Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th July 2021 Episode starts with Simar thinking of Reema’s words that if she don’t feel ashamed to snatch Aarav from her etc. Simar writes in her diary that she don’t want to snatch Aarav from anyone, just wants his happiness. Aarav comes there, thinks Simar’s mood is bad, I have to cheer her up. He tells that he has realized that he has to be saved from her too, as he sings really bad. He asks if she prepared for tomorrow’s recording and says it is not easy for you, but I know you will manage. Simar says that…he says voice is not coming from your mouth. He asks if she is fine and checks her fever. He says do you know tomorrow is a….Simar says a big day. She says she is fine. Aarav says Dr. Aarav Oswal is here and says you will be fine and good tune will come from your mouth. Simar says I am waiting. He asks her to give her hand to him. They leave.

Vivaan asks Reema, if they can’t celebrate even small wedding night. He says he drank kerosene oil for her. Reema says I told that nothing can be done, until elders accept us. Vivaan says good night, sweet dreams and lies on the bed. Reema thinks she can’t get sleep.

Simar asks Aarav, why they came to kitchen? Aarav says why to worry when Chef Aarav Oswal is here. She says you was Doctor sometime back. He says he is a multitasker and will now make coffee for her. She picks coffee canister. He says he picks the wrong one and then takes the canister picked by Simar. He takes buttermilk from the fridge. Simar says it is buttermilk. Aarav says didn’t you drink buttermilk coffee before? Simar asks him to let some work done by his wife and calls him Mr. husband. She realizes what she said. She says she will make coffee. Aarav says ok. Simar takes out milk from fridge and pours in the pan. He asks when did you learn singing? Simar says Maa used to say that she started saying Sa Re Ga Maa before anything else. He says you must be crying as if singing then. She says are you teasing me? He says how can I dare to do that? She asks if he likes song too and tries to sing, but he keeps his finger on her mouth, stopping her. He reminds her that it is not allowed here, you know how Badi maa reacts? Simar makes coffee and asks about sugar. He says a bit. She gives to Aarav. They take their coffee mugs and go to terrace. Aarav sips the coffee and says it is mindblowing coffee and says buttermilk coffee is not bad at all. She says no doubt. He asks if she is prepared for the recording. Simar says she is not prepared after whatever happened at home and asks shall I cancel it. Aarav asks what is it? He says he will make her hear a track and asks her to hear it again and again and imbibe the feelings and words in your mind. He gives headphones and his phone to her. She hears song and closes her eyes. Aarav looks at her and gives her coffee. Maane ke hum yaar nahin plays……Aarav looks at Simar while she enjoys the song. He is about to move her hair to see her face, but just then she turns. He makes an excuse that he was checking if the voice is coming properly or not. He says I never heard you singing, but I am sure that you will sing well. Simar says this song is very difficult, I don’t know how will I do? Aarav says when an artist sings from his heart then it will turn out good. He says I have an idea, we shall hear it together. He asks her to hear it again and again and imbibe the feelings in her mind.

He takes one of the headphone earpiece. Simar gets pulled towards him. They hear the song. She looks at Aarav. Aarav drinks coffee. She signs him at his lips. He wipes coffee from his lips and smiles. Simar nods her head and smiles. Aarav tries to move her hair off her face and then signs her to move her hair. She moves her hair. He nods his head. She nods her head. He places his head on her shoulder and then holds her hand and kisses on it. She smiles and feels shy. The song continues to play. He kisses on her cheeks. She closes her eyes. It turns out to be her imagination, she holds her cheeks, while Aarav is still listening to song. He takes out the headphone and asks if she felt something hearing the song. Simar recalls Reema telling her that Aarav got her sign the papers, she will be out from here very soon. Aarav says I will keep the cups. Simar says I will keep it, if I get habitual to it. Aarav takes the cups. She asks how many days are remaining. He asks for what? Simar says our agreement and this marriage days? He says 3 weeks, shall I say in days? She nods no. He asks her to do rehearsals and says all the best. He goes to his room. Reema is waiting for him in his room and locks the door just as he gets in. He turns and looks at her. He gets shocked to see Reema in his room. Reema asks where was you? She comes near him and holds his hand, telling that she was waiting for him since much time. He asks what the hell? Reema says I have come for you, you wanted this, so I came. She says whatsoever, but I came for you, in your room, I mean our room. He asks did you know what are you saying and how dare you to enter my room. Reema says this is where I belong to? She says you wanted this. Aarav says I was, but not anymore. He says you are my brother’s wife and I am your sister’s husband. Reema says just husband for a month. She says I know how you got signs of Simar on divorce papers, you never wanted her, you always loved me. Aarav gets angry.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Chitra says Reema will make today’s rasoi. Simar tries to help Reema, but Reema asks Simar not to come inbetween and says I am bahu here and you are just guest for a month. Later Reema couldn’t make the food and asks Simar to help her to make food. Simar says I am just guest here and you are bahu.


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