Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th August 2021 Episode starts with Simar and Aarav coming inside the temple. She prays to God for her Papa and says you knows well that he is innocent and his heart is pure. She asks him to free her Papa from jail and humiliation. Aarav prays to God to fulfill Simar’s prayers. Simar asks God to get her father released from jail. Badi maa picks the house papers and says freedom of your husband from jail, never. She throws papers on Indu. Everyone gets shocked. Sandhya is about to go to Indu. Chitra stops her and says if you say anything then will think of you as her enemy. She says if Badi Maa agrees to Indu, then she might relieve Aditi from the room. Badi Maa asks what do you think that I will forgive your children seeing this and will forget the humiliation and pain which we have gone through. Indu says I want to assure that once my husband gets freed from jail, we will leave the city and will never come back. She requests her to get her husband freed. Badi Maa says you are wasting my time, tells that saleable are the persons like you and not like good family people like them. Sandhya gets worried. Giriraj signs Chitra.

Chitra goes to Aditi’s room and locks the door. She asks if Aarav and vivaan came? Aditi says I am locked in the room and don’t know what is happening. Chitra looks stressed. Aditi asks what happened outside? Chitra says Gagan/Simar’s mother came to apologized to badi Maa and Badi Maa is not giving her chance to speak and insulting her.

Chitra tells that situation is very tensed, that she doesn’t know how to handle it. She says Aarav and Vivaan are not here. Aditi says if badi maa is not done yet, she is troubling Indu ji now. She says I won’t let this happen. Chitra acts to stop her. Aditi says she can’t wait. She goes. Chitra smiles and thinks she shall go down and think what drama is going on.

Indu asks Badi Maa not to snatch a father from her kids. She says if you want to punish someone then punish me, but leave me. Aditi is coming downstairs. Sandhya sees her and stops her. Aditi says this is wrong Mom. Sandhya asks her to be quiet. She says if you does something then don’t know what Badi Maa will do. She asks her to be silent for her sake and Indu ji’s sake. Badi Maa says Professor has to pay for his mistakes and asks her to be thankful to her for leaving her shameless son. She says he shall be out to do father’s last rites. Indu gets shocked and shouts Gitanjali Devi. Badi Maa asks her to keep her voice down and says this is my house. She asks her to leave if her drama is over, but come to court to see your husband’s humiliation. She says neither bride will change there nor the groom. Aditi says someone has to stop Badi Maa. She goes. Sandhya comes down. Badi Maa asks Indu to take her house papers and jewellery, else she might tell that Gitanjali Devi has taken my everything and also not left my husband. Indu picks the papers from the floor and takes her jewellery bag. She turns to go and see Krishna ji in the temple. Indu says you are very reputed by name and status, but I never such cheap and small by heart and intention. She says I thought that a mother will hear another mother, but you are not a mother. She says the woman can’t be a mother, who tries to make her grand sons and grand daughter as slave. Badi Maa asks how dare you? Shobha gets happy and thinks someone has told truth infront of Gitanjali Devi. Indu says you are celebrating Janmasthami, but has forgotten what is the real meaning of it. She says whenever the evil increases, a good comes to beat it. She says I am sure someone will come to defeat your evil.

Aarav manages the hire the lawyer and tells Simar. Simar thanks Kanha ji. They hear the radio that Krishna is about to be born. They see Krishna ji’s procession going on and Aarav stops the car. He tells that they shall do the darshan. They come inside the temple. Simar tries to cover her head with dupatta. Aarav helps her cover her head and he looks at her. Song plays Mahi ve….He folds his hands. Simar also folds her hands and turn towards the God. Simar asks God to give his darshan and protect her Papa. Aditi goes to room and calls Aarav. She thinks why is he not picking the call.

Badi Maa warns Indu. Just then Reema and Vivaan come there. Badi Maa says your bad daughter is here and says you couldn’t handle your kids and accusing us. Reema is about to answer her, but Indu stops her. She says a mother shall show the right way to their children and guide them, and shall protect them in every way. She says you have earned name and experience, but have narrow thinking and comparing my kids mistake to your experience. She says I will bring my kids to the right track, but by not ruining others kids. She says one day Krishna will break your ego.

A peacock feather flies and falls down on Aarav’s shoulder. Pandit ji smiles and tells that it is a miracle. Everyone in the temple get happy seeing peacock feather on Aarav. Other Pandit asks Aarav not to take it out and ties it to Aarav’s jacket. He says you both are very lucky. Simar thinks if Aarav ji is my Krishna. A lady tells that he is same like Krishna and you are like Radha. A guy asks them to dance and do raas leela and pray to God. Simar starts singing song…jo hai albela…Aarav ties cloth on his head and sings wo kisna hai….They dance.

Badi Maa says if you were not scared of my reputation, then why you have come to seek my help. Indu says it was my biggest life, I thought you will help me. Reema tries to speak. Chitra stops Reema and says if you open your mouth, then I will break my promise and then you have to see your father troubled in jail. Reema cries.

Aarav gets a call from lawyer who tells that everyone is scared of Gitanjali Devi and don’t want to take the case. Simar says what will happen now. Aarav gets Aditi’s call. She tells him that Indu came and everything.

Badi Maa asks her to mind her language and says I have sent your husband to jail, if I wanted I would have made arrangements of his death. Indu says you will make arrangements of his death, but don’t forget that you are not God. She says nobody is big than God, if there is no voice in God’s lathi. She says my husband has both honestly and goodness. Badi Maa says a big lie. Indu says I am leaving everything on God now, I will see who will decide about my family, you or my Mata Rani. She says I promise that I will not let you have the misunderstanding of becoming a God. She says I will not let anything happen to Avinash ji. Reema cries and says Maa. Vivaan holds her. Reema cries and goes to her. Indu signs her to stop and is leaving. Roma’s father in law is about to go, but Shobha stops her. Indu thinks of Badi Maa’s words and stumbles while walking. She then faints and falls. Reema shouts Maa. Simar reaches home and gets shocked, shouts Maa. They see Aarav holding Indu. Indu recalls her words that she is sure that Krishna will come to break her ego. She sees peacock feather tied to his jacket.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Aarav praises Simar for standing and supporting her siblings with maturity and asks her to be like this always. She says your heart is big. He thanks her for making him meet this Aarav Oswal. He drops something. They bend down to pick it and have an eye lock.


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