Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th August 2021 Episode starts with Aarav assuring Simar that nothing will happen to your Papa. He asks Lalit to come to PS. Lalit says we have to talk to lawyer on the way. Simar calls Reema. Roma asks if you will not come? Reema says she will call Vivaan and will come with him. They leave. Reema sees Chitra and says nobody can stop me today. She calls Vivaan. Chitra asks Sandhya to stop Aarav as he will come to Badi Maa’s hit list, now he is at the border line. Sandhya sits shocked. Simar and Roma come inside the PS. The constable stops them. Roma says we want to meet our Papa, he is unwell. Constable says professor, you can’t meet him. Simar insists. Aarav comes there and asks what is this way to talk to us like this. Lalit tells that no lawyer is ready to fight case against Badi Maa. Badi Maa and Gajendra are sitting with the lawyer. The lawyer assures them. Inspector calls them and tells that Professor’s daughters and your son have come here to meet him. Badi Maa says let them meet. She asks Lawyer to make their case strong. Lawyer says we have proof, he has signed on the papers.

Constable says you can meet professor. Simar and Roma go inside to meet their Papa. They get shocked to see their Papa’s plight in the lock up. Simar calls him. Aarav and Lalit also come there. Simar says Papa. Avinash sees Simar and Roma. He stands up and tries to pacify them, as they cry. Vivaan and Reema are on the way. Vivaan calls Aarav and asks where are you? Aarav says in the PS. Vivaan says we will be coming. He asks Reema to come inside. Reema recalls Avinash’s words. She sees Simar meeting Avinash from outside and asks him to go. She gets down from the car. Simar asks Avinash if he had food. He nods his head. Roma says Maa has sent kurta for you and also tiffin. Constable asks if picnic is going on here and takes tiffin from them. Vivaan gets angry. Aarav calms him down. Vivaan asks where is Gagan? Lalit says at home, he shall be away from everyone’s sight now. Avinash changes his clothes. Simar apologizes to Avinash. Roma says you will be out soon. Avinash says this is not a good place, why you have come here. Reema looks inside through the window and feels bad for him. She says even now he is thinking about his kids, and that woman jailed him and accused him as criminal. She has changed my Papa. Simar says this jail is for bad people and that’s why we will not let you stay here. Avinash asks them to go. Roma says we can come at any place to meet you. Avinash says I need to serve the punishment for what we have done mistake. He says I have accepted this as my destiny. Simar says this can’t be your destiny, you shall live with pride and not as the criminal. She says you are professor Avinash Narayan. He says Professor is gone in the mud, I couldn’t do my duty well. I am just a father now and asks them to tell Indu that he is fine. Roma says we will not leave you. Avinash asks them to go and leave them alone.

Reema recalls Chitra telling her to stand silently and hear, if she wants to save her Papa. Lalit says if this is right with good man like Papa. Aarav says justice is not yet given. We shall make sure that we will take Papa out from here. Vivaan says yes, even Mummy ji also doesn’t deserve this. Lalit says even Roma, Simar and Reema don’t deserve this. Reema calls Chitra and asks how you will take Papa out from jail. Chitra asks her to calm down and says I am on your side. Reema asks her to tell what to do, to take out Papa from jail. Chitra asks her to keep up her courage and take a deep breath. Reema says you are asking me to chill and my Papa is in jail. Chitra says you have to bear until I tell you and says we both are fighting this game, and nobody shall know. Reema says I want my Papa’s freedom. Chitra says you will get it. She smiles and tells Shobha and Giriraj that the storm has come. She says Gitanjali Devi made all the sisters danced on her tune. Shobha says don’t talk about dance in this house, and laughs. She says this time even God can’t stop Maa. Giriraj says matter is about Aditi and our respect. Chitra says our lives will be sorted with what I thought. She laughs.

Constable asks Simar and Roma to leave. Aarav asks Constable to think about their emotions. Lalit says we will go from here in sometime. Avinash tells that he got three sons as his son in laws and prays that their Jodis shall be there always, even he is alive or not. Aarav says don’t say such things and tells that we will not take a breath until we free you. Avinash asks them to go and asks them to take care of Indu, as she has become lonely. He asks them to go. They leave from there. Indu opens the door. Roma’s father in law comes there. Indu greets him and says give me a min, I will come. She takes her purse. Gagan asks where are you going? Indu says I am going, where I should have gone long before. She says she will lock the door and will go. Roma’s father in law asks if you have thought to do this. She says yes. Gagan cries as they leave. Aditi asks Sandhya why did Badi Maa do this with Gagan’s father. She says shall I call him once and asks how is he? Sandhya asks how can you think of calling him. just pray that everything becomes fine. She gets worried. Simar comes out and finds Reema standing. She walks towards her. They have a hug. Roma also hugs them. The sisters have a hug and cry. Reema and Simar look at each other. Bhajan is played in the nearby temple. Avinash also folds his hands hearing the bhajan. They see Avinash crying from outside. Reema comes to the window and feels bad. Simar and Roma come to her. The police station window gets closed by someone. They all worry for Avinash.

Badi Maa comes home, thinks what happened to the climate suddenly. Indu comes there and greets Badi Maa. Badi Maa says you. Indu says today even God was helpless to cry, seeing your tortures. She goes out of her room and sees her son in law. She asks why did you bring her here, after knowing whatever happened. He says I know everything. I want both families to resolve the difference and patch up. She says this can’t happen. He says please listen to her. Indu says this is our house papers and the jewellery, which a middle class family usually have. She says take all this, but leave my husband, I am pleading infront of you. She sits on her feet and tell that she accepts that Gagan has done a sin, but Professor saheb was not aware, even he is feeling ashamed like you. She asks her to get him freed else he will not be alive and will die. She touches her feet, but Badi Maa moves back. Shobha asks her husband why did you bring her here. He stays silent. Chitra tells that mother and daughter all are worried.

Simar thinks how to take out Papa from lock up and asks when things will be fine. Reema thinks she can’t tell them what Chitra promised her. Aarav says nothing will happen if you all stand here. Lalit says we shall go home and think about the case. Vivaan says if you lose strength then how will you fight, asks them to be strong to fight the case. He says lets go home. He tells Reema that they shall go home. Lalit asks Roma to come and says we have to call lawyers and have to think what to do. Roma leaves with him. Aarav asks Simar to come. Simar says 1 min, Aarav ji. She takes a pen and paper and writes her number on it. She gives it to constable asking him to call her if Papa says anything. They hear Pandit ji telling about Krishna ji’s birth today and asks the devotees to ask whatever they want.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Aarav and Simar will come together and celebrate Janmasthami with everyone. Aarav dances on the song Kisna with Simar, in the temple.


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