Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th April 2022 Episode starts with Simar and Aarav’s families meeting. Gagan looks on. Simar hugs her sisters. Badimaa walks in. Rveryone looks at her. Aditi comes after her and sees Gagan. Badimaa greets Avinash and Indu. She says I thought to do Kanjak puja with my other family also, did I do right Indu.

Indu says yes, this is also your house, you are elder, you will think good. Reema says Kanjaks will be coming now. Badimaa apologizes to them. Avinash says don’t embarrass us. Badimaa asks didn’t you forgive me, because outsiders call by name, and family calls my relations, its my mistake to never include you in family. He says you are elder, don’t fold hands.

Avinash says we also made many mistakes. Badimaa says I m really ashamed of my actions. Indu asks her not to fold hands and hug her family. They hug and cry. Badimaa asks Avinash can he completely forgive her. Avinash says you just bless us, we will just talk of love and blessings, we shall forget the past,

it’s a new day starting for this family, we should not save smiles and just smile with the family. Badimaa sees Aarav smiling. She says I got my fav bahu now, our Simar, why are you surprised, I have neglected the diamond’s shine, but my eyes have realized it in time.

She praises Simar. She says she has saved my family from getting ruined, she is our life now. Avinash says I feel blessed to hear this from you about Simar, you have relieved a big burden from my heart, I m really grateful to you.

Badimaa says I want to get off a burden here. She asks Simar to get a water kalash. Simar gets it. Badimaa bends down. Simar asks what are you doing, leave it, Badimaa just let us stay under your shadow, elders shouldn’t bend down in front of the younger ones. Badimaa smiles and hugs her. Simar and Aarav take her blessings.

Aarav apologizes to Avinash and Indu. Avinash says we have forgotten the past, you also forget. Badimaa asks how can you forget it, he has come in the house as a goon and took your daughter, he did wrong, he will get mistaken when he marries Simar by the elders’ blessings. Everyone smiles.

Vivaan asks what do you mean to say. Dhami comes and says I will tell you. Everyone gets shocked seeing her wearing a short dress. Simar stops her from coming inside. Dhami says I got a good news for you.

Simar says I have to respect my elders’ blessings, your clothes aren’t apt for the puja. Dhami says we are in 21st century, I m quite modern. Simar and Dhami argue. Dhami says I didn’t expect this from you. Simar says girls have a right to wear anything they want, girls don’t need to change, guys need to change their sight.

Dhami says right, you are still not letting me in. Simar says you should know what clothes to wear at different places, you will wear formal clothes for a formal meeting, swim wear for swimming, traditional clothes for a puja. Dhami says I don’t understand you are doing this intentionally or not, you are embarrassing me.

Simar says no, I don’t have that intention, I will give you a traditional wear to sit in the puja, only if you are comfortable. Dhami says you think of my comfort after insulting me, how dare you. Aarav comes and stops Dhami. He says Simar is explaining you well, don’t say her anything wrong.

Badimaa says Dhami, Simar know the rules of both the families, she was just trying to explain you, you are sensible. Dhami says yes, fine, I will wait outside for you all. She leaves. Badimaa says Simar has done right, I want to change the situation and also the tensed relations, I have a wish that Aarav and Simar have a marriage like we had imagined for them, with all the rituals. Everyone smiles

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