Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd April 2022 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd April 2022 Episode starts with Gajender saying I have made these snacks for you myself. Simar asks did you make these samosas. Badimaa jokes. They have the snacks. Badimaa prays for the family happiness. She asks Simar and Aarav to play the tulsi seeds and pray for the family’s peace and happiness.

Simar and Aarav pray. Badimaa says I want to give you something. Simar says you have given me everything by giving me the status of a bahu, I just want your love and blessings. Badimaa says this is also imp. She gives the house keys to Simar. Reema looks on. Badimaa says always remember that these keys signifies our house respect,

I know that none can handle this responsibility better than you, being the elder bahu, I give this responsibility to you. Simar accepts the keys. She prays to get strength to keep her duties well. She says I want to fulfil the family’s expectations, its my dharm to keep them happy. Badimaa says you don’t need to prove anything now,

you just be with us. Simar says I will always be with you. Everyone smiles. Gajender says I don’t need to worry when there are such good valued and talented kids in the house. Badimaa says yes, I m very lucky. Dhami says right, you are also an enigmatic personality like Aarav. Badimaa says thanks, but you are too young to tell me about myself, its better if you don’t say anything, it’s a special day for me, I m welcoming Simar,

you are Aarav and Vivaan’s friend, we will take care of a guest, but even guests have to follow the rules here. Aarav asks Dhami to take rest. Dhami goes. Everyone prays. Simar says I have to ask something when everyone is here, I have to ask, who wants to have the ginger tea prepared by me. Sandhya and Aarav say we will have it. Badimaa says for me… Simar says coffee. Everyone smiles. Reema thinks why didn’t Sandy call.

Aarav comes to Dhami. Dhami says he made me many promises to me, how can I let Simar come between us. Aarav hears this. He asks what is this nonsense behavior. She says I m your guest. He asks her to stop it, he isn’t her Aaru, he is Aarav Oswal and this is his house, he has his wife, she should stay in guest room and then leave. She says please stop, don’t say this, please wait, I really missed you.

She hugs him and cries. Simar comes and looks on. Aarav says leave me. Dhami says I won’t. Simar says leave him, Dhami I said leave him. She makes Aarav away. Dhami says we are friends, this goes on in friends. Simar says I also know it, friendship spoils when line crosses, your touch is making him feel uncomfortable. She scolds Dhami. She says its time up for your friendship, give some privacy to us, we are husband and wife, we also want our me time. Aarav holds her hand and they leave.

Dhami checks few things. She wears Aarav’s coat and smiles. She checks their old memories. She sees a ring and smiles. She sees Aarav and Vivaan’s pic. She says Aarav is just mine. She crosses Simar’s pic. She cuts the pic and now its just you and me. She writes I love you Aaru on her hand. Simar stops near Dhami’s room. Dhami sees Aarav’s pics and smiles.

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