Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th August 2022 Episode starts with Rudra clapping and appreciating Reema for making such a story and fulfilling it with conviction. Reema says my dreams mean a lot to me, I can do anything for my dreams,

I am feeling bad for Vivaan and he might be feeling guilty. Vivaan says I love you Reema and is restless to meet you. He thinks how did I sleep like getting unconscious. Reema says sorry for mixing sleeping pills in his coffee and says sorry bhagwan ji.

Rudra asks her to have a juice and says you must be tired. Reema drinks it and gets drowsy. She tells that she is getting drowsy. Rudra calls her. Reema faints and sits down. Rudra smiles and says this is called poetic justice,

even I had mixed sleeping pills in your drink, Reema. He takes her phone and removes the sim card. He says when nobody knows where are you, then I shall take advantage of this moment, Reema darling. He touches her.

Simar makes makhan and asks Servant to make laddoo. She comes out and sees the arrangements. Aarav tells Simar that Vivaan and Reema are not at home. Simar says I will call Di. Sandhya tells Simar that the clothes are good. Badimaa tells Sandhya that they have less time. Sandhya says all arrangements are done by Simar and shows the kanha’s dress made by Simar.

Badimaa says puja shall happen at right time. Sandhya asks Simar not to feel bad. Simar says I didn’t feel bad. Aarav asks if she is saying right? Simar says yes, and says someone is playing with her emotions. She tells that laddoo gopal will come, and the promise which she made to badimaa will be fulfill and the heir will be safe.

Chitra and Ishita see Simar doing the arrangements. Chitra says Simar is stubborn and is doing the arrangements. Ishita tells that she will not let Badimaa trust Simar. Chitra asks her to do something. Ishita says let Simar do the work of puja, and says I will entry late, as I am weak. Chitra says nautanki. Ishita says she will do the puja.

Simar comes to Reema’s room and calls her. Aarav calls Vivaan and he picks the call. Vivaan tells that they had planned to come to Manali. Aarav says celebrate honeymoon. Simar says Reema di likes this festival and asks him to give call to her. Vivaan says she is in washroom and tells that he will make her talk to her tomorrow. Aarav says ok, we will handle here. Simar says how is this possible. Aarav signs her to relax.

Aarav ties the flowers. Giriraj says arrangements are good. Reyansh thinks they are busy here, I shall check. Simar gives matki to Aarav. Aarav hangs it and says we will have butter. Reyansh comes to Simar’s room and thinks the clue will be in this room, where they have hidden Kavya. He sees the Xerox copy of the ticket and thinks Simar bhabs sent Kavya out from Agra, thinks Simar is not smart like he thought. He goes out.

Simar and Aarav are standing out. Simar tells Aarav that Reyansh’s thinking and behavior are predictable. She says I have kept the fake ticket copy in my bag. Aarav says we have to be two steps ahead of him. Simar says she is worried for Reema, her heart is restless.

Reema wakes up in a dark room and shouts asking if anyone is here. She realizes Rudra giving her juice and then she fainted. She calls Rudra and asks why you have trapped me here. Light comes there. Reema thinks where am I and calls Rudra. She sees the door and asks who is there?

The Servants come inside and closes the door. Reema asks who are you, and why did you close the door. The Servant says we have brought branded clothes and food for you. Reema says I don’t need this. Other Servant says Rudra sir asked you to have food and rest. Reema says I want to leave from here.

Rudra comes there and asks Servant to leave her hand. He takes off his specs and throws it. He says they don’t know how to talk to a girl and beautiful girls deserves special treatment. He calls her darling. Reema asks why are you doing this? He says you will know this soon and calls her my darling. Reema is shocked.

Simar comes to Kanha ji’s temple and lights the diya. She says Kanha ji, my heart is worried, please protect Reema di. She asks Kanha ji to help her bring out the truth and end the lie. Sandhya asks what is she thinking? Simar says all evils shall end. Sandhya asks her to trust Kanha ji and says he will make everything fine.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vivaan shouts Reema. Reema is seen entering the Oswal Mansion. Simar calls her Di. She looks evilly. Simar gets scared.


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