Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th April 2022 Episode starts with Aarav asking Simar to come with him. He lifts her and takes her. Dhami talks to Aarav’s pic. Aarav teases Simar. Simar also acts like him and looks into his eyes. He smiles. She gets shy and turns. He holds her close. He says I m so lucky to get such a beautiful wife,

angel, pretty. He does shayari. Dhami says I really love you, I don’t care if anyone knows this, because I love you. Aarav compliments Simar’s beauty and says I love you Simar. Simar smiles. He kisses her hand and holds her face. Vivaan, Reema and Aditi come inside. They turn away and say we didn’t see anything. Aarav doesn’t leave Simar’s hands. Vivaan says they have gone mad in love. They laugh.

Simar says it doesn’t look good. Aarav says do anything, the world should know I love my wife a lot, I love you Simar. Simar says stop shouting, the family members will wake up. Vivaan asks shall we go. Aarav says yes, leave immediately. Vivaan asks him to come. Aditi says you have to come. They shout it’s a surprise. They take Aarav and Simar to the terrace, and show the decorations. They all smile.

Aarav says it’s a lovely decoration, okay good night, come Simar. They ask him to stop. Aarav says I was just joking, thanks, its so special. He thanks them. Vivaan says we want to spend some time with you, if you are okay. Simar says it’s the best plan. They sit playing cards. Aditi says Simar has come back and the house got its life back.

Aarav says yes. Reema says Simar, I asked you to take a stand, everything will get fine. They continue playing. Reema gets a call. Vivaan asks her to go and attend. Simar says its not over till its over. She shows her cards. Vivaan says oh my God. Aditi says you won. Aarav says I was going to win. Simar says you didn’t win. Vivaan says you have hidden tricks behind your cute face. Simar says I was a champion in cards, I used to have much fun when I played with dad. She gets sad.

She says I will get coffee for you. Reema asks Sandy to see time and call. Sandy says your bad time has started, producer is ready to take money from the other girl, he just wants unmarried girls, he said married girls have less scope, so really sorry. She says give me the producer’s number, I will talk. Devesh disconnects the phone. She calls back and gets number switched off. Devesh says now see how Reema risks her marriage for the sake of glamour. Vivaan says I m happy seeing you happy,

Simar should patch up with her parents. Aarav says I feel bad for her, her family got insulted because of us, she has tolerated a lot, its time to join back the broken relations, she doesn’t say, I know she would be missing her parents a lot. He says her parents love her a lot, I m very sure, she just needs to step ahead. Vivaan says this time, the matter is too complicated. Aarav says I will surely keep my promise, how much sorrow will she undergo, I want to give her everything. Dhami hears them. Simar and Aditi get coffee. They all have coffee.

Its morning, Aarav asks Simar why is she nervous, everything will be fine. Simar asks will anyone feel bad. He says no, its Ashtami today, get ready and come fast. He goes. She gets a call. Samar asks where are you, we have an appointment today.

Simar says sorry, there is Ashtami puja today, give me some time. He asks did you forget your dreams. She says no, I will start my new dream with the family’s blessings, I m sure that I can handle my career and family. He says glad to know. Dhami comes and greets him. She says I know how it feels. He asks who are you. She says I m sure you woke up soon and applied her fav perfume, you were waiting for Simar. He says listen. She says you listen to me, I know how much you love Simar,

I exactly know how your heart is aching, you must be desiring Simar and her happiness, she chose a mediocre life. He asks why did you come here, I don’t know you. She says I didn’t finish yet, you want Simar, right, you will get her, why are you surprised, you love Simar right, loving someone is no sin, when you don’t get that person, that really hurts a lot, I want to make you reach your love, do you want Simar, tell me. He nods. She says lets joins our hands together, you will get your Simar, it won’t happen like last time, she won’t run into Aarav’s arms.

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