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Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th July 2022 Episode starts with the reporter telling on the camera that they are standing outside the Oswal Mansion, and tells that there is a problem in the youngest son’s marriage. Reema comes out.

The reporters ask if this marriage will happen. They recognize Reema as the model who has appeared on the magazine and take selfie with her. Reema sits in the car and goes. Vivaan tries to stop her. Aarav tells Media that Badimaa will give the official statement. Reyansh acts to cut his wrist.

Badimaa asks him to stop it. Simar asks him not to harm himself. Reyansh asks her not to say anything. Chitra thinks he is my blood and smiles. Giriraj comes there and asks Badimaa to stop him.

Aarav and Vivaan come there and ask him not to do any foolishness. Reyansh tells that you have also done this for Reema. Vivaan gets quiet. Reyansh says if I don’t marry Ishita then I will die. Badimaa asks him to go ahead. Chitra asks when you can accept Simar, Reema and Gagan then why not Ishita and asks what enmity she has with Reyansh. Badimaa says she has no enmity with him,

she cares for him and don’t want this marriage to happen, as that girl is not right. She tells that she has accepted Simar, Reema and Gagan as they are brought up by the simple and humble parents, and gave same upbringing like us. Reyansh says everyone saw how they made us proud today.

Badimaa says lalla. Reyansh says I will do what is my wish? Simar says you want to commit suicide, do it and asks him to cut his wrist. Reyansh acts, but doesn’t cut his wrist. Badimaa tells that she don’t like false threats and tells that this thing can’t melt her, and tells that she will do anything to keep this family safe. She tells Reyansh that this girl is not right for you and the family. Chitra tells that she doesn’t approve of her decision.

Reema comes to the hotel and knocks on the door. Rudra opens the door and says you had asked me to stay away from you. Reema says I am sorry, I guess you don’t want to talk to me, I will leave. Rudra holds her hand and asks her to have coffee with him. Reema steps inside his hotel room.

Badimaa comes out of the Oswal Mansion with Aarav and Simar. The media asks what is the status of Ishi-Rishi’s marriage. Badimaa tells that whatever happened was wrong and tells that she wants to announce to the media that this marriage is called off. The reporters ask the reason.

Aarav asks them to move back. Ishita, Karan, Pallavi and Maddy watch the news live. Ishita breaks the vase and says how dare she to announce this. Pallavi says she has announced to media. Karan says our reputation will be ruined, which will effect our brand name and says we shall go to Mrs. Oswal and will apologize to her. Ishita says my foot, and tells that nobody has the value to stop my marriage.

Reema tells Rudra that she was born in small house, but had big dreams. She says then she got married to Vivaan, he is very supportive but possessive too. She thanks him for covering her pic on his magazine. He asks her not to thank him. She says it is a big day for me, but I can’t celebrate it.

She says Badimaa called off the wedding. Rudra says there was so much for you if this marriage happens, you will get much exposure. Maddy calls him and tells that the marriage is happening today. Rudra says our deal is on. Reema says Badimaa had called off the wedding, and says it is impossible. Rudra says nothing is impossible and asks her to decide if she wants to become part of marriage or not. He tells that people don’t forget sensation easily and says now the ball is in your court.

Chitra is in the Kapoor’s house and welcomes Ishita, who comes wearing the bridal clothes. Karan and Pallavi come there. chitra says you are looking lovely and says Simar’s bad sight shall not fall on you. Ishita asks her not to take that Simar’s name. Giriraj comes there talking to Badimaa and says I will make Kapoor understand that this marriage can’t happen.

He sees Chitra there. Chitra says I am doing what a mother should do, and tells that Reyansh and Ishita are getting married. Giriraj says we can’t go against Maa, and I came to tell Kapoors that this marriage can’t happen. Chitra says Ishita has announced on the social media, that this marriage will happen.

Giriraj takes her to side and tells that we can’t take this decision without badimaa’s consent. She says she has taken this decision. Giriraj tells that they shall go home and think, as it is a matter of their son’s life. Chitra tells that nobody likes Reyansh in the house. Karan requests Giriraj not to stop the wedding,

Reema comes there and says nobody can stop this marriage. Giriraj says Reema. Reema says Ishita and Reyansh are consulting adults and says if this marriage happens then with their wish. Giriraj says you are with them.

Reema says I have to think about Reyansh’s happiness. Chitra appreciates Reema and says I got courage seeing you here. Giriraj says I can’t go against my family, by attending this marriage. He apologizes to Karan and goes. Reema asks Chitra not to worry and says we shall meet the bride and groom, as I am their only bhabhi.

Sandhya calls the guests and tells that the wedding has been called off. Aarav, Simar and others do the same. Vivaan gets upset as Reema disconnects the call. Giriraj comes there calling Badimaa and Gajendra. Badimaa asks what happened? She says you shall be relaxed as that evil got away from our head. He says she is coming here as Reyansh and Ishita are getting married.

Gajendra asks how is this possible? Vivaan watches Reema hosting the marriage on the social media. Aarav watches the video. Reema asks the people to send them blessings and make their videos viral, so that all couples get inspiration from them, that love wins. Simar also watches the video and drops the mobile on the floor. Badimaa picks it and watches the video, in which Ishita and Reyansh are seated for the marriage.

Reyansh and Ishita start taking the rounds. Pandit ji tells that 7 rounds are completed. Reema says pretty bride is very Stylish like a celebrity, and tells that Reyansh, the lady killer is hitched now, so better luck next time. Badimaa comes there and shouts Reyansh’s name. Everyone looks at her.

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