke with you, but the glow shall come on groom’s face, and smears haldi on his face. Everyone laughs. Aarav and Vivaan make Reyansh get up and tears his kurta.

They apply haldi to his body. Gagan thinks what is happening here, my baby might be surprised inside, and seeing Aditi, it seems baby is having a baby and asks Mata Rani to save them. Vivaan goes to Reema and asks what are you doing here, and says it is fun in haldi. He asks her to forget about yesterday night’s incident. Reema says you have still problem with Rudra, and that’s why I will not have any contact with him. She goes. Aarav asks if everything is fine. Vivaan says we will talk after marriage.

Simar asks Servant to keep the haldi safely in car as it is for Ishita. Chitra asks Badimaa why she didn’t get ready. Badimaa says I will not come. Giriraj asks her to come and asks if you are still upset with Kapoors. Badimaa says I have forgiven them and says she thinks even they shall not go and do the work.

Simar asks how I will handle alone, if elders are not there. badimaa says I am sure that there is nothing which Simar bahu can’t handle. Simar says that family. Badimaa says you make me understand so much to calm me down, so what is the problem? She says if anything wrong happens there, then I will get angry which I don’t want. She asks her to do haldi rasam and come back home. Simar says ok. Chitra gets upset and goes.

Aarav-Simar, Reema-Vivaan, Roma, Gagan-Aditi have come to attend the function. Pallavi asks where is the elders? Simar says only we have come. Ishita praises Simar and hugs her. She then praises Reema and hugs her. She tells Maddy that the code will be, that’s the spirit and asks him to implement the plan on her sasural, specially Simar, which she says this. Maddy says ok.

The waiter comes there and gives drink to Gagan. Gagan asks her not to give anything to his wife and sister, who are pregnant. Ishita gives special drink to Simar while someone records the video. Simar says it is smelling different. Ishita says it is imported mocktail. Simar says she will drink after haldi rasam. Ishita thinks you have to drink it. Reema gets Rudra’s message. She is about to reply to her.

Vivaan comes there and gives her drink, asks her to try it. A lady comes there and tells that she is very gorgeous. Vivaan says she is very gorgeous. Rudra messages her that she is gorgeous. Vivaan asks what happened? Reema asks do you want to check my phone, it is Spam message. Vivaan says no.

Simar is about to apply haldi to Ishita. Ishita shouts asking her to stop it. Chitra is watching them on video call. Simar asks what happened and tells that it is haldi, first it was applied to Reyansh and now it will be applied to you. Ishita asks you will apply the used mehendi on me.

Simar says it is romantic as first haldi was applied to Reyansh and then to you. Maddy says we shall do the rasam some other way. Simar says either rasam will happen or we will leave. Ishita asks Simar not to get upset, and says her skin is sensitive and gets rashes, tomorrow is her marriage and she can’t apply it.

Simar says it has antiseptic properties. Ishita asks her to apply haldi just to her feet. Aditi says Ishita wants Simar bhabhi to touch her feet. Simar says there will be no compromises in rituals. We shall stop these rasams, I will tell Badimaa, it will be her wish.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Ishita makes Simar drink wine forcibly. Simar gets drunk and dances. Aarav and Reema are also drunk. Aarav falls down. Badimaa comes there.


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