Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd July 2022 Episode starts with Simar telling that there shall be no compromises in the rituals, when you have left no chance then I will go and inform Badimaa. Vivaan asks Reema to come. Karan asks Aarav to listen. Aarav says it is a limit to bear. Chitra thinks how to talk to them.

Pallavi asks Simar, how she can leave the rasam midway. Simar asks Pallavi to make Ishita understand, rather than making her understand. Ishita says ok, the rasam will happen as you want and asks her not to go. Simar says ok. Ishita calls waiter and asks her to take the drink and drink, it will help you.

Simar says first we will do the rasam. Ishita says if you accept me as your dewrani then drink it. Simar refuses. Aarav asks her not to force Simar. Ishita makes Simar drink it forcibly. Karan gives drink to Aarav. Simar and Aarav both feel inebriated. Ishita smiles. Aarav asks Simar if she is fine?

Simar says she is feeling dizzy. Ishita smirks and thinks who was lecturing me, today she has no control on herself. Simar looks at Ishita and says there are two Ishita. Ishita holds her hand. Simar asks why am I seeing two Ishitas. Simar says I will apply you haldi. Ishita asks her to do something special for her, and then she will get the haldi applied. She asks will you not drink something for me.

Reema gets Rudra’s marriage, that he is not here, calls her sweetheart and praises her. Two girls come and praises her, showering flower petals on her. Reema gets happy. She is also drunk and calls Rudra. She says I know you are near, but why are you hiding.

Ishita asks Simar to entertain her and says I know you don’t love me. Reema sees Vivaan and gets upset. Vivaan says you got upset seeing me and saks if you was searching Rudra. Reema says yes, I am searching him, for whom I have come. He is also drunk. She says I don’t remember. He says you have short term memory

. They collide their head. She gets Rudra’s message and says she came to meet Rudra. Simar drinks more wine and dances on the song. Reema, Vivaan, Aarav and Simar also dance. Chitra watches the video and thinks everyone shall see that their sanskari bahu is showing the jalwa. Aditi tells Roma that something happened to them. Roma says something has happened.

Ishita says now the video shall be watched by Badimaa. Chitra plays the video on the TV, connecting it with her mobile. Reyansh says Simar bhabhi is drunk. Chitra says everyone shall see this. Everyone comes there and sees Simar dancing. Sandhya asks what is she doing? Chitra says Simar is doing her act and entertaining everyone. Giriraj says there is something wrong surely, she can’t do this.

Gajendra says something wrong has happened with her. Giriraj and Sandhya agree with him. Giriraj asks Chitra to stop it. Chitra says today we didn’t go there and this is happening. Giriraj says stop it. Badimaa comes there and says nobody will close it. Chitra asks her to see how her sanskari bahu is doing act in Reyansh’s sasural.

Badimaa sees Simar trying to apply mehendi to Ishita. Ishita pushes her and makes her apply haldi to her feet. Maddy says Ishi and Rishi’s haldi ritual is done. He asks the followers to see, and says she is bahu power and do what she wants and thinks. Simar continues to dance with Aarav.

Roma says it seems there was something in the juice. Aditi says they are behaving strangely. Aditi takes the juice and asks shall I drink it. She tastes it and says it is ok. Roma thinks we have to stop them. Aditi says if anyone comes to know at home, then it will be problematic. Gagan is also drunk and dances. Aditi and Roma try to stop them. Gagan asks Aditi not to stay there and asks her to relax. Ishita smiles.

Sandhya tells Badimaa that something wrong happened with Aarav and Simar, and says something is wrong. Gajendra says I am sure that they can’t do this. Chitra says Ishita’s parents are always wrong, not your children. Giriraj asks her to stop it. She says I will not be quiet today. Chitra says it is good that Reyansh is here,

else he would have been blamed. She says if your sanskari bahu bring tears in her eyes, then everyone believes her. She asks Badimaa to say, why she is quiet. She asks if Reyansh and Ishita had done this nonsense, then would you have bear. Giriraj says enough. Chitra says I will see how Badimaa will do justice? Reyansh smiles. Roma asks Reema to drink lemon water and finishes it. A girl comes and says you are a graceful dancer too. She takes selfie with her.

Aarav and Simar look at each other. Rudra calls Reema. Reema says it is very embarrassing, everyone is complimenting me. Rudra says they are giving compliment to you genuinely. Reema asks him not to call or contact her, as it is creating trouble in her marriage, Vivaan is upset with her. Aarav and Simar are looking at each other. Aditi asks waiter to give 3-4 glasses lemon water. Aditi asks Roma to go to Gagan.

Aarav says I love you Simar. Simar cries. He makes her wear garland and says I love you. She cries again. He says wife gets happy with it. Simar pretends to make a call to him and says something had spiked our drink. Aditi comes there and asks them to drink the lemon water. Aarav says cheers. Karan asks Aarav to come for special arrangements. He takes him. Roma tries to make Simar drink lemon water.

Gagan comes there and asks Aditi if she will not make the kids sleep today. He takes Aditi and Roma to room and says it is baby’s nap time, take rest. Roma says Simar is unwell. Gagan says I will handle everything. He locks them in room. Simar comes back to her senses and sees glass in her hand, and takes off the garland from her neck. She thinks where is Aarav ji? She realizes Ishita had made her drunk.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Simar holds Aarav. Aarav stumbles and falls down. Badimaa comes there.


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